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some days ago, I've though to write about the fantastic and awesome body-/facial care brand Neal's Yard Remedies, BUT as I've not got any samples or products to show you I was really happy about the little surprise by N.Y.R.!:) (Oh thank's again:)!)

What I've got as a sample version to review here on my "blogging"-little corner (blog):):

NYR Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture (Nurtures and replenishes Normal Skin)
NYR Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish (Exfoliates and enriches Normal Skin)
NYR White Tea Toning Eye Gel (For All Skin Types)
NYR Wild Rose Beauty Balm (Nurtures and revitalises All Skin Types)
NYR Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier (For Oily & Combination Skin Types)
NYR White Tea Enriching Facial Mask (Deeply nurtures Dry and Sensitive Skin Types)
NYR Frankincense Hydrating Cream (Keeps All Skin Types soft and fresh)
NYR Wild Rose Hand Cream (Deeply Nourishes and balances)
NYR Chamomile Cleanser (Gently Shootes and cleanses Normal Skin Types)

What's behind this 100% natural & lovely designed/packaged brand?:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest, Neal's Yard - I don't own each of them!)

Since 1981 (where N.Y.R. was born:)) they try to create wonderful balms, creams and other body/facial care stuff without using chemical/synthetic ingrediences and instead of them they use and create natural/herb-based remedies for the whole body care! To be a happy and healthy consumer of their products means a lot to N.Y.R.! so I was interested to try out different product-sample before buying some full-size one:) They are promoting and supporting organic farming and ONLY use certified organic ingrediences in their products! That's why the bottle design  - especially the shade is deep dark blue - to keep the products longer fresh (as the colour keeps the light out) without/instead using chemical and other bad stuff!

They don't test on animals, they support many campaigns like (No More Breast Cancer, Friends of the earth, Samaritans etc.), they keeps their own recipes/amounts secret BUT explain and say what's inside like: which herbs, fruits etc. are used for the cream. N.Y.R. has also earned a lot of awards since 2009 includes: Beauty Insiders Choice 2009/2012/2013, Sublime Awards 2013, International Green Awards 2011, The Green Beauty Bible Awards 2009

What's my opinion about the packaging/quality/effect etc.:

I love the design of the full-size deep blue glass bottles BUT also the little cute samples, which I've got this week via our postman:) Oh and the fresh herbal/"garden" scent of each product, you really think that's fresh from the next organic/natural market around the corner in Provence, Cornwall or elsewhere:)! And I really enjoyed to try them out (I've not tried each of them until now BUT will do so!:)) - especially the Chamomile Cleanser was soo smooth and leave a wonderful clean and a bit re-freshed feeling on my facial skin! Your skin will definitely look more brighter and healthy after you've apply/used some N.Y.R. products for I would say maybe 2-3 days - but as I've just samples , I will use now again some of my old products too:)

The Wild Rose hand cream smells fantastically like fresh cut roses and really moisturizes well, but I wouldn't say, that's the best one, as L'Occitane or Nivea makes great hand creams too!:)

I've also tried out the Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish for normal skin types, and this is one of my fav' N.Y.R. products now!:) (the Chamomile Cleanser is the second fav' one!:)) as it has little rose seed powder in it and that stuff is JUST BRILLIANT to let your facial skin turn smooth and revitalized again!

So have you ever tried out any of their/Neal's Yard Remedies body-/facial- or hair care products? Let me know what's your fav' one and I'll be happy about some lovely comments from you!

Bye & have a great shinny sunday!


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