Saturday, 22 June 2013

Oh hi! Please take a step into my "Inspiration Bubble":)

Hi guys:),

I'm happy, to say, that Google Friends isn't just the ONLY way, how to follow me/my blog or how to get in touch with me and ask me something or just for a nice short talk:)!

This Really short post should be about ALL my contact/connection/following opportunities!

1. Via Bloglovin':

Since this lovely blogger friendly community excist, I've got an high interest on this plattform:)! Would be great to follow each other?:):

Please click the picture, if you would like to come on my own bloglovin' site!
2. Via Twitter:

It's the place, where I'm (almost) daily tweet "Wise word of today" & other interesting news or just try to start a conversation!:)

3. Via Pinterest:

A wonderful space to share and collect different ideas/inspiration & fav' must-haves/wish lists/products/places! - Great for an inspirational soul as I'm:)!

4. Via tumblr:

I'm relatively a new/"pre-toodler" tumblrer BUT I'm enjoying this AWESOME plattform (almost) each day!:)

5. Via my Music Channel:

This Youtube Channel is my 1st I've started on 2nd June 2012 and have reached until yet 15 followers, which I'm proud (BUT would be happy about some more:)!) even if it's a pretty petite number of followers, it makes me proud, that I've reached on the (today) high raised/over filled/crowded Youtube (as there soooo many other Youtubers - that the beginners, new one - need to be over special:)!) almost 3,300+ clicks!

As music isn't just a hobby but it's a HUGE part of myself and my passion - I look positive into the future and let things came on youtube:)! - But your Subscribtion would be welcome too!:)
6. Via my blog/vlog Channel:

This brand new blog/vlog channel (O.K. I've started on 4th March 2013), is the 2nd part of my blogging/blog life:)! There you'll have the chance to watch some vlogs (from my travel experiences, daily life:)), favorite vid's (makeup, lifestyle - food, clothes etc.) and of course some tutorials!:)

I've called this channel "The Beach Crush" as I'm an ABSOLUTE Beach addict person, NO don't understand, that false - I'm not that one - who bake/grill themself on the hot summer sun (as I'm a really light skin toned - that won't be perfect!:)) but I love afternoon beach walks, sunny day run at the beach, to take my breakfast and eat it there - to meet friends and just to swim and relax after a busy day/year etc.:) I just love the fresh salty breeze air - That's why I've called the channel The Beach Crush - As I've a TOTALLY Crush with the Sea/Beach - if this doesn't sounds to weird:)

*To get on my own websites/pages - please click on each pic'/picture above to see the page you want to see!:)

So I hope you've enjoyed this post & let me know, whether or where you're following my inspirational/bit crazy BUT almost girly place "NIKA's Inspirations & Beauty"?!


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