Monday, 22 July 2013

WooBamboo Toothbrush & Fav's:)

Hi guys:),

here I would just like to show you quickly my "Bathroom Essentials - Fav's" of this month:

From left to right:

Palmolive Mediterranean Moments shower gel with the lovely scent of strawberries and apricots:), NIVEA stress protect deo', my wooden bracelets (NOT really a beauty product - yeah:)), blend-a-med 3D white Vitalize toothpaste with the lovely mint scent and my new highly recommended and in this post reviewed woobamboo ecological/organic toothbrush!:)

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Now to my brandnew (thank's again woobamboo team!:)) woobamboo* adult soft toothbrush, which is naturally antimicrobial (Non-bacterial!), it's grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides and has a natural wax coat to protect the organic/natural bamboo handle/brush:)!

The handle of this (woo-)bamboo brush is completely sustainable and purely from bamboo so completely biodegradable, the brush-"bristles" are high quality Dupont Tynex Bristles!

I think, that the woobamboo organic/natural toothbrush is AWESOME as the design, the vibrant bristle colors (oh as the logo is blue green it matches with the birstles color - blue & green!:)) I would prefer a pink-/yellow bristle design too in a kind of neon look!:)

And as the handle is 100% natural/organic bamboo wood with a slice of beewax coat it's super for a "earth-thinker" like me! - A great inovation at the teeth's industry (or however you would like to call the teethcare industrie!:)) 

The price (1 adult soft woobamboo costs: $4.95 isn't really high - as if you imagine - that there aren't really many bamboo handle producers until now - it's quiet a normal toothbrush price and really WORTH TO TRY IT OUT!:)

So this organic/natural bamboo toothbrush includes/contains:

Biodegradable Brush Handle, it's made from Sustainable Bamboo wood, it's packaged from recycled materials, nautrally anti-microbial, has a high quality dupont tynex bristles and it's organic/non-toxic and BPA free!

It's used by Dentists/Dental Hygienics, Spas&Hotels, regular/normal customers like we're!:)

The "Moso" Bamboo (which isn't eaten by Pandas by the way:)) is grown and made/carefully monitored and quality-checked in China.

They ship this lovely organic/natural bamboo toothbrush currently to the USA (as it's located in 874 SE 46th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33904), Canada and UK! but they established many more global distribution outlets 

I hope you've learned something new about this amazing brand new ecological/organic and natural toothcare inovation and wish you a nice afternoon.


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