Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tag | Would You Rather? Beauty Edition

Hi guys:),

as I've read yesterday sooo many lovely blogposts and also the "Would You Rather?" Beauty Edition Tag by Amie of Belle-amie. I thought, as I've found this post really interesting, to use her questions and answer by myself on my blog:)

I've not made such posts in the past, but each start is a good idea/opinion to learn something new, so why not try it out?!:)

Let's turn to the questions and answers of the "Would You Rather?" (Beauty Edition) Tag:

1. Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eye liners, lipsticks and lip glosses or all your palettes and eye shadows?

A.: Oh as I'm not wearing really mascaras and just have one or two (which I'm not wearing as I said:)) I would definitely forgot or lose them everywhere - as I'm not used of them:)

2. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

A: Oh what a tricky question!:) I've never had really short hair, always long since I was a little girl/child, BUT on the other hand never cut it again, would be unhealthy (your hair gets dry, split etc.) and for longterm your hair would lose the shine and healthness and would be damaged, so hmhhhhh I would rather chop BUT I would cry OHHHHHHHHH my goooooooooood I would cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

A: Why not both? (I see the questions won't be easier:)) I really enjoy wearing peachy/coral cheeks during spring and summer BUT pink cheeks are sweet too for special occasions like: Valentinesday or a Coachella festival too:)! - For that questions: Coral cheeks:)

4. If you had 1000€ to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

A: Makeup - If I had to choose from one (like in this question) otherwise both things: some clothes and some makeup products:)

5. Would you rather apply lipstick as eye liner, or eye liner as lipstick?

A: For summer I would reather try out to wear an awesome vibrant hydrant lipstick as eye liner, 'cause eye liner as lipstick would look not really well on my lips:)

6. Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

A: Sephora - as there are different brands and I'm a fan of trying out new products & brands:)

7. Would you rather only use one eye shadow or one lip colour for the rest of your life?

A: One lipstick/lip colour - as it seems to be easier to find your fav' lip product!

8. Would you rather wear Winter clothes in the Summer, or Summer clothes in the Winter?

A: Summer clothes in the Winter - that's what I'm doing sometimes REALLY!:)

9. Would you rather wear dark nails or bright nails all year round?

A: Bright nail polishes/colors/enamels:) - Makes each time a smile on my face and helps to climb up your mood to feel better!

10. Would you rather give up your favourite lip product or your favourite eye product?

A: Favourite eye product - 'cause my fav' lip product is sooooo important!:)

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?

A: A pony tail - 'cause a messy bun seems to be comfy and easy to make each day BUT the classic chic pony tail is just awesome!:)

12. Would you rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss?

A: Hmh never use lip gloss - I'm not a very lip glossy fan soooo it would be easier!:)

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? Or Sharpie them in everyday?


14. Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

A: I would rather live without makeup:) As natural beauty is always the best:)

So that's it:) I hope you've enjoyed my post about the "Would You Rather?" Beauty Edition Tag with the great questions created by Amie. Would be great to know, whether you've made this tag on your blog too or would like to make one? - Please let me know in your comments:)

Wish you all a great week and sunny day!


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