Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fav' Blog Posts this week #1

Hi guys:),M

I though I could make or just start an other chapter at my lovely blog:) - "My fav' (blog-)posts this week" - where I would like to show you always 3 of the "best and most interesting/"eye-catch" or just inspirations:)" posts of my daily read-/new blogs!

1. "Lace Flowers" by Olga (myblondegal):

I just love each fashion piece she wear in this post! (unless the corset - as I don't like such things:)) but I wish I would have such a bag (oh I looooove bags - more than shoes, guys!:)), the heels are just BRILLIANT!:) and what should I say about the turqouise/pastell pants and the lovely "tropical-/jungle-/herb-&flower blouse - it's just incredible - the whole look!

2. "Saying "NO!" to Coral!/ Think Pink" by Estée (essie-button):

I love Revlon Lip Butters (would like to have the whole collection:)) and I love Sally Hansen nail polishes (as the quality and price is pretty good:)) &&&&&& I pretty much like Pink (BUT won't say that Coral tones/shades aren't lovely too on a light skin tone or blond girl like me:)) Estée has create another lovely natural and individual makeup look (I say another one as I'm one of her longterm blog-reader, BEFORE I was a blogger too!- I think I'm reading her blog 2 and half years!)

3. "Pulitzer Poolside: Pink Fluorescents and Modern Whites" by Lauren & Marika (Golden White Décor):

I pretty much like the slogan/motto the two Golden Girls have mentioned in their post :
"Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours" - by Les Brown
The dress is one of the maybe greatest summer pool afternoon party dresses for afternoon tea or just for a "high-leveled"  pool party:) - I love the pattern and the cut of it and the white bag is JUST A DREAM:)! The different white golden bangles/bracelets are lovely too - they create a light vintage/chic look.

How did you find this post? - Would you like, that I'll mention more the next time? Or have you ever tried out or just wrote on your blog/page about your fav' weekly posts from your fav' blogs and new blogs?

Would love to read and answer your written lines/comments on my blog:)

Wish you all a great sunny Sunday-Afternoon and a great JUMP into the next awesome week:)!



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    1. Yep:) Why not:) Your blog seems to be really nice:)!