Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunshine 15: 90s Summer

Hi guys:),

I though as we've 34 °C or almost 93 f  outside and the sun is shinning (which is ALWAYS better and more beautiful than cloudy/rainy days, but it's also too HOT!:)) to show you some of my own 90s childhood summer memories!

"Limbo Dance" was David Hasselhoff's summer hit/song from 1991.

Or did you've any memories from your 1st vacation during the 90s - maybe you were a kid' like I was 1998 (actually I was 5 years old:)) and I really remember, that no matter whether you've paid a 1st class or a 2nd class - you've got an yummy meal in porcelain/ceramic bowls and plates and you've got a fresh orange juice in REAL glasses or tea in mugs, which were made from porcelain or ceramic too!

Oh these times are really long ago - which isn't bad, 'cause now we've better planes and of course prices are "lower":) If you are a 90s kid, you also could remember, that you've got a coloring book(let) with some pencils during your flight as a present/surprise (which was actually to avoid bad or nerved children:)).

Here I've found two of my 1st childhood summer pic's from 1998:


Oh yep:)! That's REALLY me!:) - Oh I've grown, changed my hair (Oh my hair bang - was sooo terrible! as I've wavy/curly hair it ALWAYS rolls up!) and I'm great swimmer now! (1998 I've been 5 and in a deep pool I've felt a bit scared to swim without some "Swimmy-Helpers" as I like to say:))

My fav' 90s "Summer" movies, which reminds me on my childhood and 90s summer time - are:

1. The Parent Trap:

Not only the heart-warm storie of this fam', one of the best acting role of Lindsay Lohan! but also the super funny scenes like: when aka "Cruella de Vill" is swimming on the lake:) or just the commercial scene - where I think it was Hallie dip her Oreos into a Skippy smooth peanut butter!

2. Jungle2Jungle:

The lovely New York scenes, 90s atmosphere and the ultimative funny moments - this movie is JUST perfect for a rainy or boring day!

3. The Flintstones:

Oh it's such a relaxing movie for myself - great for a comfy evening at home with my fam' or just with my friends or just ALONE!:) - As it's a "My Childhood Movie" type it's always great to see!

My ULTIMATIVE "Childhood Memorie" movie and my FAV' Disney Movie of ALL TIME! It's the BEST one - Please trust me!:)

I hope you've find my "90s Summer" post a bit interesting and wish you a wonderful HOT evening (even if you've 35°C too!).



  1. aww i love this post <3
    a bit of hasslehoff never hurt anybody haha.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Parent Trap! It's such a good movie! It is the perfect summer movie. :D

  3. I just loved getting to re-live a 90's summer, those were ones from my fun, growing up years...loved it! :)