Saturday, 9 March 2013

Company - StyleBlogger Awards 2013


It's amazing my blog "Nika's Inspirations 80s Life & Beauty" is now 1 year old! I've started on 3th march 2012 and today I've read again my first (EVER!:)) post, which shows me, that I've (hopefully:)) don't really changed my blog-goals. I've written since the beginning about my fav' bands, music, inspirations (80s, travel, living) and also I've done a lot beauty-tutorials and makeup ideas.  

I would like to say THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! to all of you, who are my daily readers and also to all who likes to enjoy/visit my blog from time to time:) - I'm happy, that I'm not the only person, who reads my posts - 'cause it's seems to be easier than it is in fact, to make the pic's, write (sense and sometimes non-sense) sentences requires a LOT of energy and POSITIVE thoughs:)

So "THANK YOU AGAIN!" and I wish that I'll grow more in the future and that I'll produce more interesting and awesome posts, write about some news in my life and also some Youtube vid's about beauty-&lifestyle (Sorry, I've not found out until yet how to create such vid's like Sammi from Beautycrush or Rhiannon from FashionRocksMySocks - maybe someone could tell me which cutting-/video maker programms and cam's I should use?:)) And I'll be so glad  if some of you would also visit my (main-)youtube channel - NIKA80sLife - where I've been putting monthly new covers and own music (acoustic - as I've not playing any instruments:() - it means a lot for me since I've been a small child (maybe 4 years old!) and I've done soooo much for my music life since than - so PLLLLEASE subscribe if you find that I'm singing quiet well!:) - Music/SINGING is NUMBER1 in my life! (and after that comes my whole blog -  lifestyle+beauty+80s ideas, and than the rest:)) 

 (Photo Credit: Company UK)

And as I've been also a huge COMPANY  - yeah I really enjoy their mag' design and the streetstyles and lovely written stories + blogger opportunities!:) I've though to try it after 1 year blogging life and experience too:) Company mag' has teamed up to crown the best bloggers (fashion,personal style, crafty, new face, best designed, best photography and and and:))  

So if you're a reader of my blog or like what you see, I would be so glad if you would/could nominate me in the category which you feel my blog best suits!:)

You can vote as many times as you want! It will just takes you a couple of time to click here - and nominate me for one of your prefered category:) and I'll love and remind you in my heart FOREVER! It's such a great opportunity as I said, for us new/or young bloggers to get more views and to attend more interesting things in the "Real-life":)

It's awesome if you would support me BUT you don't need to! - If you don't thing, that I'll suit:) Just wanted to inform you - that I would be overwhelmed to get these chance and as I've birthday in  39 day (I just wanted to say that - and YES I was born at the eastern time a kind of "Bunny":)) it would be nice birthday present!:)

So if you would help/support/be my blogging friend/reader/visiter - here you can nominated me:)!

For some comments - I wouldn't say "NO!":) - I'll nominated also some of you guys:) So I wish "Good Luck!" to all of you!:)


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