Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunshine 9: Country Yard Girl

Hi guys:),

I've been looking for the perfect location - where I could make my own pic's of my outfits, which I'm currently in love with and so I found the perfect one, just some steps from my home door:)

Here you see me in my new clothes, which I've mentioned in my "Sunshine 4" post-tag and I've called the whole Outfit "Country Yard Girl" - as I think it's a perfect outfit for a trip through your location, great weekend outfit and just a comfy-/girly-/sweet style:) - What did you think?:)

For this style I've just grap some of my comfy long worn red Converse chucks, my H&M high-waist shorts, a nice light rose/pinkish tee' (t-shirt:)) from ZARA & my new tunic/blouse/alternative dress to bikinis from H&M:)

And for my makeup/hair style:

First of all - "What? Hairstyle?" - I mean, I've just washed my hair and tried to straighten my hair with my Remington flat iron straightner - BUT I've too wavy-/curly hair naturally - so it waves at the ends and in the middle after just one minute after straightening it:(

For the makeup I've just applied one of my Top 1 BB Creams from La Roche Posay, a brown eyeliner/pencil from Artdeco, a lipgloss in coral-/red shade by Jane Iredale and some of my lovely Max Factor Pastell Compact Powder (for me a kind of Bronzer:)) oh and a light/golden eyeshadow by BH Cosmetics.

Voila!:) - You Can Be the next Country Yard Girl too!

Would be happy about your comments - and hope you've a sunny day as well as I've had:)



Hi guys:),

the last couple of days I've got a nice package/surprise from Sensationail (this is the brand new co-brand by Fingr's!:))

(Photo Credits: Sensationails- I don't own each of them!)

I've got the Sensationail Starter Kit (Scarlet Red), Removal Kit (which I've NOT tried out yet - as I'm actually wearing these glossy/gel nail polish at  the first time:)) - which includes: Gel Polish Removal Tool, Gel Polish Removal Wraps.

My SensatioNail Package:

The Starter Kit:


1 SensatioNail PRO 3060 LED Lamp + accu, 1 nail file, 1 wooden cuticle "pusher", 1 Gel Cleanser, 1 Color Gel Polish (Scarlet Red), 1 Gel Base-/Top Coat, 1 Gel Primer  

The Removal Kit/Removal Tool:


(Removal Kit) 3 sets of 10 foil wraps, 4-way nail buffer and 1 wooden manicurre stick, 1 Instruction Sheet
(Removal Tool) 1 Gel Polish Removal Tool, 1 Instruction Sheet

The Essentials Kit - which I've not got, BUT will purchased it by myself - as this Kit includes the Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer and Gel Base-/Top Coat in a Full-Size packaging! (the Starter Kit contains just smaller/sample size bottles!:))

So I was pretty much glad about this surprise - as I've been interested in this gel nail polish alternative since the beginning of this year:)! - Oh and the different Color-Gel colours (by the way - you've much more in the US!:)) have also attracts me a lot!:)

So what's new, the result & my own opinion after the 1st try out?:

 (My final 1st Sensationail result, with "Scarlet Red")

As you can see on my pic' of my finger nails above, that the color pigmentation is pretty good, I really enjoy wearing red - so Scarlet Red was a new lovely red for me:)

I'm happy with the result, it doesn't takes you a pretty long time to apply the Gel-Polish(es) and the instruction sheet is really well written with lovely and detailed application pic's too:)!

It's also great, that it last you such a long time - as a normal manicure at your local nail salon will costs you probably the double price or even like the Starter Kit! (which costs: $49.98 at Walmart or Target US, £60.00 at the UK' Sensationails Website or UVP 69,99€ in Austria, Germany)

As I would say, it also last long on your fingers - as I've made my 1st Sensationail on Friday and since then I've not recognized any splits or damaged nails! (o.k. it's not such a long time BUT normally the polishes splits at the ends - as well as if you're using a good top coat and base coat!:))

My opinion is, that I'll surely buy some more Sensationail Gel Colors  like:

Babydoll Pink, Bubbly Champagne, Evening Sand, Pink Chiffon and Guilty Pleasure! - as well as the Essentials Kit too:)
BUT I've found out on other blogs (like: fromHeadToToe) and youtube channels, that you can just use your regular fav' nail polish instead of the Color Gel - just made all steps like it's in the instruction sheets with using your fav' nail polish - and it should stay as well as the Color Gel without splitting!:) - I'll definitely try it out soon and will post a reply with the photo of them:)!

These are some lovely ideas, which I've found at the SensatioNail Facebook Site:

(Photo Credits: SensatioNails Facebook Site - I don't own each of them!)

For example "Mr. Kate" - has create ultimate lovely pinkish cal' nails with some Glitter as an eye catcher!:

 Or what about this "Heart On" DIY nails also by Mr. Kate:)?:

What did you think about the Sensationail/have you tried it out until yet?:) - Hope you've enjoyed and liked my 1st post about this brand new (here for example in: Germany,Austria, UK it's almost brand new:)) nail polish technology - to create the best/"Nail Salon" like nails at your own home!:)

Wish you a lovely Sunday - afternoon!

Sunshine 7: 6902 Hollywood Blvd. LA

Hi guys:),

as I mentioned in my SALE (Sunshine 4) post , that I've bought some pieces at ZARA - this sweet lemony scent called "6902 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles" is from one of my fav' clothes stores ZARA too:)!

It was at the SALE too (Original Price: 15€ - 11€) BUT it's Limited Edition (I think they also offered Miami - yes and it's the pink/lilac bottle with flower/juicy scent) and remembers me on sweet candys like Lemon Sherbets or other like Nimm2 the one with lemon flavour/scent:)!

It's a great scent for summer 2013 - perfect for vacations at the beach - oh and on the back of the packaging you can see a lovely "palmy" landscape of LA hills!:)

Did you've ever tried out an Eau de Toilette or Perfume from ZARA?:) - Would be pleased about a comment from you!:)

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sunshine 6: GLAMPING:)

Hi again today:),

I've just seen, that many Celebrities/VIP's or other famous/rich/well-lifed people like the new kind of Camping - without missing any comfort and what's maybe the mean point of ALL!:) - To HAVE A BATH/BATHROOM there:)

This post, should show you, which kind of tends are available in different location (in the US) - or just my fav' one of all, which I've found while I was browsing through the lovely WWW:)

1.Sinya on Lone Man Creek GLAMPING:

(Photo Credits: Sinya on Lone Man)

This magical and HUGE GLAMPING space/tent - I would rather say a small cottage with a kitchen space, bedroom, and a lovely bathroom with a BATHTUB too:) is located in Wimberley (Texas).

It treats you in each kind and style - not just the turkish cotton towels or super-comfy spa bathrobes in the bath, the king-size bed with down pillows and cashmere/silk linens oh and a Tassimo gourmet coffee maker in the kitchen (where you can by the way make your meals each day fresh by yourself via microwave, freezer/refrigerator and induction cook top!:)) - the luxury (GLAM-)camping style is EVERYWHERE you look:)

There are 19 restaurants/food places where you can go for a meal (including Pizza Hut, Kate's Place, Sugar Shack Bakery, Wimberley Cafe and even more - of course as they are 19!:)) 

You can swim in the Hamilton Pool, The Blue Hole, Cypress Falls or Krause Springs and you can visit a ranch - for exactly the "Bella Vista Ranch" where you can test the fresh-pressed olive oil and a local wine from texas!

Lot's of more information you'll find about other locations, informations on their website!

2. The Resort at PAWS UP:

 (Photo Credits: The Resort at PAWS UP)

This luxury GLAMPING space with a more adventure-/indiana jones like design BUT full furnished with a lovely bathroom  with 2 sinks!:) and a HUGE place to eat your meals with your family, friends & Co., and comfy bedroom with a big bed is located 35min. northeast of Missoula, Montana and Greenough - a little town in the heart of the well known Blackfoot Valley! It's a Montana ranch resort, where GLAMCAMPER'S can enjoy the free wildnees on a 37,000 acres  - 10 miles of the Blackfoot River flow right through their property. The Resort at PAWS UP says: " It's truly, The Last Best PlaceTM"

Their are many ways how to enjoy your stay - what about visit one of the National Parks there?:
2h from Flathead Lake, 2.5h from Kalispell, 3h from Glacier National Park, 2.75h from Whitefish, 3h from Bozeman, 5.5h Yellowstone National Park, 6h from Jackson Hole

There are many other activities to enjoy to for example: Horse riding , fly-fishing, rappelling and many other lake and ranch activities!:) 

For more informations please visit their own website!

(Photo Credits: Clayoquot Wilderness Resort)

This comfy and cozy luxury GLAMPING space is for all of you who want's to spend their free time, vacation/holidays etc. in the lovely nature BUT under comfortable and well furnished tents!:)

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort will Guest Tents (Deluxe Outpost Tents, which are roomy and build on wooden plattforms or Luxury Ensuite Bathroom Tents - with King Size beds, queen sized day bed, full luxury ensuited bathroom with floor heating and flush toilet too:)!)

Chef Ryan Orr (Clayoquot Wilderness Resort executive Chef) will serve you fantastic and absolutely unforgetable dishes made from locally raised and grown products!:)

This resort is located in Tofino (CANADA) and not far away from Vancouver, BC or Tofino.

It's also a great place where to stay during your weeding week!:)

For more information please visit their own website!

Not enough from GLAMPING?!:) - Visit the official GLAMPING SITE! & get more interesting facts, news or information about this relatively new kind of traveling and spending holidays!:)

I hope you've enjoyed this really short post:) and see you soon!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Sunshine 5: "Greeny-Peachy" Iced Tea

Hi guys,

today I've made a fantastic experience:)! I've tried to get a bit creative - even if I don't really experiment with recipes, meals - just food:) But as summer is here and I love drinking tea (you may now that for long - since I've started my little blogging space:)) I thought it couldn't be wrong to mix my fav' tea bags of this month Messmer's "Orange-Ginger Green Tea" with some Agave Syrup and a fresh HUGE juice fruity peach - or:)?!

1. A jug, some squeeze/drops of organic agave syrup - well done:) 

2. A small wooden/plastic kitchen board - let's started to cut your HUGE (a mine was:)) fresh juicy peach in small/tiny pieces - to make THAT fantastic southern cal' flavour in your iced treasure - Babe:)! 

3. 1,2 - jump your lovely tea bags into the jug - 'cause the peach pieces and agave syrup are best friends with them:) 

4. Let's get hot babe!:) - Fill in the fresh brewed water and.... 

5. ....chill babe!:)

Voila!:) - Your MAGICAL and FANTASTIC fresh homemade/DIY Greeny Peachy Iced Tea just waits for you!

Wish you all a great morning/lunch/afternoon/evening/night - it depends where you just stay!:)


Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hi guys,

another beauty news for you. L'Oreal AT has written me about some lovely brandnew  makeup products, which will be in your local supermarket/drugstore from July/August 2013 available!:):

(Photo Credits: L'Oreal Paris AT)

The ultimative brand new EyeStudio Master Duo Liquid (Eye-) Liner by Maybelline Jade will be available from middle July.

Price: ca. 9,99€

The L'Oreal Paris Super Liner blackbuster - will create bold or thin non-greasy fine lines on your eyelid - Your sweetheart will love you more than before!:)

Price: ca. 9,99€

The lovely Glam Shine Balmy Glosses by L'Oreal Paris are creamy, simple to apply and gives your lips the needed fresh shiny look!:) They will fit in each life situation - as you don't need to sharpen it & so you're "ready to go"! This excuisite, colorful lip balmies will be available in 3 different fruity and "eye catching" shades: "Mad for Pomegranate", "Bite the Maracuja" and "Die for Guava" - perfect for Summer 2013!

You will find the L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Glosses in your local/nearest supermarket/grocery or drugstore from the begining of August 2013 - DON'T FORGET they are Limited Edition!

Price: ca. 9,99€

Did you've tried out one of the new L'Oreal Paris/Maybelline Jade products? - If you've tried out the limited edition L'Oreal Glam Shine Balmy Glosses - which shade and how did you find them (quality, pigmentation etc.)? - Would be happy about a comment from you!:)


Sunshine 4: ZARA/H&M Summer Haul

Hi guys:),

I've been doing some clothes hauls/shopping the last month and this too (yea SALE is now already on the go!:)) - so I though to show you all my stuff I've bought:

(My sizes: 10/S, 36/S)

Shorts 1 - Price: 19,95€
Shorts 2 - Price: I think they also cost 19,95€ (I can't remember SORRY:))

First I've bought in late June 2013 these two High-Waist shorts at our local H&M (which are REALLY good in quality!:)) I pretty much like to wear it with different vintage-/printed t-shirts or blouses too!:)

Yesterday I've found this Tunic (Blouse) at H&M, which was sold under the original price (as SALE-days are now here!:))

And I've found also at ZARA a third BUT ultra neon pink used-optic "cal' Style" shorts - perfect for our summer vacation!:) (Size: S)

(Photo Credits: ZARA)

Origianl Price:
SALE Price:

Here again the lovely long Tunic Blouse from H&M - which can be used as a dress too as it's super long!:):

(My size: XS)

(Photo Credits: H&M)

Original Price:
SALE Price:

Now let's turn to my "Summer-Shoey-Haul":):

(Photo Credits: ZARA)

I've bought myself this lovely neon pink sneakers from ZARA via Online shop - as the my LARGE size wasn't in our local ZARA store available:( - I've 41cm/Converse size:  7.5, if you're interested:)

Original Price:
SALE Price:

(Photo Credits: ZARA)

My other shoes from ZARA are these cute/natural brown leather sandals, which are perfectly for a beach walk, city escape or just for the whole "hot" summer time!:)

Original Price:
SALE Price:

And here again my two new "shoeys" from ZARA:

I hope you've got too such lovely treasures at the SALE days now - or did you've made your "Summer Haul" the last month too?:) - Would be great to let me know in your comments, whether you've liked my pieces or not & which one would you recommend me further!:)


Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's In Your Handbag? - MoneySupermarket Edition

Hi again:),

Now I would like to show you what's exactly in my handbag!:) As I'm normally not the "well-organized" handbag person - please don't be afraid, what I'll show you:):

What's inside:

my lovely IPAD 2 - Price NEW: £391.99
my LG phone (I've had it since 2010! - I'm NOT really a Phone kid!:)) Price New: £120

my pinky Tangle Teezer - Price: £10.20
my passport (I don't really know the price - as I've made it in 2010 and it will last until 2020 - it's not my 1st one - I would say it's the 3rd one - as I've got my first when I was 6 years old!:))

my Sally Hansen nail polish (shade: 540 Frutti Petutie) - Price: £6.99
my Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Strength Treatment - Price: £9.99

my gorgeous L'Oreal True Match Face Powder - Price: £8.19
my cool (I think so:)) lilac/transparent fake Ray-Ban's:) - Price: £6

my ABSOLUTE fav' Estee Lauder Signature Lipstick (shade: 01 Pink Sand) - Price: £17.00
my perfect-match lipgloss from Alverde Naturkosmetik (shade: 25 Light Rose) - Price: £2.5

my  fav' "childhood memorie" body spray by Yves Rocher "Monoi de Tahiti" - Price: £11.00
my all-time hand cream Nivea Cream (150ml) - Price: £2.99

my Oilily "Summer Birds" purse, which is a bit older (maybe 1 and half years old:) - it also don't really looks great, but I'm NOT really a girl, who need always or each year a new one - so the Mulberry purse would last for ages!:)) - Price NEW: £30

my Burt's Bees lipbalm - Price: £3.69
my labello Milk & Honey * - Price: £ 1.90
my labello Vanilla & Macadamia Lipbutter - Price: £2.25

my little Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum sample of "D'Essences Vanille Noire" - Price: £0
my  headband for cute ponytails or other tricky hair creations:) - Price: £ 2 (as I've got 2 in 1 pack:))

my Trident chewing gums (flavor: Spearmint) 0.70p
my IPOD nano 6th generation (shade: RED edition) - Price NEW: £115

my empty Zara Office Bag (shade: Brown) price NEW: £49.99

This makes a TOTAL of: £ 792.38

To show you my fully content of my handbag has an awesome reason. As the great team from Moneysupermarket invite us bloggers to write a post about what's in our handbags to get the chance to win an awesome price!

After you've entered via a blog post you'll be automatically entered into  a prize draw and one lucky person will win:

(Photo Credits: MULBERRY)

Mulberry Bayswater shoulder handbag
Mulberry purse
Mulberry phone case

Sure - now you would like to know how you could enter too?!:)

Right you just write a blogpost and tell your bloggin' readers (maybe you let me know it in the comment section too:)!) what's inside your handbag. 

Moneysupermarket is REALLY interested to see your pic's of your handbag as well as what you've got in the bag - this allows them to get to know you better and piece together just what the average handbag contains!:)

 Another part of this post should also contains the worth of the handbag & items, which are in this bag - show the TOTAL price as I've done!:)

From a designer purse to expensive foundation, the value of the contents of their bags can soon add up!

Oh and don't forget to write them about your post via their mail address : with the subject line "What's in your handbag?".

And make sure too - to submit your post before midnight on Monday 1st July 2013!

I hope you've enjoyed my handbag contain & see you soon!:)


Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunshine 3: Bikini OR One Piece's?

Hi guys:),

Summer has arrived and we are happy about sunny and hot days outside - where we can refresh ourself with some homemade Iced Tea, Lemonade (like for example Watermelon Splash) or just jump into your nearest (maybe own:)) pool.

And that's the point, we girls need to be perfect styled and so it's the same with a nice, awesome swimwear like Bikini's or One Piece's - right?!:)

So I though to show you some lovely different styles of Bikini's and One Pieces to get some ideas for your next Beach day/Vacation or just for your own private Pool Party!:)

Asos has an incredible Bikini/One Piece range this year (like every year:)!) too - just take a look!:):

(Photo Credits: ASOS)

Or what about some Photo Printed One Pieces? (We Are Handsome creates lovely O.P.!):

(Photo Credits:Pinterest, We are Handsome)

Here you can see, that such lovely and ultimative fashion styled Swimwear were used in the past too:

Not just Grace Kelly, Cindy Crawford or Farrah Fawcett has used to be cool! - We are now just in another decade BUT we've such a taste too!:)

I wish you all a nice sunshine day - even if it's a bit cloudy today at my mum's home:)!


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunshine 2: Hawaiian Heart


this post is the 2nd "Sunshine" one:) and will be all about the lovely sweet island of Hawaii!:) - Oh guys, I wish I could escape just this year the beautiful hawaiian place (as I wasn't until yet there:() BUT it seems, that I must wait a little bit:)
If someone would ask me - "What's specially Hawaii/the great hawaiian Island for you?" I would definitely say some keywords like: yummy homemade Hawaiian pineapple upside down cake or eating fresh coconut ice cream right from the coconut fruit!:), drinkin' the legendary Hawaiian Sun Juice (I would prefer Strawberry Guava Nectar or Pineapple Orange Nectar, or their Island Ice Tea too:)), to get a nice lovely little golden sun tan at the wide Waikiki Beach with a sun protector/screen like the long term Hawaiian Tropic one, 

The Hawaiian Sun Juices/Iced Teas/Jams or Coconut Syrups have all such a lovel vintage design:

Monoi de Tahiti Tiare Oil - it's the BEST (and with BEST I REALLY mean the BEST!!!!:)) summer holiday scent EVER! P.S. It seems to provide a longer tan after you've get one - I've already tried that out many times:)

Yummy cocktails (I prefer the Non-alcoholic ones guys, even if I'm already 20 - I just think that there are soooo many other refreshing drinks without alcohol too!:))

OH I would also really like to test out some REAL hawaiian ice cream balls by Bubbies - they look sooo gorgeous and yummy too - I just don't really understand the technique how to make them:) 

To avoid sleepless nights - a great place to stay during your (first) magical Hawaii (summer) vacation could be:

1. The Royal Hawaiian Waikiki Hotel/Resort

The maybe most expensive, luxurious & 1st huge hotel on this Island ! Many Hollywood actors from the past and today have visited this amazing and glamourous place on the ultimative beautiful Waikiki Beach:)

(Photo Credits:

For more information & history visit their website:

2. The Pacific Beach Hotel:

It's a nice and awesome place - especially the huge wall aquarium  in the dining space!)

(Photo Credits:

For more informations please visit their website: Pacific Beach Hotel

3. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel:

A great architecture, lovely designed and with a huge atmosphere hotel/vacation place on the lovely hawaiian Island. This place is really worth to stay for some days - I wish to visit it too someday:)!

For more information please visit their own website: Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

A great place to visit on the lovely Honolulu Hawaii is the Honolulu Zoo! It was introduce/opened in 1876 by King David Kalakaua.

Or what about some lovely tourist gifts, or just vacation gifts for your fam'. Which you'll buy at the International Market Place in Honolulu too?:)

Oh and for a snack/breakfast right on your tourist trip to the next hawaiian place, go to Leonard's Bakery (vid' about the HISTORY)- where you'll have the choice of diferent sweet baking things like Malasadas - portugese doughnut or what about Liliah's Bakery since 1950 - where you could try some Ensemadas (a spanish dessert cake) or Green Tea Rolls.

For your body-/facial skin JUST the best and organic things - while you stay and after you've leaved the beautiful Hawaii!

Malie Organics, offers you different body polishes, body washes and lotions, perfumes, body oils - which won't just treat your skin But your inner sould too!:) The Mango Nectar range seems to be the yummiest!:)

Kohana Skin natural skin cosmetics brand is beloved by the most hawaiian tourists and Stars too!:) Like for example: Jennifer Lawrence, Tyra Banks, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Garner, Andie MacDowell, Hailee Steinfeld, Leslie Mann, Michelle Trachtenberg and others received their Wild Ginger Alaea Salt Scrub and the Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Masque on the Day of Indulgence (August 2012)

But that's NOT all, for sweet tooth's you could try out the legendary  Happy Cake Fruit Cake, which is made & baked from fresh pineapples and macadamia in Oahu with a secret recipe since 1967. Or just grap some pretty fashion pieces at Pineapple County boutique in Waikiki- where you'll find pretty dresses, t-shirts and accessoire too!, this boutique excist since 2001.

Or what about learning how to Surf in the right way/position and most important SAVE:)! - Go to Aloha Surf Hotel Waikiki - where Surfer's can stay during the Hawaii Vacation - as it's almost at the Waikiki Beach and not far from a near Surfer School too! The Hawaii Waikiki Aquarium is one of the most important places for you as a tourist, to see, which fish and dangerous creatures you could see in the beautiful wide sea:)! - A great place where to stay with your family, friends or even alone for a lovely tourist outside afternoon!

Hope you've enjoyed this 2nd "Sunshine" post about the beautiful island of Hawaii and wish you all:

"A hui hou" (See you again:))


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sunshine 1: Annette's Beach Party


As Summer is finally here - I've though to create a brand new kind of posts - the "Sunshine" posts, which will be completely max. 30 posts! - If you would like to attend this new blogger 30-days post tag, please let me know in the comments!:) So let's begin with the first "Sunshine".

I've listen soooooooo many times the last month and this too:) - "Beach Party", "Bikini Party", "Hawaiianette" or "Back To The Beach" from Annette Funicello - who was one of the maybe most influence female actor of the 60's for teenage girls and women!:)

 (Photo Credits: Google, Pinterest - I don't own each of them!:))

I'm normally a huge 80s fan, BUT this summer just began, and I fall in love with the good old classic summer hits/songs, which she had sang so wonderful!:)

Do you wanna create your own 60s summer in your backyard/garden BUT you haven't a time machine/capsule (as this is the REALITY and not just a FAIRYTALE:)!) - Don't be confused or sad - you've the opinion to create an ultimative booming 60s summer atmosphere!

You'll just need some beauty products, which were available during this period too or vintage packaged one, a nice vintage swimwear (one piece or bikini in a 60s style), some yummy milkshakes - or what about a refreshing "Pineapple Sundae" - which could be replaced by a modern low-fat frozen yoghurt with fresh cut, dried pineapples or pineapple sauce!

Hope you've enjoyed the first tag/post of this new 30-days "Sunshine" blog tag idea:) And wish you all a lovely Saturday late afternoon!:)


Oh hi! Please take a step into my "Inspiration Bubble":)

Hi guys:),

I'm happy, to say, that Google Friends isn't just the ONLY way, how to follow me/my blog or how to get in touch with me and ask me something or just for a nice short talk:)!

This Really short post should be about ALL my contact/connection/following opportunities!

1. Via Bloglovin':

Since this lovely blogger friendly community excist, I've got an high interest on this plattform:)! Would be great to follow each other?:):

Please click the picture, if you would like to come on my own bloglovin' site!
2. Via Twitter:

It's the place, where I'm (almost) daily tweet "Wise word of today" & other interesting news or just try to start a conversation!:)

3. Via Pinterest:

A wonderful space to share and collect different ideas/inspiration & fav' must-haves/wish lists/products/places! - Great for an inspirational soul as I'm:)!

4. Via tumblr:

I'm relatively a new/"pre-toodler" tumblrer BUT I'm enjoying this AWESOME plattform (almost) each day!:)

5. Via my Music Channel:

This Youtube Channel is my 1st I've started on 2nd June 2012 and have reached until yet 15 followers, which I'm proud (BUT would be happy about some more:)!) even if it's a pretty petite number of followers, it makes me proud, that I've reached on the (today) high raised/over filled/crowded Youtube (as there soooo many other Youtubers - that the beginners, new one - need to be over special:)!) almost 3,300+ clicks!

As music isn't just a hobby but it's a HUGE part of myself and my passion - I look positive into the future and let things came on youtube:)! - But your Subscribtion would be welcome too!:)
6. Via my blog/vlog Channel:

This brand new blog/vlog channel (O.K. I've started on 4th March 2013), is the 2nd part of my blogging/blog life:)! There you'll have the chance to watch some vlogs (from my travel experiences, daily life:)), favorite vid's (makeup, lifestyle - food, clothes etc.) and of course some tutorials!:)

I've called this channel "The Beach Crush" as I'm an ABSOLUTE Beach addict person, NO don't understand, that false - I'm not that one - who bake/grill themself on the hot summer sun (as I'm a really light skin toned - that won't be perfect!:)) but I love afternoon beach walks, sunny day run at the beach, to take my breakfast and eat it there - to meet friends and just to swim and relax after a busy day/year etc.:) I just love the fresh salty breeze air - That's why I've called the channel The Beach Crush - As I've a TOTALLY Crush with the Sea/Beach - if this doesn't sounds to weird:)

*To get on my own websites/pages - please click on each pic'/picture above to see the page you want to see!:)

So I hope you've enjoyed this post & let me know, whether or where you're following my inspirational/bit crazy BUT almost girly place "NIKA's Inspirations & Beauty"?!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

L'Oreal Perfect Match

Hi guys:),

I've tried out recently (for exactly the last whole 5 days!:)) the L'Oreal Perfect Match makeup product range, which includes:

L'Oreal Paris le correcteur Perfect Match Concealer (shade: 02 Vanilla)

This concealer won my heart - NO REALLY!:) As it's totally a great and the right shade for light toned skin types! It's easy to apply and blends well. Oh and it stays for a long time as well as the foundation! Just Great!

Re-buying include:)

What says L'Oreal:

It helps hide imperfections, blemishes and evens skin tone. Glides on beautifully to give you a perfect base!
It's formulated with True Match technology to even your skin tone, cover imperfections, and conceal under-eye circles. Oil-free and non-comedogenic.

L'Oreal Paris le teint Perfect Match Liquid Foundation (shade: R2-C2 Rose Vanilla)

At the first sight, when I saw the bottle was, that this foundation would be also a bit darker as my natural skin tone, BUT in fact it matches perfectly!!!!:) (maybe 'cause the sun is now shinning a lot and so I'm getting a natural low tan:)) The texture is a bit weird, it's liquid but has a weird consistency - this is probably something new for you, even if you're applying your foundation with your own hands - which by the way allows a great blending with your skin!

It also REALLY stays for a long time on the right place of your face:)! So it's a great foundation for school, work or other special activities in your life (I've just not tested out the waterproof-resistence yet!).

I'll re-buy it after used it up!

What says L'Oreal:

True Match super-blendable liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its fine, creamy texture & gives you a flawless coverage. As it blends seamlessly with the skin, it automatically adjusts to the texture of the skin to create a flawless finish. Oil-free& non-comedogenic.

L'Oreal Paris la poudre Perfect Match Creamy Powder (shade: K5 Rose Sand)

My first look at the packaging has blown up my mind, it's totally lovely packaged (as well as each other L'Oreal True Match packagings!) - for a drugstore product really great designed!:) 

Now let's turn to the texture: it's the same weird/other feeling like by the L'Oreal True Match Foundation! It's like L'Oreal says by it's own - that it's creamy and powdery so 1in2 product. Which blends REALLY well on your skin and gives you a middle-matt effect - oh and stays as well for hours. The skin feeling is comfortable/great too:)!

Re-buying included.

What says L'Oreal:

The powder perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin for a flawless finish. The fine, soft and lightweight powder blends perfectly : you can blot shine, blend for a natural finish or build for more coverage.

True Match Powder is a compact powder which allows you to achieve a flawless-looking complexion without caking. The ultra-fine formula means you can apply a single translucent layer to even your complexion or you can build up more coverage to cover imperfections.

L'Oreal Paris le blush Perfect Match Cheek Color/Blush (shade: 150/125 Nude Pink)

I must say, that this blush is high-pigmented! So you need a REALLY small amount of it, as otherwise you'll get big/huge cheeks:)! Oh and I'm using for the application my own blush-brush as the included one, is pretty and well made BUT it's not really great for the texture of the blush and so it takes a long time, to get the right amount of the blush on the included brush - you know what I mean:)?

My shade is a deeper/dark rose/pinkish tone with sparkles in it - a great blush for light-medium skin types and also great for a blush-bronzer combination!:)

As you'll need really a tiny-petit-amount of it, I will probably not re-buy it by myself, as when it cames to blushes/bronzers etc. I'm a kind of makeup girl - who likes to try out different shades/colors:)

What says L'Oreal:

The soft, healthy-looking glow - comes in pink, apricot and honey hues to match every woman’s skin tone – warm, cool or neutral. Its compact-size, and integrated brush and mirror. Oil-free and non-comedogenic.

L'Oreal Paris True Match Anti-Fatique & Illuminating Concealer (shade: R3-4-5 Rose Beige)

I'm absolutely in love with such "Twist-Click" (concealer) applicators, as they are easy to apply - even if you're on a road trip or just where you've not the right brush (which normally  doesn't happen to us Makeup-Freaks - right?!:)) As I'm using the Perfect Match Concealer - I'm using this Anti-Fatique & Illuminating Concealer as a Highlighter on my upper lid! - It gives you an extra kick on your high lid line!:)

But it's not something, which I would re-purchase as it's not really necessary for myself:)

What says L'Oreal:

This concealer is an illuminating concealer which helps improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It will leave the delicate skin around the eye area looking radiant, as well as perfectly concealing any blemishes. It's oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Maybelline Jade New York The Rocket  Volum' Express Water-Proof Mascara (shade: Black):

As I'm not really wearing often Mascaras (Guys, my own natural lashes are long and big enough:)!) I'm also not often buy myself some new/ultimative great mascaras, BUT after trying out these one - I think I'll buy my next Mascara the same - as it's REALLY waterproof and makes my eye sparkle a bit more!:)

What says Maybelline NY:

Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever! Supersonic Brush, and Fast Glide formula. Loads on big, sleek volume instantly!

I've tried it out for the last 5 days - which has allowed me to make some makeup-ideas/tutorials:

Flamingo Dance (a great summer makeup, even if you LOVE pink lips as I do:)!)

You'll need:

The whole L'Oreal Perfect Match products mentioned above, L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in the shade: 07 Cheeky Magenta, A white/light beige eyeshadow (I'm using always the the base shadows in the Eye Steppes by Jane Iredale),Maybelline NY The Rocket Volum' Express Water-Proof Mascara.

Voila - your own "Flamingo Dance" can start:)!

Golden State Girl (I was inspired by one of the maybe greatest cal' designers Whitney Port/Whitney Eve)

You'll need: 

The whole L'Oreal Perfect Match products mentioned above, a shiny (pastell) pink lipstick (like the great ones from Estee Lauder), golden eyeshadows like the one by Jane Iredale, Maybelline NY.

You'll shine bright as the hot Cali Sun!:)

Natural Look (I've just washed my hair - Sorry guys, for my Non-Styling But that was just planned for that makeup look:)!!):

You'll need:

The whole L'Oreal Perfect Match products mentioned above, a red/red-pinkish lip balm like the Lipbutters by Revlon, Burt's Bees, Alverde, Maybelline NY etc., a neutral eyeshadow by L'Oreal.

It's a perfect weekend/lazy day/school look! - Show your REAL Beauty!:)

Ranger's daughter (YIPPIE YAY - I'm a western girl - who likes to be natural and sparklin' too:) - These are just my natural curls - just used a curl shampoo, conditioner, and a curl treatment!)

You'll need:

Again the whole L'Oreal Perfect Match products mentioned above, a rose toned lipstick like by Estee Lauder, Maybelline NY/L'Oreal, a blue/turquoise eye liner like by Smashbox, Maybelline NY, Catrice etc., a pastell rainbow eyeshadow like by YSL or Maybelline NY.

Your inner western heart will blow up after having this ultimative Ranger's daughter look:)!

For more informations about the L'Oreal Perfect Match products - please visit their website:


For more information about the Maybelline NY The Rocket Volum' Express Water-Proof Mascara please visit their website:


And that's it!:) I hope you've enjoyed my review/make up ideas post and see you soon!