Friday, 26 July 2013

Vacation/Holiday Fav'/Etc.

Hi everyone:),

I've went with my mum yesterday to the travel agency and booked already our flight, acommodation/hotel room in Majorca for whole 10 days!:)

I'm really excited to visit another balearic island (as I've been already in Menorca!) and I'm looking forward to get some lovely memories and interesting escapes (places, beach memories, maybe some new friends and other exciting things:)).

Oh I'll do a "Majorca Shopping Haul" vid' and post, a "My Vacation in Majorca" vid' and post and some other interesting posts about this beautiful balearic island - just right after I've been back.

But as this will happen in September (as we flight from late August to the beginning of September) - I've a LOT of time to plan my trip pretty well and to look - what I should pack and take with me on that lovely island:)!

I just wanted to let you know too, that I'll make a "Bikini At The Beach" shoot (not really a professional one - just my Mum will take pic's of myself when I'm wearing it - some low cost one like from Calzedonia and two other one who will be from the lovely Scandale and Marie Meili collection 2013!

Oh I'll make a short/quick update of my fav' sunscreens and - which are really great/effective for hot windy climate and soft tanned skin (even if I've normally really light skin tone  -  but you already know that:)!)

So as I've told or just wrote you - I'm pretty much excited about my vacation/holidays (with my mum - as I pretty much enjoy to spend some free time with my mum - BUT NOT each day - so don't be scared or confused, that I would do and make each thing or just the same as my mum in Majorca:)) 

Where you've been this year on vacation/holiday or did you plan a "summer" trip for august/september? - Let me know that in the comment section as I've been always interested to know that from you too:)!

Wish you a great sparklin' sunny and HOT day,

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