Sunday, 14 April 2013

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Dry Skin shaver

Hi guys:),

I've got another lovely package a week ago - the latest Wilkinson Sword Intuition shaver for dry skin, which contains a skin conditioner with almond oil and 100% natural coconut milk!

It will boost your skin with extra portion moisture and also gives you a comfy and relaxing mood - as it really smells lovely (a bit powdery for the clean feeling:) and a bit tropic too as it contains coconut milk and almonds)

What says Wilkinson Sword about their latest shaver for women:

Each skin type need an individual skin care routine! Our new Intuition range "Dry skin" will suit perfectly for women who have dry skin. The golden 3in1 shaver foams well and will moisture and care your legs. 

Almond Oil will gives the needed softness and the 100% natural Coconut Milk care for an extra portion of moisture! Once the blades encounter with water, the almond/coconut conditioner soap will begin gently to foam. It's not necessary to use a shaving cream/showergel or other pre-shaving treatments before you'll shave your legs with the new Dry Skin Intuition razor!

The razor will be easy to handle and the flexible blades will allows you to reach a perfect  and flawless shave!

Intuition Dry Skin is available (in many countries - worldwide) in different drugstores and supermarkets.

What's my opinion about the new Wilkinson Sword Intuition "Dry Skin" shaver?:

I would say, that it smells really lovely and I love the design of the shaver - the golden color and how easy it's to handle:)

Another great thing is, that it's so lightweight, I know that most of todays razors and shavers are made from plastic or other synthetical materials. That allows us to take it on a trip (by airplane, etc.) and you must not really think about the weight - which was in the past (50s, 60s) sometimes a problem as it was made from metallic parts:)

But I would like to got such an old version one too as they were I would say a bit more nice and the last for ages!

I don't really know how long this one will last, but I've bought myself one year ago a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care (the green one:)) and it doesn't really change the color (which some plastics and synthetical materials do - the cheaper one:)) and looks like the new one. 

I will definitely buy the re-fill blades again in Dry Skin and also in Sensitive as I really like that the bandles aren't too strong and too soft - a perfect shaver for beginners too!:) 

But I'll look on different online shops and in different stores at my location - whether they sold the blades cheaper, as the price 12,49€ is really high!

At the european market the razor with one blade will cost ca. 8,69€ and 3 blades package ca. 12,49€

For more information - please visit Wilkinson Swort here: DE, AT, UK, USA, ESP, CZ, AU, CA,

In Germany and Austria you can buy it online via: Douglas, Rossmann, Amazon
In Britain via: Boots, Amazon
In USA via: Target, Walgreen's, Walmart

Have you ever tried out one of the Intuition shavers by Wilkinson Sword? Which is your fav' one?

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post about my latest shaver and hope to see you soon again!


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