Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's In Your Handbag? - MoneySupermarket Edition

Hi again:),

Now I would like to show you what's exactly in my handbag!:) As I'm normally not the "well-organized" handbag person - please don't be afraid, what I'll show you:):

What's inside:

my lovely IPAD 2 - Price NEW: £391.99
my LG phone (I've had it since 2010! - I'm NOT really a Phone kid!:)) Price New: £120

my pinky Tangle Teezer - Price: £10.20
my passport (I don't really know the price - as I've made it in 2010 and it will last until 2020 - it's not my 1st one - I would say it's the 3rd one - as I've got my first when I was 6 years old!:))

my Sally Hansen nail polish (shade: 540 Frutti Petutie) - Price: £6.99
my Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Strength Treatment - Price: £9.99

my gorgeous L'Oreal True Match Face Powder - Price: £8.19
my cool (I think so:)) lilac/transparent fake Ray-Ban's:) - Price: £6

my ABSOLUTE fav' Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick (shade: 01 Pink Sand) - Price: £17.00
my perfect-match lipgloss from Alverde Naturkosmetik (shade: 25 Light Rose) - Price: £2.5

my  fav' "childhood memorie" body spray by Yves Rocher "Monoi de Tahiti" - Price: £11.00
my all-time hand cream Nivea Cream (150ml) - Price: £2.99

my Oilily "Summer Birds" purse, which is a bit older (maybe 1 and half years old:) - it also don't really looks great, but I'm NOT really a girl, who need always or each year a new one - so the Mulberry purse would last for ages!:)) - Price NEW: £30

my Burt's Bees lipbalm - Price: £3.69
my labello Milk & Honey * - Price: £ 1.90
my labello Vanilla & Macadamia Lipbutter - Price: £2.25

my little Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum sample of "D'Essences Vanille Noire" - Price: £0
my  headband for cute ponytails or other tricky hair creations:) - Price: £ 2 (as I've got 2 in 1 pack:))

my Trident chewing gums (flavor: Spearmint) 0.70p
my IPOD nano 6th generation (shade: RED edition) - Price NEW: £115

my empty Zara Office Bag (shade: Brown) price NEW: £49.99

This makes a TOTAL of: £ 792.38

To show you my fully content of my handbag has an awesome reason. As the great team from Moneysupermarket invite us bloggers to write a post about what's in our handbags to get the chance to win an awesome price!

After you've entered via a blog post you'll be automatically entered into  a prize draw and one lucky person will win:

(Photo Credits: MULBERRY)

Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag
Mulberry purse
Mulberry phone case

Sure - now you would like to know how you could enter too?!:)

Right you just write a blogpost and tell your bloggin' readers (maybe you let me know it in the comment section too:)!) what's inside your handbag. 

Moneysupermarket is REALLY interested to see your pic's of your handbag as well as what you've got in the bag - this allows them to get to know you better and piece together just what the average handbag contains!:)

 Another part of this post should also contains the worth of the handbag & items, which are in this bag - show the TOTAL price as I've done!:)

From a designer purse to expensive foundation, the value of the contents of their bags can soon add up!

Oh and don't forget to write them about your post via their mail address : competitions@moneysupermarket.com with the subject line "What's in your handbag?".

And make sure too - to submit your post before midnight on Monday 1st July 2013!

I hope you've enjoyed my handbag contain & see you soon!:)


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