Wednesday, 12 June 2013

TOP 3 BB Cream Review

Hi guys:),

I know, that I'm a bit late with the Hype "BB Cream" - but as I'm normally a traditional/classic makeup girl - who grab in her nearest supermarket/drugstore/high-brand makeup store always some foundations/powders. Oh and the second thing is that (you now that pretty good:)) I'm a REALLY light/ivory/porcelain skin type. It's NOT always simple and easy to find the same shade for my skin - as it's typically 2 or 3 shades darker as I need it & that makes me really angry.

So I though to review my "Top 3 BB Creams", which have different prices - drugstore and pharmacy/high-brand categorie. And they are ALL great for very light skin types - REALLY!

So let's get started!

1.CATRICE Cosmetics "BB Allround Foundation" with SPF 30

It's a 6 in 1 BB Cream, which means that this awesome (as I've told you 1 of my fav':)) cream has the power to:

1. Balancing:
hydrates the skin and reduces shine with oil-absorbing powder
2. Correcting:
minimizes the visibility of pores, softens imperfections and hides all types of pigmentation and discoloration.
3. Protecting:
contains UV filters, that protect the skin from UV rays - SPF 30!
4. Illuminating:
with illuminating pigments, that guarantee a radiant glow and a silky skin.
5. Covering:
conceals skin imperfections.
6. Moisturizing:
contains sweet almond oil, that treats dry and sensitive skin - Parabene free!

I've the shade: 010 Light Beige - I know you will maybe say "Oh that's dark, too much darker than my own light toned skin!" BUT in fact, it's just a not really suitable name for that BB Cream. I would reather call it Light Ivory or just Light to Porcelain!

Where it's made?
It's Made in Italy.
How much does it costs?
5,99 €
Where Can I get more informations and details about this BB Cream?
On their own website: CATRICE

2. La Roche-Posay "Hydreane BB Creme/Blemish Balm" with SPF 20

This is the first BB Cream with thermal water from La Roche-Possay, which will suits perfectly sensitive skin types! After just one application you'll see that your skin will be moisturized and calmed.

The mineral pigments will suits your natural skin tone perfectly and you'll reach promptly a fresh, glowy and soft teint.

It's non-greasy or too rich, so it's a perfect summer makeup too as it contains a SPF of 20! You'll find two shades in your nearest drugstore/pharmacy store (Light or Medium/Dark)

I've the one in the shade: Light

Where it's made?
It's Made in France.
How much does it costs?
£15.00 at Boots, ca. 13 €
Where Can I get more informations and details about this BB Cream?
On their own website: La Roche-Posay

3. Olaz/Olay essentials "Complete Plus Touch of Foundation BB Cream" with SPF 15

This BB Cream contains a SPF of 15, a hint of Max Factor's Make-Up/Foundation for a regular skin tone, which will makes your facial skin looking more healthy, glowy and great covered!

Why would be the Essentials Touch of Foundation BB Cream the right facial moisturising  care for me?

'Cause this cream will moisturize your skin 24h, it was specially produced and created for giving your facial skin the needed moisture, UVA/UVB skin protecting - SPF 15 and contains Vitamine B3, E & Pro-Vitamine B5.

I've the shade: Light Skin Tones

Where it's made?
It's Made in Poland.
How much does it costs?
£7.49 at Boots, ca. 8 €
Where Can I get more informations and details about this BB Cream?
On their own website: Olaz De, Olay UK, Olay US

Here you can see again all three light toned BB Cream swatches:

From left to right:
Catrice BB Allround Foundation Cream with SPF 30, La Roche-Possay Hydreane BB Cream/Blemish Cream with SPF 20, Oil of Olaz/Olay Touch of Foundation BB Cream with SPF 15

I hope, that I could give you some tips/tricks & advices, even if you've such a light/porcelain skin tone as I've during the whole year - just a light golden undertone during the hot summertimes!:)

Wish you a great day and see you soon!



  1. your purposeas, as gorgeous as always!
    hope you like mine too, I stay here! <3

  2. It looks pretty dark in images but I will give a shot to the Olay because I found it on sales.I also have light skin I must try Catrice too in the store!:)thank u for the review