Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunshine 3: Bikini OR One Piece's?

Hi guys:),

Summer has arrived and we are happy about sunny and hot days outside - where we can refresh ourself with some homemade Iced Tea, Lemonade (like for example Watermelon Splash) or just jump into your nearest (maybe own:)) pool.

And that's the point, we girls need to be perfect styled and so it's the same with a nice, awesome swimwear like Bikini's or One Piece's - right?!:)

So I though to show you some lovely different styles of Bikini's and One Pieces to get some ideas for your next Beach day/Vacation or just for your own private Pool Party!:)

Asos has an incredible Bikini/One Piece range this year (like every year:)!) too - just take a look!:):

(Photo Credits: ASOS)

Or what about some Photo Printed One Pieces? (We Are Handsome creates lovely O.P.!):

(Photo Credits:Pinterest, We are Handsome)

Here you can see, that such lovely and ultimative fashion styled Swimwear were used in the past too:

Not just Grace Kelly, Cindy Crawford or Farrah Fawcett has used to be cool! - We are now just in another decade BUT we've such a taste too!:)

I wish you all a nice sunshine day - even if it's a bit cloudy today at my mum's home:)!


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