Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My 7 things of Happiness!

Hi guys,

more and more blogger (maybe I just think so:)) make such posts like "5 fav' things, ..." and I would do the same JUST with 7 things - as I'm thinking, that 7 is better than 5 - uhhhh strange:)

A great sea view, nice location and the afternoon sun - let grow my heart bigger!:)

A middle-size slice of the "MOST AWWWWWWWESOME and DELICIOUS N.Y. CHEESECAKE" - Junior's Cheesecake is a great gift & friend in hard times:) (But you SHOULD NOT grab a slice or piece of such sweet treats always if you're in a negative/bad mood or after breaking your friendship, love with someone - would be better to grab an apple or just somethin' healthier, BUT SOMETIMES you should just fall into this fluffy undiscribing delicious sweet tooth:)!

Movies like: The Flintstones, Rip Girl, Hot Persuit, Zärtliche Chaoten 2 or Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Miami Supercops, Super Fuzz and Go For It! Can really climb up my highest "Happiness mood/point" after a rainy day, bad time or just to climb up my biggest "Happiness points":)

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Time runs to fast! To be always negative and in a bad mood - just do it like our little friends (children, our best friends including our pets!:)) Do it - SMILE!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Mr Kid President is one of my fav' youtube faces this season:) This small (BUT wise) "little man":) is such an huge (comedian) talent BUT also a really huge portion of positiveness! I always feel a bit better after watching his latest vid's!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Microphones - in each forms/prizes (BUT the quality must be here!:)) has always impressed me - I've got my first one, when I was maybe 3 years old (such one like the pink plastic toy micro on the pic above:)) and my passion for singing bloom up almost at the same age as the "micro-passion" - It's my life and my TRUE "I":)

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A bottle of FIJI's (still) water is like a "Paradise" for me:) - NO, REALLY! I've tried out so many waters includes the (highprized) VOSS water (which tastes for me like normal cheap water - I'm sorry guys:)) BUT the FIJI Water really has a magical taste (yes it takes like still water - but you feel more energized, in stressful situations more relaxed and regenerated! - Maybe it's just m y opinion - but it's my Nr. 1 bought still water & I'll buy it again and again if I'm on a trip to somewhere!:)) 

Oh I don't know, whether you like it as I do. But I really like the "Plump or Ping" sound inside of a plane, if you get the information, that you can now open your seatbelts - it's strange or not, but it gives me a "Relax" mood too:) And to have a view like above on a magical sea/beach - climb my "Happiness"-scala too:)

This are "My  7 things of Happiness!"

Hope, that you've enjoyed reading it and would be glad, if you would leave me a comment - which things makes you very happy?