Monday, 27 May 2013

My last 4 days in FACES:)

Hi guys:),

I've done soooo many pic's and collected sooo many ideas for my further blogposts/youtube vid's and create my first "TheBeachCrush" vid' too!:) (this vid' will be available on my channel in few days!).

And I've tried out to create more "vintage touched" and individual lovely makeup look for myself:

1. Prima Ballerina (a classic/nude/sparkle eye makeup look):

For that sparkelicious and glamour look - you'll just need:

A great foundation or powder makeup in your own shade (which suits perfectly your skin tone - that's what I would like to say:)), a fix powder (if you're applying a fluid makeup!:)), a great black/dark eyeliner (create a slight cateye - BABE:)), a powder rose/pink shimmer lipstick/lipgloss (I'm using ONLY lipstick for this look BUT you can choose between lipsticks/balms/glosses - it's your choice what you would like to wear!:)), a peach blush and VOILA - You can win each "Best looking Swan Lake Prima Ballerina" Contest - Even if such a contest exist:)

2. Rocket Babe (a neon/modern "rock-a-billy" babe makeup look):

For this new/re-launched Rocket Babe look you'll need:

a foundation (I'm using a light shaded - like: Ivory/Light, Porcelain), a powder - which suits perfectly with the foundation you are using!, a great black or dark brown fluid eyeliner (gel will suit perfectly too:)!), a great neon pink/pink lipstick (lipliner CAN be used BUT MUST NOT!- if the lipstick is great in quality - doesn't run out into your  lip "wrinkles":)), a great pink/light blush - maybe with sparkles, which looks fantastical and great too! And you're ready for the next biker-/50's-/Vintage-/diner party! - Rock It! Rocket Babe!:)

3. Pink Bunny (a classic "pinkish"/glamour makeup look):

I've used:

a light/ivory foundation, some powder in Translucent (but you can use any other shade - it's important that it suits your own skin tone perfectly!:)), some pink lipstick (L'Oreal Caresse!), some black cream eyeliner, and 2-3 different nude/brown powder or cream eyeshades! - You're a great pink bunny too:)!

4. Natural Girl (a non-makeup makeup look):

For this look (which I've been wearing in my first "TheBeachCrush" vid'!:)) I've applied just:

a foundation in ivory/light, brown eyeliner pencil (hazelbrown), a light fluid eyeliner-line in a black shade, some lipbalm in Rose, a blush in peach/coral tone. Voila! - Your own "Natural Girl" look is created!:)

Which makeup look you would prefer at most? - Did you've tried out any kind of such makeup's in the past or did you would like to try it out, after you've read my post?

I'll definitely check out and read all of your comments/posts after you've made such a makeup look and wish you all a great start into a brand new week!:)


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