Thursday, 18 April 2013


Hi guys:),

I've turn 20 years on 16th April! and here are some pic's & memories!:

My 20 b'cake was a absolute delicious and also quiet simple cake (BUT it was tricky with the fondant:)) - A normal good old homemade white vanilla  cake (also used as a Victoria Sponge Cake) with a strawberry "filling/curd" and a fondant (made at our local baker:)) coat with fresh strawberries! - Oh we used a pink color for the cake dough and for the fondant too (by Wilton!). The pink lovely bottle is MOET Rose Imperial fine champagner! - It tastes good as well as the cake - BUT usually I don't drink any alc' also not if I'm on a lovely and fun night-out. To have fun doesn't mean to drink!!!! - But that's just my opinion:)

Now to my gifts & presents I've got:

I've got some coupons from my sister (oh THANK'S again:)) and one of the products/pieces I've bought with it - is the Tangle Teezer Original in the color "Bubblegum Pink". I've seen so many reviews and fell in love some months ago - BUT don't find some in my area, so I'm happy to have now this little hair treasure:) and must say, after I've used it at first  it REALLY does what it says!

From mum I've got this SUPER AMMMMMMMMAZIIIIIING (hand)bag from Zara:)! This city office bag is giant and so it is the RIGHT and perfect bag for myself (as I need to handle with me always more than I need!:)) Hope to get not too much old papers from different things like chewing gums etc. in it!:) - The seperate lap'/tablet storage ( padded) bag is a great idea and alternative to use it instead of your IPad bag or other tablet storage!:) - Oh this bag is also available in black (which the most bloggers and girls have, BUT as I don't really like black - Only have 1 clothing piece in black - just don't like really the black color:))

 On the pic's above you can see:

Zara Citybag Office, my lovely pinky Tangle Teezer, Soap & Glory Glow Lotion, Soap & Glory Clean On Me, Zara T-Shirt with three moustaches, Book - City of Style by Melissa Magsaysay

What I've got too (BUT it's not seen in the pic'!):

Thomas Sabo charm "D", Book - Audre de Dienes Marilyn, Book - New Classic Beauty by Joey Mills (from the 80's!), a silver coin from the year 1993 (the year where I've been born:)) - by fluke it has the number 20 too:)! - Thank's brother for that special coin again!:)

 Above you see my new S&G "Glow Lotion" it's smells really lovely and the shimmer has a lightly rose-touch and a golden too:) - Perfect for summer and for spring too!

I'll try it out on the whole body (legs, arms etc.) and review it soon:) and my new S&G "Clean On Me" showergel with moisturizer in it too. I must say: "Soap & Glory" really will win a place in my beauty care section! - The lovely vintage packaging and the design is just perfect for my lifestyle and choice of products - but I would change the plastic packages and make some more made of glass, with the opinion to buy re-fill packages! - Would be more vintage style and also better for the environment!:)

Oh here's just the last pic' for this "20 B'day" post:

Above you can see my DIY - "20" made from the pinky cake candles, my "Happy Birthday" wish card from my sis' and my yummy20  b'cake!:)

Hope you've got a lovely (sunny) day:)



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    1. Thank's!!!!:)

      Bye and have a great week!


  2. Wish you all the best for your 20th birthday. Hope you had a great time. Nice gifts :)

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

    1. Oh thank you so much for these lovely comment - and yep:) I've celebrated a lot and I'll soon show here on my blog the three books - which I've got. (City of Style, Marylin Monroe and New Classic Beauty)

      I hope you've a great sunny day as I've had and wish you a great new start into the next week too!