Wednesday, 6 March 2013

OPI Nails - 2 different incredible magical shades:)


the last days I've been wearing soooo many different nail polishes/DIY nail designs and also these two lovely nail polishes/nail lacquers by OPI:

1. OPI Nail Laquer in the shade "The World Is Not Enough" HL D18*

This  limited edition "OPI feat. 007" nail polish has such an incredible and powerful name and also can be put in one or two coats on your nails - depends on how dark and pigmented you will have the color. A further metallic shade in my golden/bronze/rose-gold collection. This shades looks really "dark/dirty - golden" on the pic's above (sorry for my cam:() but in reality it contains silver-/purplepink and olive shimmer - which makes such an indivdiual shade:)

2. OPI Nail Laquer in the shade "I Juggle...Men" NL F25*

I really enjoy wearing this shade, 'cause you can use it as a basecoat and also as a neutral/light but shimmery color during school/work or holidays (yes I can't wait now until this Summer holidays:)) On the pic above I'm wearing it with a (white) basecoat. But it's such a lovely color, would definitely recommend it for each nail collection!

Here you can see - how I've used the OPI I Juggle.... Men" NL F25* and my Mavala nail polish in the shade 56 Riga:

It's my fav' OPI shade now (of the whole 4 nail polishes) 'cause you can use it in many different kinds and styles!:)

But I've also have an OPI Shatter nail polish in the shade "Navy Shatter" and a further blue OPI nail polish in "Unfor-greta-bly-blue":

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Which OPI nail polishes has already won my heart - will be the next "hunt" for my nail polish collection:

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This will be definitely OPI "Can't find my Czechbook" (a tourquoise/blue shade), "Euro Centrale Minis" (includes: "Can't find my Czechbook", "Suzi's Hungary AGAIN", "You're Such a BudaPest", "OY-Another Polish Joke"),  the OPI "Polka Com" and OPI "Pink Yet Lavender" by Mariah Carey.

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Hope, that you've enjoyed this post about my latest (OPI) nail polish inspirations/news and wish you all a nice afternoon!:)



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