Saturday, 23 March 2013

My 20's birthday Wishlist

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you, what I've note on my "Birthday-Wish-List" (hope, that I'll get some of these lovely treasures:)) As I'll turn on 16th April 2013 (25 days from today:)) - 20!!!! The time runs sooo fast, I was a teenie and NOW I'm turn more and more into a lady! I just can say: "Whom!"

So here is my Birthday-Wishlist:
(Photo Credits: Pinterest/Instagram/Amazon - I don't own any of them!)

From left to right:

Andre de Dienes. Marilyn - TASCHEN 29.99€, Covet Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker for women, Maybe Baby by Benefit Cosmetics £19.50, The Eau De Parfum by Lolita Lempicka (that's my fav' scent since I was 14 - It's just MY TYPICAL SCENT how I smell usually:))

 ITunes Card, City Of Style Book,  New Classic Beauty Book by Joey Mills (review), ELLE's Style: The 1980s Hardcover - Amazon 

L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook (oh I CAN'T cook REALLY!:) but I CAN BAKE AWESOME:) so I hope that I'll visit one day the fam' L.A. Farmers Market and try out some of the lovely recipes in this book before:))

Soap & Glory Clean on Me, Glow Lotion, The Righteous Butter and Benefit's "feeling Dandy"- Kit

But I'll let surprise myself, what I'll get exactly:) And hope you've enjoyed to see what I'm looking for this birthday:)

Oh and my birthday-cake idea would be for this year:

A PINK B'-CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!:)

See you soon!



  1. Nice list! I always love getting new makeup and I could use some new perfume too! Happy 20th birthday coming up soon.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Great wishlit, love the pastel colourings!

  3. I made a purple cake like that for my sister's birthday. They are fun to make. I hope you get everything you are wishing for toots

    E x