Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunshine 15: 90s Summer

Hi guys:),

I though as we've 34 °C or almost 93 f  outside and the sun is shinning (which is ALWAYS better and more beautiful than cloudy/rainy days, but it's also too HOT!:)) to show you some of my own 90s childhood summer memories!

"Limbo Dance" was David Hasselhoff's summer hit/song from 1991.

Or did you've any memories from your 1st vacation during the 90s - maybe you were a kid' like I was 1998 (actually I was 5 years old:)) and I really remember, that no matter whether you've paid a 1st class or a 2nd class - you've got an yummy meal in porcelain/ceramic bowls and plates and you've got a fresh orange juice in REAL glasses or tea in mugs, which were made from porcelain or ceramic too!

Oh these times are really long ago - which isn't bad, 'cause now we've better planes and of course prices are "lower":) If you are a 90s kid, you also could remember, that you've got a coloring book(let) with some pencils during your flight as a present/surprise (which was actually to avoid bad or nerved children:)).

Here I've found two of my 1st childhood summer pic's from 1998:


Oh yep:)! That's REALLY me!:) - Oh I've grown, changed my hair (Oh my hair bang - was sooo terrible! as I've wavy/curly hair it ALWAYS rolls up!) and I'm great swimmer now! (1998 I've been 5 and in a deep pool I've felt a bit scared to swim without some "Swimmy-Helpers" as I like to say:))

My fav' 90s "Summer" movies, which reminds me on my childhood and 90s summer time - are:

1. The Parent Trap:

Not only the heart-warm storie of this fam', one of the best acting role of Lindsay Lohan! but also the super funny scenes like: when aka "Cruella de Vill" is swimming on the lake:) or just the commercial scene - where I think it was Hallie dip her Oreos into a Skippy smooth peanut butter!

2. Jungle2Jungle:

The lovely New York scenes, 90s atmosphere and the ultimative funny moments - this movie is JUST perfect for a rainy or boring day!

3. The Flintstones:

Oh it's such a relaxing movie for myself - great for a comfy evening at home with my fam' or just with my friends or just ALONE!:) - As it's a "My Childhood Movie" type it's always great to see!

My ULTIMATIVE "Childhood Memorie" movie and my FAV' Disney Movie of ALL TIME! It's the BEST one - Please trust me!:)

I hope you've find my "90s Summer" post a bit interesting and wish you a wonderful HOT evening (even if you've 35°C too!).


Friday, 26 July 2013

Vacation/Holiday Fav'/Etc.

Hi everyone:),

I've went with my mum yesterday to the travel agency and booked already our flight, acommodation/hotel room in Majorca for whole 10 days!:)

I'm really excited to visit another balearic island (as I've been already in Menorca!) and I'm looking forward to get some lovely memories and interesting escapes (places, beach memories, maybe some new friends and other exciting things:)).

Oh I'll do a "Majorca Shopping Haul" vid' and post, a "My Vacation in Majorca" vid' and post and some other interesting posts about this beautiful balearic island - just right after I've been back.

But as this will happen in September (as we flight from late August to the beginning of September) - I've a LOT of time to plan my trip pretty well and to look - what I should pack and take with me on that lovely island:)!

I just wanted to let you know too, that I'll make a "Bikini At The Beach" shoot (not really a professional one - just my Mum will take pic's of myself when I'm wearing it - some low cost one like from Calzedonia and two other one who will be from the lovely Scandale and Marie Meili collection 2013!

Oh I'll make a short/quick update of my fav' sunscreens and - which are really great/effective for hot windy climate and soft tanned skin (even if I've normally really light skin tone  -  but you already know that:)!)

So as I've told or just wrote you - I'm pretty much excited about my vacation/holidays (with my mum - as I pretty much enjoy to spend some free time with my mum - BUT NOT each day - so don't be scared or confused, that I would do and make each thing or just the same as my mum in Majorca:)) 

Where you've been this year on vacation/holiday or did you plan a "summer" trip for august/september? - Let me know that in the comment section as I've been always interested to know that from you too:)!

Wish you a great sparklin' sunny and HOT day,

Monday, 22 July 2013

WooBamboo Toothbrush & Fav's:)

Hi guys:),

here I would just like to show you quickly my "Bathroom Essentials - Fav's" of this month:

From left to right:

Palmolive Mediterranean Moments shower gel with the lovely scent of strawberries and apricots:), NIVEA stress protect deo', my wooden bracelets (NOT really a beauty product - yeah:)), blend-a-med 3D white Vitalize toothpaste with the lovely mint scent and my new highly recommended and in this post reviewed woobamboo ecological/organic toothbrush!:)

(Photo Credit:

Now to my brandnew (thank's again woobamboo team!:)) woobamboo* adult soft toothbrush, which is naturally antimicrobial (Non-bacterial!), it's grown naturally without any chemicals or pesticides and has a natural wax coat to protect the organic/natural bamboo handle/brush:)!

The handle of this (woo-)bamboo brush is completely sustainable and purely from bamboo so completely biodegradable, the brush-"bristles" are high quality Dupont Tynex Bristles!

I think, that the woobamboo organic/natural toothbrush is AWESOME as the design, the vibrant bristle colors (oh as the logo is blue green it matches with the birstles color - blue & green!:)) I would prefer a pink-/yellow bristle design too in a kind of neon look!:)

And as the handle is 100% natural/organic bamboo wood with a slice of beewax coat it's super for a "earth-thinker" like me! - A great inovation at the teeth's industry (or however you would like to call the teethcare industrie!:)) 

The price (1 adult soft woobamboo costs: $4.95 isn't really high - as if you imagine - that there aren't really many bamboo handle producers until now - it's quiet a normal toothbrush price and really WORTH TO TRY IT OUT!:)

So this organic/natural bamboo toothbrush includes/contains:

Biodegradable Brush Handle, it's made from Sustainable Bamboo wood, it's packaged from recycled materials, nautrally anti-microbial, has a high quality dupont tynex bristles and it's organic/non-toxic and BPA free!

It's used by Dentists/Dental Hygienics, Spas&Hotels, regular/normal customers like we're!:)

The "Moso" Bamboo (which isn't eaten by Pandas by the way:)) is grown and made/carefully monitored and quality-checked in China.

They ship this lovely organic/natural bamboo toothbrush currently to the USA (as it's located in 874 SE 46th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33904), Canada and UK! but they established many more global distribution outlets 

I hope you've learned something new about this amazing brand new ecological/organic and natural toothcare inovation and wish you a nice afternoon.


Sunshine 14: Summer SongList

Hi guys:),

again a new "Sunshine-Tag" post - which will be about my fav' summer/best suit songs for summer 2013!:

Miranda Cosgrove Disgusting/Shakespeare
Lyndsay Buckingham Holiday Road The Vacation Song 
Mika ft. Ariana Grande Popular Song
Ariana Grande The Way
Annette Funicello Hawaiianette Album
Ruby Summer Sailor Song
Megan Nicole Summer Forever
500 Days Of Summer You Make My Dreams (Come True)
Lissie Further Away
Cher Lloyd Oath
Sheryl Crow Summer Day
Lana Del Rey Ride
Elton John Bennie and the Jets
Colbie Caillat&Gavin DeGraw We Both Know
Bridgit Mendler Hurricane
Haley Reinhart Free
Demi Lovato Made In The USA
Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera Feel This Moment
Miley Cyrus The Climb
Carrie Underwood See You Again
Daft Punk Get Lucky
Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding  I Need Your Love
David Guetta  Play Hard
Union J Carry You
Priyanka Chopra ft. Pitbull Exotic
Calvin Harris Feel So Close
Phantom Planet California
Dear John Little House
Richi e Poveri  M'innamoro di te

Oh I hope you liked my Summer-Playlist with 35 artists, different music genres & 41 different songs!:)

Wish you a wonderful and hot sunny start into this BRANDNEW!:) summer week!:)


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sunshine 13: Mermaids Dream Tutorial

Hi my lovely readers:),

I've tried to make my 1st makeup tutorial-/vid' on my "TheBeachCrush" channel as good as possible (without using any "better making" programms JUST IMovie!) - please let me know, whether you've liked it or not oh and as Sailor Song by Ruby Summer sounds so lovely to my makeup idea - I've just add it into my vid' as the backround music:)!

Here again the Max Factor's products I've used (without the mascara - BUT the quality is soooo good - for a normal/regular drugstore price!):


Flawless Blush (Classic Pink), Lipstick (510 English Rose), CC Cream (Natural 50), Eyeshadows (1 Icicle Blue, 5 Pearly Beige), Loose Transparent/Natural Powder, Compact Pastell Powder (1 Pastell), 2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume Mascara (rich black)

I've TOTALLY fall in love with the Max Factor's Loose Transparent-/Natural  Loose Powder (a classic makeup product since almost 50 years!) and the shade of Max Factor's Flawless Blush in like peachy-/rose shade (called: Classic Pink):

Here are my 3 makeup ideas, which I've made with these Max Factor products this whole week!:):

1. Blue Mermaid Dream

- the same as the one in my 1st youtube makeup tutorial! - Just with blue eyeline instead of a brown one!:)

2. M' Del Rey Night Dream

- a lovely "art" makeup idea with a bold blue eyeline and hot pink lip shade and good styled natural eyebrows! Great for a cocktail night with your friends etc.:)!

3. Pink Chiffon Girl

- definitely for a classic tea party, hot summer afternoon at your nearest frozen yoghurt store or just hangin' with your love just around the corner at the beach ice cream shop!:)

 Hope you've liked my different Max Factor summer makeup ideas/looks and would be sooooo happy about your own summer makeup ideas in form as a post, comment or else - just let me know, I'm really interested!:)

Wish you all a nice & lovely afternoon!


Sunshine 12: The BeachCrush Trailer


I've been soooo busy the last days and as I've seen that not really a LOT of people recognized, that I've now a 2nd Youtube Channel (which should be also the 2nd part of my bit crazy but really GIRLY blog:)) - I've tried out to make a "fantastic" (laugh) trailer/intro vid' for it:

As you can maybe see and think, it's made with my iMovie programme and I'm still a "newbie" if it's about making really good and prof' vid's for my channel:) - As I've just recorded my covers/own songs and put a nice pic' of myself in it on my 1st Youtube Channel - I've not really tried out more vid' making options:)

Would be nice and really friendly, if you would let me know, which programms you've had used in your beginnings on youtube or still use!:)

See you soon,

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunshine 11: Summer Movies!:)

Hi guys;),

I'm back with a new "Sunshine-Tag" post, which will be about one of my further hobbies - to watch movies - especially summer themed/summer movies!:) So grab your nearest love or watch with your friends/family at your own garden, park or just at your comfy home some of these classic/funny/highly emotional SUMMER Movies!:

The romantic-/funny-/teenager movies:

Where the Boys are '84 (Trailer), 500 Days of Summer (Trailer), The Shag (Trailer), Summer School (Trailer), Letters to Juliet (Trailer), The Man In The Moon (Trailer), Mystic Pizza (Trailer), Dear John (Trailer), Summer Lovers (Trailer)

The classic-/teenage-/deep emotional ones:

Adam (Trailer), a Summer Place (Trailer), Summer Love (Trailer), Ferries Bueller's Day Off (Trailer), Rip Girls (Trailer), Gatsby (Trailer), Fast Times (Trailer), Soul Surfer (Trailer)

What are your fav' summer movies? - Did you've seen all of my "Summer Movies" List?

Bye the way, as I was today again at our local outdoor swimming pool, I've tried out some few new beauty products-/brands - you can be surprise for my further posts!:)


Monday, 8 July 2013

Lee Stafford hair set worth over £80

Hi guys,

I've just arrived home and found on the e-tail bloggers blog - this lovely win chance:

 (Photo Credit: etailPR)

What the lovely Lee Stafford gift (win) pack will include:

Hair Growth Treatment
My Big Fat Root Boost
Breaking Hair Split Ends Serum
Argan Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Argan Oil Nourishing Conditioner

For more informations please visit etailPR Blog!

How I could attend the win chance?:

Just click here - to take part on the lovely Lee Stafford competition!:)

Wish you lovely evening and a wonderful week!