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Mallorca & Menorca - two "Isles Baleares"


the sun climbs higher and higher (would be lovely if the temperature would do the same:)) and so I've decided to start another lifestyle chapter on my blog - "What I would do, stay & buy at the grocery" in the different countries and cities I'll show the next time:) That's a great idea to show you some ideas, news and interesting things about each country I'll show and also it's a kind of help for myself, if I'll travel somewhere and be also informed about what I've written here:) Aaaand it's another fav' blogging themes - 'cause I loooove to travel and explore interesting maybe not soooo popular & popular places on our lovely earth:)

So I hope you'll like this kind of lifestyle/travel posts as I'm trying to make them really interesting and put some energy in it - to look after interesting events, cities, places and also make my individual "Grocery-Shoppinglist" (which food/non-food products) I would buy there.

As you maybe have recognized it above, the first lifestyle post will be about "Mallorca & Menorca" two different but near Isles Balears:)

1. Mallorca:

Mallorca Rocks - different Newcomer bands/singer/musicians and well-known one are making each year concerts/are on stage at the Mallorca Rocks stage (it also exist in Ibiza - Ibiza Rocks!:))

(Photo Credit: Mallorca Rocks)

Here you can see at the pic above some artists - which will be there this summer - also Ellie Goulding!:)
For more Mallorca Rocks Summer 2013 events click HERE

Oh look at these new Mallorca Rocks Summer 2013 commercial/ad video:

To stay for some nights in Mallorca means NOT to get the luxuriest and the cheapest accommodations! - Here I've choosen a higher price one - Hotel 10 blue mar Boutique Hotel (it reminds me on the 80s from the outside architecture but inside it's deeply modern but also fresh and cozy!)

(Photo Credits: Hotel 10 blue mar Boutique Hotel)

Here also a (sorry, it's 3 years old - but I can't find another vid', which is soooo lovely made:)) nice hotel commercial:

This modern hotel BUT absolutely comfy, lovely furnished and great located ("Palma - Cala D'or: 50 kms approximately") is called "Hotel Cala d'Or":

(Photo Credits: Hotel Cala d'Or)

2. Menorca:

I'm in love with this smaller (than Mallorca) Balearic island 'cause it's full of treasures and you wouldn't believe that it has maybe the best and unique disco/music & dance club with an incredible and breathtaking view called "Cova d'en Xoroi (which is located Urb. Cala'n Porter)":

(Photo Credits: Cova D'en Xoroi - I don't own each of them!)

It's just the most awesome place where to be with your boyfriend, friends and celebrate your birthday or just some other awesome event - I was there when I was maybe 17 and it was just AWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME - it was at night - so you can't see the whole sea! - everything was dark outside the club (sure the whole club inside and outside has lights but you can't see into the wide/"seascape"!) so I would recommend it also for the day! - But you don't may have any fears of heights  & small space (as it's in a cave/whole!) as I don't have any fears of both it's a great and exciting place for me!

If you don't know this club or never heard about it - watch this vid' - it will gives you a new view of this awesome club (which starts with a bar in 1964!) - it's definitely worth to visit it and to create a memory of Menorca you won't definitely forget!:

To stay for more nights and weeks in Menorca isn't really a problem, you'll find lovely small apartements, hotels or bed&breakfast there. But I've picked upt two lovely hotels - which are maybe not know by each of us:)

(Photo Credits:

It's a new hotel, which will be opened from May 2013 in Menorca - for more informations please visit their new website (where you can find the mail address and I think from May more informations:)) Torralbenc is managed by MARUGAL Hotel Distinctive Management.

For some of us, maybe this Hotel "Tramontana Park Aparthotel" will be more interesting:) - It's located in Tramontana (Menorca) and also suits perfectly for families or students/young couples:)

(Photo Credits: Comitas Hotels)

For more informations and interesting things about Menorca - I would definitely recommend the Youtube-Channel "What to do in Menorca" it really gives you a high feeling about this individual and maybe a bit "magical" Balearic Island:)

And my final information about Mallorca & Menorca - "What would I buy at the grocery":

(Photo Credits: carrefour Espana, Alcampo Espana- I don't own each of them!)

It's typical for me, that I drink a lot of (non-sparklin') water, orange juice and other like cranberrie juice/nectar, if I'm at and by the beach - just in a hot country:)! I also prefer strawberry, and other tasty icecreams, oh I also drink a lot of tea (as I'm a tea junkie:)!) but just during the evening (after dinner - digestive), night or if it's rainy. Oh raisins, peanut butter, origina nocilla (similar to Nutella just a spanish version since the 60's), and Nestle Crunch Chocolate are just a tasty sweet tooth for myself after a long day at the beach, traveling, long day spending in the city or across the island - so I always am in action, which is good to treat yourself with a sweet tooth after a long day:) but not always. I also use sweet gums like Smint Fruit Kiss 3 (Lemon Yuzu-Pink Grapefruit-Orange Flavour or Strawberry-Green Apple-Raspberry Flavour), also Trident Gums are perfect if you're need some chewing gum for fresher breath:)

For bread I use also fresh spanish marmelades like the strawberry one from La Vieja Fabrica, Trapa's Origianl Cortados are lovely nougat small quadrates - just tasty and reminds me on the czech nougat small squares "Zlaty Nugat". 

Almendrina "Almond Cream" and Almendrina bric "Almond milk" is a tasty and healthy way for each of us who need a bit healthy touch during the morning, and as I'm a girl who has a sweet breakfast ( I can't it salty during the morning!) which contains: fresh fruits or apple mash, plain low fat yoghurt and cereals with (almond, sugar free soja milk) milk it's also great to have it at the Balears!:) Oh Churros are a kind of spanish doughnuts, which are eaten during the breakfast or late afternoon - I don't really need them but always if I'm there I taste one of them after arriving:) - a kind of memory:)

But I would really recommend the fresh (fruit) ice cream at the Stickhouse in Mallorca (Palma) They offer Fruit Sorbets (Strawberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Fruit Salad....) Creamy Gelato (Soya, Mint, Almond....) Cupido (Sorbet filled with creamy Gelato) Stick Merenda (ice snack) Delizia (Vanilla Cake with Gelato filling) Sucrose Sugar Free Gelato and Gelato Cakes

Oh Kalise is also an ice cream brand in the whole spain including the Balears! I love the ice creams: Sandy Pop, Polo Frutino (Fresa, Limon) , Sumo Pasion, Natural Red or Frutas Heladas (Pina or Coco)

Hope you've earn some more informations and maybe secret tips from me and wish you all a nice evening (can't wait the weekend:)) 


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