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I'm here again with another great weekend-/holiday-trip to Malaga - prefered to Marbella (where the glamour lives and you can be sure to spend there a wonderful and nice beach weekend or summer holidays, as culture and shopping centres/areas are enough there!)

Marbella is one of the most luxurious/glamours cities in Spain, which is located in southern of the countrie and belongs to the province Malaga:) 

As I said the great beach and sand as well as many museums, cafes, shopping areas etc. will creates a lot of memories during your stay there:) and will inspire you more than you maybe think! 

I can't really tell you a secret point/highlight of Marbella city or Malaga as I wasn't there until yet (BUT will  visit it hopefully soon:)) but try my best to show you some wonderful points.

As you can see on the pic' above there are lots of small and bigger parcs and the huge harbor/port full of sailing yachts and other luxurious yachts could interest some of you. I reather prefer the lovely vintage old typical buildings in Malaga/Marbella like above and also like the street gate to Marbella (a bit like Hollywood:)) but yeah I also looove the sea there and the different palms.

Some impressions are shown in this vid' about Marbella:

In Malaga you'll also find the famous and modern Picasso museum called "Museo Picasso Malaga", or what about a trip to Marbella and visit the shopping center "La Canada Parque Comercial"? For all football freaks, Malaga has a huge football stadium called "Estadio La Rosaleda" in the center, which is a kind of history too - as it's more than 70 years old!

Here you can see some pic' impressions of the  "Museo Picasso Malaga":

(Photo Credits: Museo Picasso Malaga - I don't own each of them!)

La Canada Parque Comercial also in Marbella - which shops I would visit/take a look!:):
(Photo Credits: La Canada Parque Comercial - I don't own each of them!)

Paseo del Parque (Paseo Espana) or Parque de Malaga called and it's located in Malaga's own Park Avenue, was founded 1896 and you'll find many different monuments there! The park is filled with many palms, exotic plants some of them aren't especially from Spain but from other countries like Cuba. For a lovely relaxing hour you can be sure to find a lovely place there - as the park has a big number of benches, play areas and cafes too!:)

Here you'll see in this vid' another impressions about Malaga:

For the night there are lots of different accomodation types and price-categories. I've choosen for this post the Hotel Fuerte Miramar (4-star hotel) which is located in Marbella:

(Photo Credits: Fuerte Hotels - I don't own each of them!)

A lovely designed and great beach view hotel - where you'll get surely the needed relax and exciting moments:)

So now let me turn to my IPOD music-list for the flight & stay in Malaga/Marbella or what I would just like to listen there:):

Auryn (a spanish boyband - which is definitely BETTER than O.D.! and which sing songs in English and Spanish! worth to check out!)

Carlos Marco is surely one of the fav' guys, why I would like to show you his "Who I'm" vid' - 'cause  Spanish is such a fast language! Hope to learn it more and more, as it sound pretty cool!:

Don't give up my game:

For more informations check out their website, twitter, youtube!

I also like pretty much the song "Entregate" by Moderatto (I don't know guys, but the 80's synt behind the sound is soo awesome!:):

And I also like to hear this pretty crazy song ( I don't really like the band/other songs from Pantones but this one would be perfect for the next Clueless movie/soap:)):

"El dia de tu cumpleanos" Pantones:

Hope, that  you've enjoyed another travel post/country inspiration post:) And wish you all a nice afternoon!

Oh I've though I could just write you my latest positive mood sentence, which flies through my own head:):

"The spring just begins, the sun is shining, let our inspiration fly higher and higher and NEVER think again about the past, the worse and bad memories JUST LIVE your life now! As sooner you'll think about the good and better days and times will come, the sooner you'll reach your highest point of positivness!"



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  2. lovely post! I've been to Malaga! xo

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