Sunday, 19 May 2013

I've WON the Labello StiFANdium!:)

Hi guys:),

today I would like to write you some lines about my latest win (Oh I'm proud to be one of the winners!:)) - the Labello lipbalm StiFANdium, which allows me as a blogger/Labello lover:) to write on their own website some sweet lines about their balms in the new & first Labello magazine, how fantastic  - isn't it?!:)

Here you can see the huge package of (ALL) Labello lip balms/treatments, you can usually buy at your local supermarket or drugstore - YEPE:)!

The first (lip-) balm I've tried out was the Labello Lipbalm "Rose" - which I've smell when I was a little girl/child really often, as my sis' has used it often between that time:) And I've also eaten one of them (at the age of 1 and half  - it's strange BUT some kids eat more dramatic/ugly things - so the Labello wasn't the worst taste:))

I could only remember the strong lovely rose scent of this balm, so I was happy to try it out again (without buying it - as I've a lot other balms right now at my home place:)) and I must say, that the consistence has changed a bit since the 90's (I normally use other Labello balms - only the rose one I've not used for such a long time!) and the scent is lighter/not sooo strong and lovely as in the past, but it really makes your lips looking more healthy&pinkish and that's what I'm really looking for to wear a lipbalm each day:)!

I just love the brand since many years:) As it's not tooo high-pricy and not really a bad quality! And I'll show you some of the other Labello lip balms soon - if you would like to!:)

Hope you've enjoyed this post about my "Labello StiFANdium" news & see you soon!:)


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