Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunshine 9: Country Yard Girl

Hi guys:),

I've been looking for the perfect location - where I could make my own pic's of my outfits, which I'm currently in love with and so I found the perfect one, just some steps from my home door:)

Here you see me in my new clothes, which I've mentioned in my "Sunshine 4" post-tag and I've called the whole Outfit "Country Yard Girl" - as I think it's a perfect outfit for a trip through your location, great weekend outfit and just a comfy-/girly-/sweet style:) - What did you think?:)

For this style I've just grap some of my comfy long worn red Converse chucks, my H&M high-waist shorts, a nice light rose/pinkish tee' (t-shirt:)) from ZARA & my new tunic/blouse/alternative dress to bikinis from H&M:)

And for my makeup/hair style:

First of all - "What? Hairstyle?" - I mean, I've just washed my hair and tried to straighten my hair with my Remington flat iron straightner - BUT I've too wavy-/curly hair naturally - so it waves at the ends and in the middle after just one minute after straightening it:(

For the makeup I've just applied one of my Top 1 BB Creams from La Roche Posay, a brown eyeliner/pencil from Artdeco, a lipgloss in coral-/red shade by Jane Iredale and some of my lovely Max Factor Pastell Compact Powder (for me a kind of Bronzer:)) oh and a light/golden eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics.

Voila!:) - You Can Be the next Country Yard Girl too!

Would be happy about your comments - and hope you've a sunny day as well as I've had:)



  1. you look so fresh and pretty! like a genuine summer beauty :)

    xo Marlen
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    1. Oh thank you soooo much:) - I'm REALLY glad:) that you liked it:)

      Summer is one of my fav' months, so I try to make such outfit-/makeup posts often during this "hot" months:)

      Have a nice week!


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    1. Oh thank's:) I'm just using my daily shampoo (Johnson's Chamomile Baby Shampoo - if you're interested, which one I'm currently using:)) and a gentle conditioner for normal hair - as usually the one for curly/wavy hair are to nutrious and oily for mine:)

      Oh but I could make a post about my hair care routine - what do you think:)?

      Bye and happy 1st July!:)


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    1. Thank you:)! I'm happy about each lovely comment like yours:)

      Wish you a nice and hopefully awesome week:)


  4. Your hair is sooo pretty! Beautiful!

  5. lovely post;)X