Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hi guys:),

the last couple of days I've got a nice package/surprise from Sensationail (this is the brand new co-brand by Fingr's!:))

(Photo Credits: Sensationails- I don't own each of them!)

I've got the Sensationail Starter Kit (Scarlet Red), Removal Kit (which I've NOT tried out yet - as I'm actually wearing these glossy/gel nail polish at  the first time:)) - which includes: Gel Polish Removal Tool, Gel Polish Removal Wraps.

My SensatioNail Package:

The Starter Kit:


1 SensatioNail PRO 3060 LED Lamp + accu, 1 nail file, 1 wooden cuticle "pusher", 1 Gel Cleanser, 1 Color Gel Polish (Scarlet Red), 1 Gel Base-/Top Coat, 1 Gel Primer  

The Removal Kit/Removal Tool:


(Removal Kit) 3 sets of 10 foil wraps, 4-way nail buffer and 1 wooden manicurre stick, 1 Instruction Sheet
(Removal Tool) 1 Gel Polish Removal Tool, 1 Instruction Sheet

The Essentials Kit - which I've not got, BUT will purchased it by myself - as this Kit includes the Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer and Gel Base-/Top Coat in a Full-Size packaging! (the Starter Kit contains just smaller/sample size bottles!:))

So I was pretty much glad about this surprise - as I've been interested in this gel nail polish alternative since the beginning of this year:)! - Oh and the different Color-Gel colours (by the way - you've much more in the US!:)) have also attracts me a lot!:)

So what's new, the result & my own opinion after the 1st try out?:

 (My final 1st Sensationail result, with "Scarlet Red")

As you can see on my pic' of my finger nails above, that the color pigmentation is pretty good, I really enjoy wearing red - so Scarlet Red was a new lovely red for me:)

I'm happy with the result, it doesn't takes you a pretty long time to apply the Gel-Polish(es) and the instruction sheet is really well written with lovely and detailed application pic's too:)!

It's also great, that it last you such a long time - as a normal manicure at your local nail salon will costs you probably the double price or even like the Starter Kit! (which costs: $49.98 at Walmart or Target US, £60.00 at the UK' Sensationails Website or UVP 69,99€ in Austria, Germany)

As I would say, it also last long on your fingers - as I've made my 1st Sensationail on Friday and since then I've not recognized any splits or damaged nails! (o.k. it's not such a long time BUT normally the polishes splits at the ends - as well as if you're using a good top coat and base coat!:))

My opinion is, that I'll surely buy some more Sensationail Gel Colors  like:

Babydoll Pink, Bubbly Champagne, Evening Sand, Pink Chiffon and Guilty Pleasure! - as well as the Essentials Kit too:)
BUT I've found out on other blogs (like: fromHeadToToe) and youtube channels, that you can just use your regular fav' nail polish instead of the Color Gel - just made all steps like it's in the instruction sheets with using your fav' nail polish - and it should stay as well as the Color Gel without splitting!:) - I'll definitely try it out soon and will post a reply with the photo of them:)!

These are some lovely ideas, which I've found at the SensatioNail Facebook Site:

(Photo Credits: SensatioNails Facebook Site - I don't own each of them!)

For example "Mr. Kate" - has create ultimate lovely pinkish cal' nails with some Glitter as an eye catcher!:

 Or what about this "Heart On" DIY nails also by Mr. Kate:)?:

What did you think about the Sensationail/have you tried it out until yet?:) - Hope you've enjoyed and liked my 1st post about this brand new (here for example in: Germany,Austria, UK it's almost brand new:)) nail polish technology - to create the best/"Nail Salon" like nails at your own home!:)

Wish you a lovely Sunday - afternoon!

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