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My April Body-/Lip-/Nail Fav's 2013

Hi guys,

I've though such a long time to make a post about my monthly fav' body care/lip care/nail polishes and also though to start with April 2013:

Fav' Body Care:

"Clean On Me" 2in1 Shower Gel (with body lotion in it) by Soap&Glory
I've got this shower gel with creamy texture on my birthday as a gift, but I'll re-purchase it after I'll totally use it up! As it has the Original Pink™ fragrance (I've not tried out sooo many S&G products until yet BUT I think that it's the typical scent:))  and contains natural mandarin peel extract and a bonus built-in body lotion, which makes my body skin smooth and it looks "healthier" and more cared. 

"Coconut Cream" Shower Gel by NIVEA*
This creamy shower gel/cream contains jojoba oil, which gives your skin the needed care/smoothness and moisture. The scent isn't really creamy or "comfy" I would say, that it's perfect for summer or hot days/sport gym, 'cause it's a fresh and bit sweet scent as it contains a hint of coconut and vanilla. It's not better than other NIVEA shower gel/creams, I would say that it's the typical NIVEA bath care products quality BUT a new and non-traditional scent, which I enjoy to use!:)

"Body Gel" by NIVEA*
It's a kind of after sun cream as it gives your skin after gym/workout/long day/traveling or sun burn a cool & fresh feeling. Promptly your skin/whole body will become calm down. It contains mint extract, Hydra IQ, which allows to moisturize your skin all day long and the gel-formula allows to absorb fast into your body skin! - I usually use it after a hot/warm day or workout, otherwise it's to fresh for myself, and as I'm a person who becomes really fast cold (I need two blankets as well as in summer at night!) it's sometimes really too fresh for myself.

Fav' Lip Care:

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with Vitamine E & Peppermint
This lip balm is one of my fav' since I've bought it in NY (at the Toys'R'Us) two years ago, it last for ages and gives your lips the needed moisture and the sparkly/cool minty feeling is the main thing - why I just felt in love with this balm - it's really a Must-Have for my daily lip care routine NOT only for April 2013!

Fruit Smoothies "Melon Medley" by Blistex
The whole Fruit Smoothies trio package is colorful and great for spring/summer, it's fruity and really tropical too!:) I love the size and the scent of it, and the lips are cared and didn't get the "greeny" color - DON'T worry:)!

Fav' Nail Polishes:

Pastel Blue nail polish/enamel by Flormar

This pastel blue nail polish in the shade: 423 is really a great spring/summer color for casual beach wear and also great for an evening party or work! It's a great color and I enjoy to wear the polish on my nails!

Dior Vernis shade 349 Pink Boa

This shade is perfect for all girls/women who like light/pastell pinky shades and just a great barbie pink color! I've bought it in a set with four other Dior Vernis shades at the Airport in Palma and fall in love with the Dior nail polishes! - YES! they are pricey/high-end products and you can find many other beautiful shades and the same colors at counter at your local drugstore or elsewhere BUT the Dior Vernis polishes last for one and half week without chipping and they last for ages too - I've some of them for 3 years now and the quality is just like at the first day I bought them! Sandra from "The Black Pearl Blog" has made last year a post about this shade, it's a great post & blog just have a look!:)

*.... PR-Samples

Did you already tried out some products from my April Fav's list?


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