Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunshine 13: Mermaids Dream Tutorial

Hi my lovely readers:),

I've tried to make my 1st makeup tutorial-/vid' on my "TheBeachCrush" channel as good as possible (without using any "better making" programms JUST IMovie!) - please let me know, whether you've liked it or not oh and as Sailor Song by Ruby Summer sounds so lovely to my makeup idea - I've just add it into my vid' as the backround music:)!

Here again the Max Factor's products I've used (without the mascara - BUT the quality is soooo good - for a normal/regular drugstore price!):


Flawless Blush (Classic Pink), Lipstick (510 English Rose), CC Cream (Natural 50), Eyeshadows (1 Icicle Blue, 5 Pearly Beige), Loose Transparent/Natural Powder, Compact Pastell Powder (1 Pastell), 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara (rich black)

I've TOTALLY fall in love with the Max Factor's Loose Transparent-/Natural  Loose Powder (a classic makeup product since almost 50 years!) and the shade of Max Factor's Flawless Blush in like peachy-/rose shade (called: Classic Pink):

Here are my 3 makeup ideas, which I've made with these Max Factor products this whole week!:):

1. Blue Mermaid Dream

- the same as the one in my 1st youtube makeup tutorial! - Just with blue eyeline instead of a brown one!:)

2. M' Del Rey Night Dream

- a lovely "art" makeup idea with a bold blue eyeline and hot pink lip shade and good styled natural eyebrows! Great for a cocktail night with your friends etc.:)!

3. Pink Chiffon Girl

- definitely for a classic tea party, hot summer afternoon at your nearest frozen yoghurt store or just hangin' with your love just around the corner at the beach ice cream shop!:)

 Hope you've liked my different Max Factor summer makeup ideas/looks and would be sooooo happy about your own summer makeup ideas in form as a post, comment or else - just let me know, I'm really interested!:)

Wish you all a nice & lovely afternoon!


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