Sunday, 5 May 2013

NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age facial care range

Hi guys:),

I've received one and half week ago a nice brand new NIVEA range called "Cellular Anti-Age", which is made/created for older people - not really for my age (I'm 20:)). BUT as mothers day isn't far away - this could be a perfect gift for her and for other mothers too!:)

What the lovely silver paper NIVEA box includes:

NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age day cream SPF 15
NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age night cream
NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age eye cream/treatment
NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age intensive serum

I've tried out the eye cream/treatment (as I sometimes have black circles under my eye and also tried out other similar products like the one from Lavera:)) The other three products which are: day cream SPF 15, night cream & intensive serum by NIVEA "Cellular Anti-Age" I've gave them to my mum:)

As I'm not the right person for this range - just too young for such Anti-Aging products:)!, I hope you guys aren't really in a bad mood after you've find out, that I've not made a regular/normal product review about it and just show you how they look like and that they would be a perfect gift for this mothers day!:)

Wish you all a great Sunday!



  1. Great post!!!

    1. OMG!!!! Thank's a lot:) It means a lot to me - to get comments (both - positive & negative, BUT positive are always welcome:))

      Wish you a lovely afternoon!