Friday, 28 June 2013

Sunshine 5: "Greeny-Peachy" Iced Tea

Hi guys,

today I've made a fantastic experience:)! I've tried to get a bit creative - even if I don't really experiment with recipes, meals - just food:) But as summer is here and I love drinking tea (you may now that for long - since I've started my little blogging space:)) I thought it couldn't be wrong to mix my fav' tea bags of this month Messmer's "Orange-Ginger Green Tea" with some Agave Syrup and a fresh HUGE juice fruity peach - or:)?!

1. A jug, some squeeze/drops of organic agave syrup - well done:) 

2. A small wooden/plastic kitchen board - let's started to cut your HUGE (a mine was:)) fresh juicy peach in small/tiny pieces - to make THAT fantastic southern cal' flavour in your iced treasure - Babe:)! 

3. 1,2 - jump your lovely tea bags into the jug - 'cause the peach pieces and agave syrup are best friends with them:) 

4. Let's get hot babe!:) - Fill in the fresh brewed water and.... 

5. ....chill babe!:)

Voila!:) - Your MAGICAL and FANTASTIC fresh homemade/DIY Greeny Peachy Iced Tea just waits for you!

Wish you all a great morning/lunch/afternoon/evening/night - it depends where you just stay!:)



  1. This sounds really nice xx

    1. Yea and it's pretty good!:) Maybe you could add some mint leaves and one sliece of fresh juicy peach for the garnish!:)