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My haircare routine - Update March 2013

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you some products, which I've been using the last month (February and also the last days in January:)) and would really recommend it to you - if you would like to treat and pamper your hair for the next (hopefully) hot months! - Let's go and get LONG, HEALTHY, CURLY hair as I have too:)!

Let me just begin with a simply natural and organic hair care/cosmetic product - which is also used in the international cuisine to make things tasty:) - KULAU Organic Gourmet Virgin Coconut Oil or the german word would be: Kokosöl!:

You won't see a wonder after only one use BUT after your second hair care routine with this natural "magic hair oil" as I always use to say:) - You WILL see that your hair are healthier (especially for your hair frizz-/splitt etc.) and if you've natural wavy-/curly hair - the amount and natural "curlying" will be more massive as normally!:)

And don't forget the ultimative fresh and natural summer coconut scent of this oil! - It always let me think to be on a lonely island somewhere in the tropics:) Love the texture, after you've put a small amount on your hands and rub it - it will turn liquid! This natural coconut oil will find a longtime place in my haircare routine and definitely I'll use it and rebuy it after I'll finish the whole jar (which will takes me maybe 3 months - as you REALLY needn't a huge amount to make a hair massage or to put it on your hair ends!:))

Definitely recommend it! - Have you already try this KULAU Virgin Coconut Oil out or another one? - Are you satisfied with the hair result after some weeks/months?

What KULAU say about the cosmetical-/ hair care use of their Virgin Coconut Oil:

“Apply to your skin only what you are also happy to eat” (Asian saying):
In Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil, for centuries, has also been used as a highly effective skin and hair-care-product and is also used for body massages. KULAU Organic Coconut Oil, due its high quality and purity, is also suitable for these purposes."

And about  the kitchen use:
"But it also suits perfectly for baking, cooking and frying - well as for desserts/parfait! This oil will gives your dishes a fine coconut note and thus serves as a special delight for the taste-buds without being intrusive. It's more heat resistant than ALL other cold-pressed vegetable fats like: sunflower oil or virgin olive oil!"

For more informations please check out the KULAU website!

Now let me turn to my other new tested out highquality hair (stylist-) care  products from GLYNT:

From left to right:

05 Nutri Oil Shampoo:

A lipid enriched shampoo (with an light/peach transparent orange color!) which will suit perfectly for dry-/thick-/slightly damaged- or care-needed hair. It's also a great all-day shampoo for natural curly hair! 

How to apply?
Put and massage a  small amount into your wet hair and leave it there for a short time (maybe 1-2 minutes!) Let it emulsify there a bit and after you've to wash it completely out. It doesnt' foams a lot!

My opinion/result:
It's my fav' product from this three GLYNT products for curly and long hair! It also has a lovely scent (I don't know really after what it should smell like - just a fresh lovely scent!) and I appreciated that there isn't really a foam - 'cause I'm really sensitive to get foam in my eye:) My hair smells so lovely after using it and also my natural waves and curls where more defined and cared! Recommend YES/NO:  Definitely YES!

05 Nutri Oil Mask:

This extra nutritioned and enriched with lipid emulsion Nutri Oil Mask will care dry-/damaged-/colored or dry hair ends (split)! It gives your hair a bigger elasticity and smooth touch feeling!

How to apply?
After you've washed your hair  - give an hazelnut-portion into the wet hair (hair length and hair ends NOT too much on your upper head - as your hair would become faster oily!) Leave it for 5-10 minutes on your hair and after you've to wash it completely out.

My opinion/result:
It's a lovely hair mask - not too fluent and not to hard to apply. It also not makes my hair oily/greasy (and I've a normal hairtype with a sensitive head skin!) It really helps to fight agains hair split at the ends and leave a lovely shine - definitely great for hot months to regenerated and nutrise your hair!
Recommend YES/NO: Yes

Elastic Curl Spray:

it's a fluid transparent gel texture, which will creates dynamic and rich waves! This Curl Spray will gives your wavy hair more "life", which will stands all day long! An optimal result you'll get with an curling-iron before you go to work/school or just out of home:)

How to apply?
Use the Elastic Curl Spray on your moist/light wet - not WET! hair (the "spray-pumps" will depends on - how long and rich your hair) After you've applied it you can let them air-dry, curl with an curling-iron or with a hair-blower!

My opinion/result:
I think it's not a bad or simple Curl spray - but definitely not the best I've ever tried out! - So if you're looking for a Curl treatment or Spray - you've to try out more before you'll be sure, which one will suit you and which one will be the best for you! - Recommend YES/NO: Maybe

For more informations - please check out the GLYNT website!

Hope, that I've shown you some products, which you'll maybe also try out and wish you a lovely evening!


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