Friday, 26 April 2013

My own dream home

Hi guys,

that's a bit different post - as I've done before, but as I'm blogging about beauty, music, lifestyle - exactly inspirations - I though that I could show you how my future home should looks like (the different rooms like: bathroom, kitchen etc. - interior & exterior what type of houses I like)

I'm definitely an house lover - I never really grow up in a house (oh I'm sorry when I was a toodler/little girl I've lived in a very small house with my mum and two of my (5) siblings:) But what I would say that I'll definitely live in a house - by the time comes:)

Let's just start my interior & exterior inspiration collages - they are just ideas - how I will style my future home (which I think will takes a bit longer:)):

Guest bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Living Room/Main Bedroom/Dressing Room
(Photo Credits: Pinterest- I don't own each of them!)

Dining Room/Bedroom Balcony View/Balcony Inside

(Photo Credits: Pinterest- I don't own each of them!)

Library/Home Office/Grilling Space/Patio

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Pool/Pool House/Pool Landscape

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Home Exterior-Entrance/"Home Sweet Home"/White Wood Garage Door (+ Basketball Space)

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

So yep:) that's my dreamy future home - I dreamed a lot of such houses since I was a child and know that if I'll work hard - My dream will come true!:)

Here are some of my latest listened songs - which perfectly suits to this post, as they are soooo pretty and beautiful (for myself:)) as these "dream home"!

My song list for April 2013:

It's A Beautiful Day - Michael Buble
Not Even The King - Alicia Keys
January Rain - Serendipity Soundtrack
On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Father of the Bride 2 Soundtrack
The Way You Look Tonight - Father of the Bride Soundtrack
Love - The Parent Trap Soundtrack
Here Comes The Sun - The Parent  Trap Soundtrack
This Will Be - The Parent Trap Soundtrack
Do You Believe in Magic - The Parent Trap Soundtrack

Oh I've another short story - I've created my 2nd YOUTUBE - Channel, which will be another part of my blog/blogging world - where I'll post/put vid's about beauty-/tutorials/tags/travel (vlogs) and it's of course in combination with my first (MAIN) channel "NIKA Bittner" - where I'm singing covers and own songs.

My (main) music channel "NIKA Bittner":

My (2nd) blog part channel "The Beach Crush" by NIKA Bittner:

Would be great if you would visit my two channels "NIKA Bittner" & "The Beach Crush by NIKA Bittner" soon/often & subscribe!:)

I hope you've enjoyed this post and see you soon!


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fav' Blog Posts this week #1

Hi guys:),M

I though I could make or just start an other chapter at my lovely blog:) - "My fav' (blog-)posts this week" - where I would like to show you always 3 of the "best and most interesting/"eye-catch" or just inspirations:)" posts of my daily read-/new blogs!

1. "Lace Flowers" by Olga (myblondegal):

I just love each fashion piece she wear in this post! (unless the corset - as I don't like such things:)) but I wish I would have such a bag (oh I looooove bags - more than shoes, guys!:)), the heels are just BRILLIANT!:) and what should I say about the turqouise/pastell pants and the lovely "tropical-/jungle-/herb-&flower blouse - it's just incredible - the whole look!

2. "Saying "NO!" to Coral!/ Think Pink" by Estée (essie-button):

I love Revlon Lip Butters (would like to have the whole collection:)) and I love Sally Hansen nail polishes (as the quality and price is pretty good:)) &&&&&& I pretty much like Pink (BUT won't say that Coral tones/shades aren't lovely too on a light skin tone or blond girl like me:)) Estée has create another lovely natural and individual makeup look (I say another one as I'm one of her longterm blog-reader, BEFORE I was a blogger too!- I think I'm reading her blog 2 and half years!)

3. "Pulitzer Poolside: Pink Fluorescents and Modern Whites" by Lauren & Marika (Golden White Décor):

I pretty much like the slogan/motto the two Golden Girls have mentioned in their post :
"Help others achieve their dreams, and you will achieve yours" - by Les Brown
The dress is one of the maybe greatest summer pool afternoon party dresses for afternoon tea or just for a "high-leveled"  pool party:) - I love the pattern and the cut of it and the white bag is JUST A DREAM:)! The different white golden bangles/bracelets are lovely too - they create a light vintage/chic look.

How did you find this post? - Would you like, that I'll mention more the next time? Or have you ever tried out or just wrote on your blog/page about your fav' weekly posts from your fav' blogs and new blogs?

Would love to read and answer your written lines/comments on my blog:)

Wish you all a great sunny Sunday-Afternoon and a great JUMP into the next awesome week:)!


Thursday, 18 April 2013



I've made today afternoon a "Pampering - Hour" (after a long day - it was really the time to make one:)) and here are the products I've used:

The products (from left to right):

NIVEA pampering Soft Souffle (for my hands - which are really dry at the moment - and that's just because the cold season/weather until now!:( - But the cream is the BEST for it!:)) , Labello Lip Butter in the scent "Vanilla & Macadamia Nut", Tangle Teezer (for my fresh washed hair), Neutrogena Visibly Clear "Fein & Matt/Pore & Shine", NIVEA Baby Care Cream (I've just bought a sample - as I don't knew whether it would be good for my sensitive facial skin - and must say, I'll definitely use it often and buy a full size one soon!:)) , Lavera My Age Intensive Eye Cream

And above - You know me:) I just don't know how to show you that I'm fully relaxed and pampered after using these products on myself!

Wish you a relaxed and cared afternoon too!



Hi guys:),

I've turn 20 years on 16th April! and here are some pic's & memories!:

My 20 b'cake was a absolute delicious and also quiet simple cake (BUT it was tricky with the fondant:)) - A normal good old homemade white vanilla  cake (also used as a Victoria Sponge Cake) with a strawberry "filling/curd" and a fondant (made at our local baker:)) coat with fresh strawberries! - Oh we used a pink color for the cake dough and for the fondant too (by Wilton!). The pink lovely bottle is MOET Rose Imperial fine champagner! - It tastes good as well as the cake - BUT usually I don't drink any alc' also not if I'm on a lovely and fun night-out. To have fun doesn't mean to drink!!!! - But that's just my opinion:)

Now to my gifts & presents I've got:

I've got some coupons from my sister (oh THANK'S again:)) and one of the products/pieces I've bought with it - is the Tangle Teezer Original in the color "Bubblegum Pink". I've seen so many reviews and fell in love some months ago - BUT don't find some in my area, so I'm happy to have now this little hair treasure:) and must say, after I've used it at first  it REALLY does what it says!

From mum I've got this SUPER AMMMMMMMMAZIIIIIING (hand)bag from Zara:)! This city office bag is giant and so it is the RIGHT and perfect bag for myself (as I need to handle with me always more than I need!:)) Hope to get not too much old papers from different things like chewing gums etc. in it!:) - The seperate lap'/tablet storage ( padded) bag is a great idea and alternative to use it instead of your IPad bag or other tablet storage!:) - Oh this bag is also available in black (which the most bloggers and girls have, BUT as I don't really like black - Only have 1 clothing piece in black - just don't like really the black color:))

 On the pic's above you can see:

Zara Citybag Office, my lovely pinky Tangle Teezer, Soap & Glory Glow Lotion, Soap & Glory Clean On Me, Zara T-Shirt with three moustaches, Book - City of Style by Melissa Magsaysay

What I've got too (BUT it's not seen in the pic'!):

Thomas Sabo charm "D", Book - Audre de Dienes Marilyn, Book - New Classic Beauty by Joey Mills (from the 80's!), a silver coin from the year 1993 (the year where I've been born:)) - by fluke it has the number 20 too:)! - Thank's brother for that special coin again!:)

 Above you see my new S&G "Glow Lotion" it's smells really lovely and the shimmer has a lightly rose-touch and a golden too:) - Perfect for summer and for spring too!

I'll try it out on the whole body (legs, arms etc.) and review it soon:) and my new S&G "Clean On Me" showergel with moisturizer in it too. I must say: "Soap & Glory" really will win a place in my beauty care section! - The lovely vintage packaging and the design is just perfect for my lifestyle and choice of products - but I would change the plastic packages and make some more made of glass, with the opinion to buy re-fill packages! - Would be more vintage style and also better for the environment!:)

Oh here's just the last pic' for this "20 B'day" post:

Above you can see my DIY - "20" made from the pinky cake candles, my "Happy Birthday" wish card from my sis' and my yummy20  b'cake!:)

Hope you've got a lovely (sunny) day:)


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Now I'm a tumblr'r too:)!


I though a long time ago: "I could have a tumblr account too, where all my wishes &  inspirations could have the same place as here on my blog:) And after a long time I've created today my first (free) tumblr account:)

Here a screen-shoot of my tumblr "banner/head":

So it would be nice, if you would visit/follow/subscribe or just "tumblr" me too:) - Guys, I really don't know much about this community page/"place" until yet ( a tot:al beginner:)) but I hope you'll like it as I do:)

And here's the link to my site: NIKA Bittner

Oh, that was all:) This post is really short, 'cause I wanted just quickly let you know, that I've now a tumblr page too!

Wish you all a nice evening & a great and awesome start into the next week!


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Dry Skin shaver

Hi guys:),

I've got another lovely package a week ago - the latest Wilkinson Sword Intuition shaver for dry skin, which contains a skin conditioner with almond oil and 100% natural coconut milk!

It will boost your skin with extra portion moisture and also gives you a comfy and relaxing mood - as it really smells lovely (a bit powdery for the clean feeling:) and a bit tropic too as it contains coconut milk and almonds)

What says Wilkinson Sword about their latest shaver for women:

Each skin type need an individual skin care routine! Our new Intuition range "Dry skin" will suit perfectly for women who have dry skin. The golden 3in1 shaver foams well and will moisture and care your legs. 

Almond Oil will gives the needed softness and the 100% natural Coconut Milk care for an extra portion of moisture! Once the blades encounter with water, the almond/coconut conditioner soap will begin gently to foam. It's not necessary to use a shaving cream/showergel or other pre-shaving treatments before you'll shave your legs with the new Dry Skin Intuition razor!

The razor will be easy to handle and the flexible blades will allows you to reach a perfect  and flawless shave!

Intuition Dry Skin is available (in many countries - worldwide) in different drugstores and supermarkets.

What's my opinion about the new Wilkinson Sword Intuition "Dry Skin" shaver?:

I would say, that it smells really lovely and I love the design of the shaver - the golden color and how easy it's to handle:)

Another great thing is, that it's so lightweight, I know that most of todays razors and shavers are made from plastic or other synthetical materials. That allows us to take it on a trip (by airplane, etc.) and you must not really think about the weight - which was in the past (50s, 60s) sometimes a problem as it was made from metallic parts:)

But I would like to got such an old version one too as they were I would say a bit more nice and the last for ages!

I don't really know how long this one will last, but I've bought myself one year ago a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care (the green one:)) and it doesn't really change the color (which some plastics and synthetical materials do - the cheaper one:)) and looks like the new one. 

I will definitely buy the re-fill blades again in Dry Skin and also in Sensitive as I really like that the bandles aren't too strong and too soft - a perfect shaver for beginners too!:) 

But I'll look on different online shops and in different stores at my location - whether they sold the blades cheaper, as the price 12,49€ is really high!

At the european market the razor with one blade will cost ca. 8,69€ and 3 blades package ca. 12,49€

For more information - please visit Wilkinson Swort here: DE, AT, UK, USA, ESP, CZ, AU, CA,

In Germany and Austria you can buy it online via: Douglas, Rossmann, Amazon
In Britain via: Boots, Amazon
In USA via: Target, Walgreen's, Walmart

Have you ever tried out one of the Intuition shavers by Wilkinson Sword? Which is your fav' one?

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post about my latest shaver and hope to see you soon again!


Monday, 8 April 2013

L'Oreal Indefectible 24h longlasting lipstick


few days ago I've received a lovely nude shade L'Oreal Indefectible 24h longlasting lipstick (lipglaze with white translucent lipstick to fix it for 24h!), which I totally prefer to wear at the moment, if I went to school, city or just on a meeting:)

(Photo Credits: L'Oreal Germany)

I've got the shade 113 "Invincible Sable"*, which is a neutral/middle dark nude shade and perfect for light skin tone too:) I love it, it reminds me on a Bobbi Brown lipshade I've got:)  (* PR-Sample)

It isn't shimmery (which I prefer:)) and it's just a classic shade, which will suit the most of you!:)

The coverage is highly pigmented, and the lip color glaze also fast dry out  - to apply on the white transparent fixation:) Which I love and really enjoy to use!

It's a new technologie - how to apply your fav' lipsticks/lip tones & shades and I'll buy some (pink) shades too soon:) - I highly recommend these lovely L'Oreal Indefectible 24h longlasting lipsticks.

For more information please visit your L'Oreal website: DE, ESP

Hope you've got a lovely start into a new week and wish you a great Monday afternoon!:)



NEUTROGENA - visibly clear Fein&Matt/Pore&Shine facial wash


I've been away for some days - Sorry!:) But I've tried out a lot of new beauty care products (facial-/hair-/hairstyle products etc.) and we've got Easter holidays and I've painted my room (now my room is in pastell pink/rose - just a cotton sweet pink:)) two days ago. To much things happened the last days - it was just impossible to write some new posts on my lovely blog:)

But now I'm back and I would really like to let you know some informations and my personal opinion about the new Neutrogena visibly clear "fine & matt" facial wash:

(Photo Credits: Neutrogena/J&J, M2)

I've got the chance to preview the new Neutrogena visible Clear "Fein & Matt" facial wash gel* (which I've received one and half week ago - it's important, that you try out a new facial care product some days/a week  - to see any results:)!) (*...PR-Sample)

Oh here you can see at the bottom my bottle Neutrogena visible clear "Fein & Matt" and my second bottle of Neutrogena visibly clear "Pink Grapefruit" (which I've got some months ago as a PR Sample too and fall in love with the result, that I've bought it again/twice!):

For the daily facial wash routine I've used each morning the green one - which is the new Neutrogena visible clear "Fein & Matt" and in the afternoon or evening I've used my lovely Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit facial wash.

Now to the product details of Neutrogena visibly clear "Fein & Matt" (on the basis of the Neutrogena Info-Sheets) :

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Pore & Shine Daily Wash has a double action to unclog pores & mattify skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion.

NEUTROGENA® VISIBLY CLEAR® Pore & Shine Daily Scrub has a double action for tightened pores & mattified skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion. 

Visibly reduces shine: the formula is clinically proven to immediately remove 77%* of excess sebum and provide a lasting matte effect without over-drying the skin.

For a deeply cleaness, freshness and regular teint/complexion you should use both of the new Neutrogena products. 

The new products aren't only agains visible enhanced pores and shiny facial skin parts. Helps unclog pores: the formula cleanses deep down for visibly refined-looking skin. Its fresh tangerine & lime scent provides an incredibly uplifting cleansing experience.

The green color and transparent texture is also a part of the whole Neutrogena visible clear range, as the Pink Grapefruit line is also a transparent texture only with a pink-/rose color and the transparent bottle is a modern design and will suit perfectly into each bathroom type!

The new Neutrogena visible clear "Fein & Matt" range will be available from April 2013

Which products will be available:

Neutrogena visible clear "Fein & Matt" facial wash gel - 200ml
Neutrogena visible clear "Fein & Matt" daily facial peeling - 150ml

How to use them daily?:

1. Apply it on your moist/lightly wet facial skin
2. Make a smooth massage (you've just to wash your face with a facial brush/your own fingers  with rotated movements!)
3. Remove it efficiently with a lukewarm/cold water.

How much does it cost?:

Both (peeling & facial wash gel) will cost circa 6,39€

My own opinion/review about it:

After I've used it two days (morning: Neutrogena visible clear "Fein &Matt"/"Pore & Shine" and afternoon: Neutrogena visible clear "Pink Grapefruit") I've seen first results! My redness around nose and sometimes I've it on my cheeks too - were fully away!:) As I've not unlog pores or too much pimples/blemishes I haven't seen a really huge difference BUT it really has reduced my oily skin parts/sebum after one and half week!

Here you can see my almost natural look (less makeup and less pimples/oily skin:)):

(I know that these pic's aren't my best one:) and that my look isn't really lovely BUT they show you perfectly how clear my skin, after using both Neutrogena visible clear facial washes, looks like!)

I have though at the beginning that it would be in the same quality like my fav' Neutrogena visible clear daily facial wash "Pink Grapefruit" and now after one week I must say, that I'll use them both in combination! As the result seems to be perfect and better if you use one for morning and the other one for evening. 

I've used the "Fein & Matt"/"Pore & Shine" for evening as the scent of lime & tangerine is fruity and not too strong (so perfect for all of you - who don't won't highly perfumed beauty care products:)) but for morning I need a fresh I would say a bit more fresh - perfumed facial wash like the Pink Grapefruit, which really is like fresh cut grapefruits:) So if I would choose one of the two scents I would say Pink Grapefruit is the winner, but if I would say which one mattifies and fights agains my oily skin parts the winner would be "Fein & Matt"/"Pore & Shine"! 

I'm using the Neutrogena visible clear range for ages (since I was a young teeny - and I've got REALLY a high amount of pimples at my t-zone!) and I would say that Neutrogena really regulated and makes my skin looks more healthy and clear!

I also used and loved the Neutrogena visibly clear Oil-free Facial Wash , which was and will be my ABSOLUTE fav' of all forever! but as I've (I'm happy:)) today just sometimes some small pimples and an oily t-zone (nose, chin, forehead) I use the Pink Grapefruit really often! and after trying out the "Fein&Matt"/"Pore&Shine" I'll use it often too.

Soon I'll try out the peeling too - so be prepared about a post:)!

For more informations - please visit your own Neutrogena visible clear homepage: 

Hope you've enjoyed this long post/review about the lates Neutrogena visible clear range and see you soon!:)


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

essie spring collection 2013

Hi guys:),

I've received few days ago one of the lovely essie polishes (shade: "bond with whomever") from the latest limited edition essie spring collection 2013!:

(Photo Credit: L'oreal)

Which colors are available in the new essie spring collection?

madison ave-hue (a chic Upper East Side Pink shade), go ginza (a soft cherry blossom rose), avenue mountain (a sophisticated Paris blue shade), bond with whomever (poshy lilac shade - not only for snobs!:)), maximillian strasse her (a cool chilly grey-green shade), hip-anema (a bright red-orange shade)

The limited edition essie spring collection 2013 will be available in all (austrian,german) good-stocked drugstores and high-end parfumeries from middle of march 2013 and will cost circa 10,49€.

And now here's my limited edition essie spring collection 2013 "bond with whomever"*:

I've tried out yesterday another version of my latest nail art fav' designs - "Lilac Ombre Nails" which includes the essie "bond with whomever" nailpolish too!:):

(From left to right: essie "nice is nice", essie "bond with whomever", Maybelline "Flash Cosmic", OPI "I Juggle...Men")

 And here's the result:


Hope you've enjoyed my post and wish you all a lovely afternoon!:)


Cotton Pink Ombre Nails

Hi guys,

I've been always searching for the perfect non-boring, individual and easy DIY-Nail-Art/Design. And I've found it for myself last weekend!:) As I'm totally in love with every fashion item and lifestyle accessoire in a pastell/light/sweet ombre look, I've found the perfect Ombre Nails for myself!:):

(From left to right: Four Seasons Nail ridgefiller & regenerator in a light rose tone, MAVALA "56 Riga", MAVALA "180 Candy Floss", Maybelline "Flash Cosmic")


How did you find my DIY ombre nails? Have you already tried them out? Which colours did you would prefer?

Hope to see you soon here on my blog again:)!


Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday


I'm soooo happy about my latest Thomas Sabo charm (a silver violine key), oh and about my Lindt dark chocolate bunny, some Lindt Child Easter collection Mini (filled) chocolate figures and about my new underwire bra (Lycra,color: pink, textile: 95% cotton, 5% elastan) - Oh and how did you find my Easter "basket" bag - a pink paper bag with golden chains and a yorkshire doggy on each side?:

I've also made on Saturday the ultimative "Bunny Carrot Cake", which is incredible - my sis', brother-in-law, mum, and me were highly satisfied and happy about it (oh it was my first Carrot Cake baking try out - so for the first time, I think I've made a great job:)):

But I must say, that it wasn't exactly my own idea or creation, I've used a great and maybe the BEST Carrot Cake vid'-recipe from AllrecipesUK called "Gorgeous carrot cake with nutty cream cheese icing recipe":

I've just changed the cream cheese icing recipe a bit, instead of crashed/broken nuts I've used grounded hazelnuts, and add also a bit of chocolate extract and not soo much butter, just 1-2 table spoons ('cause I don't like buttery creams!)

And I've used for the cake dough also grounded hazelnuts, and added instead of a vanilla extract an almond extract and organic vanilla beans/pods!

Oh I hope you've got such a lovely Easter Monday as I've had and wish you all the best for a great start into a new month - my fav' one "APRIL"! (maybe 'cause my b-day will come soon!:))

A vid' for all of you, who has had a great mood today as I've had, a vid' about the beginning of spring and new life/energy/power/start:):

Wish you all a great and wonderful evening!