Friday, 26 April 2013

My own dream home

Hi guys,

that's a bit different post - as I've done before, but as I'm blogging about beauty, music, lifestyle - exactly inspirations - I though that I could show you how my future home should looks like (the different rooms like: bathroom, kitchen etc. - interior & exterior what type of houses I like)

I'm definitely an house lover - I never really grow up in a house (oh I'm sorry when I was a toodler/little girl I've lived in a very small house with my mum and two of my (5) siblings:) But what I would say that I'll definitely live in a house - by the time comes:)

Let's just start my interior & exterior inspiration collages - they are just ideas - how I will style my future home (which I think will takes a bit longer:)):

Guest bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Living Room/Main Bedroom/Dressing Room
(Photo Credits: Pinterest- I don't own each of them!)

Dining Room/Bedroom Balcony View/Balcony Inside

(Photo Credits: Pinterest- I don't own each of them!)

Library/Home Office/Grilling Space/Patio

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Pool/Pool House/Pool Landscape

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Home Exterior-Entrance/"Home Sweet Home"/White Wood Garage Door (+ Basketball Space)

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

So yep:) that's my dreamy future home - I dreamed a lot of such houses since I was a child and know that if I'll work hard - My dream will come true!:)

Here are some of my latest listened songs - which perfectly suits to this post, as they are soooo pretty and beautiful (for myself:)) as these "dream home"!

My song list for April 2013:

It's A Beautiful Day - Michael Buble
Not Even The King - Alicia Keys
January Rain - Serendipity Soundtrack
On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Father of the Bride 2 Soundtrack
The Way You Look Tonight - Father of the Bride Soundtrack
Love - The Parent Trap Soundtrack
Here Comes The Sun - The Parent  Trap Soundtrack
This Will Be - The Parent Trap Soundtrack
Do You Believe in Magic - The Parent Trap Soundtrack

Oh I've another short story - I've created my 2nd YOUTUBE - Channel, which will be another part of my blog/blogging world - where I'll post/put vid's about beauty-/tutorials/tags/travel (vlogs) and it's of course in combination with my first (MAIN) channel "NIKA Bittner" - where I'm singing covers and own songs.

My (main) music channel "NIKA Bittner":

My (2nd) blog part channel "The Beach Crush" by NIKA Bittner:

Would be great if you would visit my two channels "NIKA Bittner" & "The Beach Crush by NIKA Bittner" soon/often & subscribe!:)

I hope you've enjoyed this post and see you soon!



  1. love this post! some great images!


  2. Those inspiration pictures look beautiful. I'm sure one day you'll have a home which is even more beautiful.
    Jamilah x

  3. Thanks for sharing those amazing inspirations, Nika! Looking at them can really stir and motivate a person to invest in the future. It might even push them to work hard and save more, so that they can make their dream a reality that much sooner. A dream that’s combined with hard work is definitely a sure way to make it all happen. All the best!

    Jeffery Ramsey @ Inner City YYC