Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunshine 12: The BeachCrush Trailer


I've been soooo busy the last days and as I've seen that not really a LOT of people recognized, that I've now a 2nd Youtube Channel (which should be also the 2nd part of my bit crazy but really GIRLY blog:)) - I've tried out to make a "fantastic" (laugh) trailer/intro vid' for it:

As you can maybe see and think, it's made with my iMovie programme and I'm still a "newbie" if it's about making really good and prof' vid's for my channel:) - As I've just recorded my covers/own songs and put a nice pic' of myself in it on my 1st Youtube Channel - I've not really tried out more vid' making options:)

Would be nice and really friendly, if you would let me know, which programms you've had used in your beginnings on youtube or still use!:)

See you soon,

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