Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter - Oh it's Easter!:)


I've been since last Saturday full in action (prepare a bit for easter like baking an easter lamb cake, tomorrow carrot cake too:), buy some stuff for my youngest nephew (he'll celebrate his first birthday this april - how cuuuute is this:), made pic's for this/my blog, prepare some covers for my youtube channel and and and) I've also checked out different hotels - where I'll stay during the next summer holidays and also make inspirations/ideas - how to style some jeans/shorts, t-shirts in an "Ombre-Look"! So I've not time to write a new post this week - and I'm sooooo sorry guys, as I know, that most of you take a look on my page, to get new ideas for yourself or just want to visit me. So sorry please:)

1. Today I've baked my first Easter Lamb Cake (my mum usually bakes it, but this year she wanted to buy a ready one - BUT I've decided to make it - it's a tradition guys:)):

I've used a total simple but AWESOME white chocolate cake dough recipe:

1 dash/pinch of salt
1/2 pack of baking powder or you could also use natron
170g fine sugar/brown sugar
225g fine flour
2 eggs (which you should lightly wisk!)
200g white chocolate (I've used a normal white chocolate but you can also use a white couverture/baking chocolate!)
150g Butter (let it melt in a small cup, which you'll place in a pot with 275ml water)
3 tsp. vanilla extract or 2 tsp. of vanilla pods
1-2 tablespoon of milk (if your dough would need a bit more moisture!)

All you need to do is to prehead your oven for 180°C and mix the flour, baking powder/natron, salt and sugar together make a mould in the middle and place in the wisked eggs with vanilla extract and chocolate extract. After you've melted your butter add the white chocolate to the butter and stir until the chocolate is also melted! After this process you've to add the butter-chocolate mix into your flour-mix bowl and mix all carefully together with a hand-mixer/roboter! Now you've to place the dough into your lamb cake pan and bake it for 1 and half hour (check it every 10-15 min. and let the cake chilling/cooling out on a cake stand or desk) After you've put it out of the lamb cake pan you've to make a white chocolate frosting, which is simple as the cake! You only need to buy a ready packed white chocolate glaze/frosting and cover the whole lamb with coconut flakes! Voila - your easter lamb is ready for a lovely place on your easter-decorated cupboard!

2. Ombre is everywhere I go and look!:

 (Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

I'm soo in love with this color-play style, not only perfect for this spring but also for summer 2013! It's lovely to wear and you'll definitely find cheaper vs. high-end designer clothes! Or you can also try out some DIY on your old t-shirts, shorts etc.:) It's fun and it will definitely climb up your mood - in a positive way!

The accessoire could be also your own nails!:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Oh you see on the pic' above, that leo-print neon nails a la 80s, pastell chic french-manicure look, tuscon us-turquoise silver nails, Pink pretty nails with shimmer or what about the other lovely designs? Have you already try them all out?

I've bought myself yesterday a new polish by MAVALA in the shade: 180-Candy Floss a lovely and perfect barbie/pastell/cotton pink (with blue/silver shimmer inside). I love and buy really often MAVALA nail polishes, as the quality is really good, the pigmentation is definitely awesome and it last about 4 days! You won't find this brand everywhere but if you're from the US or european countries you could find different online stores, or also in good-stocked up drugstores and high-end perfumeries (like Douglas in Austria, Germany or Czech, Spain)
For more information please click on your countrie: UK, FR, USA, IT, DE, ESP, CH, RU

3. Sport-Fashion in pastell colors (I'm NOT really a sport-guru/freak/lover:) as I feel always boring but I love to swim in the sea/pool (pool length 25m I swim about 375m (15 rounds - 7 left and 8 right) in 30 min. - that's not pretty much but it's enough for myself:)) and I also like Cardio (but it doesn't often happen in my life:)) So I've find some pretty sport clothes and shoes (by Reebok - as I've bought until now always a pair of good Reebok shoes - the quality and price is pretty good!):

(Photo Credits: Reebok - I don't own each of them!)

I fell in love with this Reebok style shoes designed by Alicia Keys - as you can see the New Yorker Skyline and a keyboard - perfect for all of you, who likes her music or if you're a musician, singer or someone who pretty lives with music all day long!:) 

The peach/coral pastell textile sneakers by Reebok (Classic Funkify) are also great for a casual street look or just for a walk through your nearest park with your doggy:) I also like the other pair of Reebok shoes (Fitnisflare Mid) with the pink sole and great design!

You maybe recognized too that I've choosen for the sports clothes inspiration above pretty much in pastell coral/peach color - yeah it's a fresh color, which will suit each skin tone (no matter if you've a dark skin tone - it will light up or if you've such a light skin tone as I've - you'll get a fresher and a bit darker color with it!)

Oh and the brand FREDDY make perfect sport outfits for : yoga, ballet, cardio etc.:

(Photo Credits: Freddy - I don't own each of them!)

4. I've got this week the latest LE (limited edition) "Caribbean Spirit" makeup collection by LAVERA

(Photo Credits: LAVERA - I don't own each of them!)

 I was sooo surprised about the whole collection, which contains:

Beautiful Lips Lipstick in "Coral Divine"
Trend Sensitiv Soft Eyeliner (light brown/bronze color)
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in "Laguna Blue"
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in "Golden Bay"
Trend Sensitiv Mineral Sun Glow Powder

I've also got:

Trend Sensitiv Double Black Mascara

I've already tried out one makeup style-look for summer 2013 called "Laguna Summer Beach":

I'll show you the next days (hopefully:)) my next creations with this lovely natural makeup products (Just a notice:  I've used each of the limited Lavera Caribbean Spirit makeup products without the Voluminizing mascara and double black mascara - as I'm not really a friend with mascaras - it's the only one makeup product I don't really use, as my own lashes aren't too thin and they are long enough!:)) 

What did you've made this week?

Love that you visit my blog so often:) and wish you all a nice Easter time! Oh and thank's for your comments - I always try to answer them soon as I can!:)


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