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Sunshine 2: Hawaiian Heart


this post is the 2nd "Sunshine" one:) and will be all about the lovely sweet island of Hawaii!:) - Oh guys, I wish I could escape just this year the beautiful hawaiian place (as I wasn't until yet there:() BUT it seems, that I must wait a little bit:)
If someone would ask me - "What's specially Hawaii/the great hawaiian Island for you?" I would definitely say some keywords like: yummy homemade Hawaiian pineapple upside down cake or eating fresh coconut ice cream right from the coconut fruit!:), drinkin' the legendary Hawaiian Sun Juice (I would prefer Strawberry Guava Nectar or Pineapple Orange Nectar, or their Island Ice Tea too:)), to get a nice lovely little golden sun tan at the wide Waikiki Beach with a sun protector/screen like the long term Hawaiian Tropic one, 

The Hawaiian Sun Juices/Iced Teas/Jams or Coconut Syrups have all such a lovel vintage design:

Monoi de Tahiti Tiare Oil - it's the BEST (and with BEST I REALLY mean the BEST!!!!:)) summer holiday scent EVER! P.S. It seems to provide a longer tan after you've get one - I've already tried that out many times:)

Yummy cocktails (I prefer the Non-alcoholic ones guys, even if I'm already 20 - I just think that there are soooo many other refreshing drinks without alcohol too!:))

OH I would also really like to test out some REAL hawaiian ice cream balls by Bubbies - they look sooo gorgeous and yummy too - I just don't really understand the technique how to make them:) 

To avoid sleepless nights - a great place to stay during your (first) magical Hawaii (summer) vacation could be:

1. The Royal Hawaiian Waikiki Hotel/Resort

The maybe most expensive, luxurious & 1st huge hotel on this Island ! Many Hollywood actors from the past and today have visited this amazing and glamourous place on the ultimative beautiful Waikiki Beach:)

(Photo Credits:

For more information & history visit their website:

2. The Pacific Beach Hotel:

It's a nice and awesome place - especially the huge wall aquarium  in the dining space!)

(Photo Credits:

For more informations please visit their website: Pacific Beach Hotel

3. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel:

A great architecture, lovely designed and with a huge atmosphere hotel/vacation place on the lovely hawaiian Island. This place is really worth to stay for some days - I wish to visit it too someday:)!

For more information please visit their own website: Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

A great place to visit on the lovely Honolulu Hawaii is the Honolulu Zoo! It was introduce/opened in 1876 by King David Kalakaua.

Or what about some lovely tourist gifts, or just vacation gifts for your fam'. Which you'll buy at the International Market Place in Honolulu too?:)

Oh and for a snack/breakfast right on your tourist trip to the next hawaiian place, go to Leonard's Bakery (vid' about the HISTORY)- where you'll have the choice of diferent sweet baking things like Malasadas - portugese doughnut or what about Liliah's Bakery since 1950 - where you could try some Ensemadas (a spanish dessert cake) or Green Tea Rolls.

For your body-/facial skin JUST the best and organic things - while you stay and after you've leaved the beautiful Hawaii!

Malie Organics, offers you different body polishes, body washes and lotions, perfumes, body oils - which won't just treat your skin But your inner sould too!:) The Mango Nectar range seems to be the yummiest!:)

Kohana Skin natural skin cosmetics brand is beloved by the most hawaiian tourists and Stars too!:) Like for example: Jennifer Lawrence, Tyra Banks, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Garner, Andie MacDowell, Hailee Steinfeld, Leslie Mann, Michelle Trachtenberg and others received their Wild Ginger Alaea Salt Scrub and the Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Masque on the Day of Indulgence (August 2012)

But that's NOT all, for sweet tooth's you could try out the legendary  Happy Cake Fruit Cake, which is made & baked from fresh pineapples and macadamia in Oahu with a secret recipe since 1967. Or just grap some pretty fashion pieces at Pineapple County boutique in Waikiki- where you'll find pretty dresses, t-shirts and accessoire too!, this boutique excist since 2001.

Or what about learning how to Surf in the right way/position and most important SAVE:)! - Go to Aloha Surf Hotel Waikiki - where Surfer's can stay during the Hawaii Vacation - as it's almost at the Waikiki Beach and not far from a near Surfer School too! The Hawaii Waikiki Aquarium is one of the most important places for you as a tourist, to see, which fish and dangerous creatures you could see in the beautiful wide sea:)! - A great place where to stay with your family, friends or even alone for a lovely tourist outside afternoon!

Hope you've enjoyed this 2nd "Sunshine" post about the beautiful island of Hawaii and wish you all:

"A hui hou" (See you again:))


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