Monday, 18 March 2013

Beta Carotin/Carotene - the power prepare for summer tan!


I've been recently on a huge/massive beta carotin hunt!:) I've eaten almost 4 or 5 carrots-bags(1kg!) like this one  this and the last month! - Oh I know there are some organic and non-organic beta caroten capsules in every drugstore or at your local chemist BUT I won't ingest such vitamin-/natural capsulses into my body!

And as my skin tone is REALLY light (during the wintertime also a light porcelain skin tone!) - which is normal if you've natural blonde hair, blue eyes...:) And I also got to bad (REALLY bad!) sunburn. One when I was 5 or 6 years old (I've got the sunburn in Tunis) and one during a summer school-week when I was maybe 13 - I DON'T won't to burnt more:)

I'm a person who apply sunscreen more than three times per day! The lowest SPF is always 25 and the highest 75! - I don't wanna risk anything, 'cause my grandpa lives more than 50 years in Arizona/US and he got after decades skin cancer, so I won't to get such bad illness too! But he don't used a sunscreen - which is bad, what he had known after all, but I've used a sunprotection since I was a little girl - it's IMPORTANT guys!:)

So again to my main topic of this post:) - Beta Carotin, which will help you to get a fast and health skin tan during the summer season and a longer tan! Oh and if you've a poor eyesight it will makes your eyes stronger and you'll see better!:) I'm not wearing glasses/having poor eyesight BUT I've recognized that you really see better:)

And if you've currently or permanent skin problems like acne or also hair growing it will regenerate and heal your skin and will activate your hair growth!

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of these pictures!)

So as you can see on the pic'-collage above the most Beta Carotene you'll find in: 

carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin (BUT butter squashes!) and also spinach!

I'm really satisfied and LOVE to eat carrots fresh washed or steamed with a hint salt (not too much - would be unhealthy:)) and I'm feeling really health and more energized (oh yeah I've eaten it during breakfast, evening meal or as a snack substitute too:))

I'll eat it also sometimes during the whole march and at the end I'll cut down the carrot amount:) - That would be enough Beta Carotene for this summer as a tan "protector":)!

Did you ever tried out such "Vitamine-/Beta Carotene Booster Month" out:)? How your skin, tan turn out and did your eyesight was better?

Would be really interested in your answers/comments and read and reply to you back:)

Bye and a great afternoon!:)


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