Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunshine 7: 6902 Hollywood Blvd. LA

Hi guys:),

as I mentioned in my SALE (Sunshine 4) post , that I've bought some pieces at ZARA - this sweet lemony scent called "6902 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles" is from one of my fav' clothes stores ZARA too:)!

It was at the SALE too (Original Price: 15€ - 11€) BUT it's Limited Edition (I think they also offered Miami - yes and it's the pink/lilac bottle with flower/juicy scent) and remembers me on sweet candys like Lemon Sherbets or other like Nimm2 the one with lemon flavour/scent:)!

It's a great scent for summer 2013 - perfect for vacations at the beach - oh and on the back of the packaging you can see a lovely "palmy" landscape of LA hills!:)

Did you've ever tried out an Eau de Toilette or Perfume from ZARA?:) - Would be pleased about a comment from you!:)

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