Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fav' Songs/Albums - MAY 2013

Hi guys,

I though that I've not really much wrote the last weeks/days/seconds & minutes:) about the most topic/main topic in my life - music.

So I would say, that I'll show you my fav' albums/songs of each one, which really climb up my mood and I'm feeling better to hear them!:)

(Photo Credits:Pinterest, Alicia Keys, Michael Buble, Carrie Underwood, Agneta Fältskog, Auryn, Rod Stewart, Eros Ramazzotti - I don't own each of them!)

1. Carrie Underwood:

"Blown Away" Album, and especially "Who Are You" have reached my heart sooooooo fast - I love that song:)!

2. Alicia Keys:

"Girl On Fire" Album, "Fire We Make" a perfect love/soul song, which isn't just for women for boys too:)!:

3. Michael Buble:

"To Be Loved" Album, I just felt in love with his voice long long long long time ago:) - he's one of the last kind of "good-oldtime" classic male voices, I really enjoy listening his voice/songs BUT "To Love Somebody" (which is original one of the 1st songs by the Bee-Gees) is a great re-launch of a good classic song:):

4. Auryn:

"Endless Road 7058" was the first album (2012) of the young boy-band Auryn (from the lovely country of Spain:)) and the song "Still" is just perfect for a romantic time together or heartbreak too:):

5. Eros Ramazzotti:

"Cuori agitati" his first ever album (from 1985!) is just perfect for each pre-/summer time!:) The lovely song "Quando l'amore" is my fav' REALLY my fav' on the whole track list!:):

6. Agneta Fältskog:

Her new album called "A - Agneta Fältskog" is full of great light & lovely songs, which I will definitely have on my red lovely IPOD:). The song "I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed" is an awesome song - just check it out!:):

7. Rod Stewart:

I'm not really a fan of his early songs (just some of them are really my taste) BUT the new/latest album is just AMAZING!:) I love his song "Can't Stop Me Now" - as it's not possible to Stop if the right way/place/time came!:): 

I hope you've enjoyed this kind of music post and would be soooo happy about your lovely comments!


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