Friday, 29 March 2013



I'm here again with another great weekend-/holiday-trip to Malaga - prefered to Marbella (where the glamour lives and you can be sure to spend there a wonderful and nice beach weekend or summer holidays, as culture and shopping centres/areas are enough there!)

Marbella is one of the most luxurious/glamours cities in Spain, which is located in southern of the countrie and belongs to the province Malaga:) 

As I said the great beach and sand as well as many museums, cafes, shopping areas etc. will creates a lot of memories during your stay there:) and will inspire you more than you maybe think! 

I can't really tell you a secret point/highlight of Marbella city or Malaga as I wasn't there until yet (BUT will  visit it hopefully soon:)) but try my best to show you some wonderful points.

As you can see on the pic' above there are lots of small and bigger parcs and the huge harbor/port full of sailing yachts and other luxurious yachts could interest some of you. I reather prefer the lovely vintage old typical buildings in Malaga/Marbella like above and also like the street gate to Marbella (a bit like Hollywood:)) but yeah I also looove the sea there and the different palms.

Some impressions are shown in this vid' about Marbella:

In Malaga you'll also find the famous and modern Picasso museum called "Museo Picasso Malaga", or what about a trip to Marbella and visit the shopping center "La Canada Parque Comercial"? For all football freaks, Malaga has a huge football stadium called "Estadio La Rosaleda" in the center, which is a kind of history too - as it's more than 70 years old!

Here you can see some pic' impressions of the  "Museo Picasso Malaga":

(Photo Credits: Museo Picasso Malaga - I don't own each of them!)

La Canada Parque Comercial also in Marbella - which shops I would visit/take a look!:):
(Photo Credits: La Canada Parque Comercial - I don't own each of them!)

Paseo del Parque (Paseo Espana) or Parque de Malaga called and it's located in Malaga's own Park Avenue, was founded 1896 and you'll find many different monuments there! The park is filled with many palms, exotic plants some of them aren't especially from Spain but from other countries like Cuba. For a lovely relaxing hour you can be sure to find a lovely place there - as the park has a big number of benches, play areas and cafes too!:)

Here you'll see in this vid' another impressions about Malaga:

For the night there are lots of different accomodation types and price-categories. I've choosen for this post the Hotel Fuerte Miramar (4-star hotel) which is located in Marbella:

(Photo Credits: Fuerte Hotels - I don't own each of them!)

A lovely designed and great beach view hotel - where you'll get surely the needed relax and exciting moments:)

So now let me turn to my IPOD music-list for the flight & stay in Malaga/Marbella or what I would just like to listen there:):

Auryn (a spanish boyband - which is definitely BETTER than O.D.! and which sing songs in English and Spanish! worth to check out!)

Carlos Marco is surely one of the fav' guys, why I would like to show you his "Who I'm" vid' - 'cause  Spanish is such a fast language! Hope to learn it more and more, as it sound pretty cool!:

Don't give up my game:

For more informations check out their website, twitter, youtube!

I also like pretty much the song "Entregate" by Moderatto (I don't know guys, but the 80's synt behind the sound is soo awesome!:):

And I also like to hear this pretty crazy song ( I don't really like the band/other songs from Pantones but this one would be perfect for the next Clueless movie/soap:)):

"El dia de tu cumpleanos" Pantones:

Hope, that  you've enjoyed another travel post/country inspiration post:) And wish you all a nice afternoon!

Oh I've though I could just write you my latest positive mood sentence, which flies through my own head:):

"The spring just begins, the sun is shining, let our inspiration fly higher and higher and NEVER think again about the past, the worse and bad memories JUST LIVE your life now! As sooner you'll think about the good and better days and times will come, the sooner you'll reach your highest point of positivness!"


Easter - Oh it's Easter!:)


I've been since last Saturday full in action (prepare a bit for easter like baking an easter lamb cake, tomorrow carrot cake too:), buy some stuff for my youngest nephew (he'll celebrate his first birthday this april - how cuuuute is this:), made pic's for this/my blog, prepare some covers for my youtube channel and and and) I've also checked out different hotels - where I'll stay during the next summer holidays and also make inspirations/ideas - how to style some jeans/shorts, t-shirts in an "Ombre-Look"! So I've not time to write a new post this week - and I'm sooooo sorry guys, as I know, that most of you take a look on my page, to get new ideas for yourself or just want to visit me. So sorry please:)

1. Today I've baked my first Easter Lamb Cake (my mum usually bakes it, but this year she wanted to buy a ready one - BUT I've decided to make it - it's a tradition guys:)):

I've used a total simple but AWESOME white chocolate cake dough recipe:

1 dash/pinch of salt
1/2 pack of baking powder or you could also use natron
170g fine sugar/brown sugar
225g fine flour
2 eggs (which you should lightly wisk!)
200g white chocolate (I've used a normal white chocolate but you can also use a white couverture/baking chocolate!)
150g Butter (let it melt in a small cup, which you'll place in a pot with 275ml water)
3 tsp. vanilla extract or 2 tsp. of vanilla pods
1-2 tablespoon of milk (if your dough would need a bit more moisture!)

All you need to do is to prehead your oven for 180°C and mix the flour, baking powder/natron, salt and sugar together make a mould in the middle and place in the wisked eggs with vanilla extract and chocolate extract. After you've melted your butter add the white chocolate to the butter and stir until the chocolate is also melted! After this process you've to add the butter-chocolate mix into your flour-mix bowl and mix all carefully together with a hand-mixer/roboter! Now you've to place the dough into your lamb cake pan and bake it for 1 and half hour (check it every 10-15 min. and let the cake chilling/cooling out on a cake stand or desk) After you've put it out of the lamb cake pan you've to make a white chocolate frosting, which is simple as the cake! You only need to buy a ready packed white chocolate glaze/frosting and cover the whole lamb with coconut flakes! Voila - your easter lamb is ready for a lovely place on your easter-decorated cupboard!

2. Ombre is everywhere I go and look!:

 (Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

I'm soo in love with this color-play style, not only perfect for this spring but also for summer 2013! It's lovely to wear and you'll definitely find cheaper vs. high-end designer clothes! Or you can also try out some DIY on your old t-shirts, shorts etc.:) It's fun and it will definitely climb up your mood - in a positive way!

The accessoire could be also your own nails!:

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of them!)

Oh you see on the pic' above, that leo-print neon nails a la 80s, pastell chic french-manicure look, tuscon us-turquoise silver nails, Pink pretty nails with shimmer or what about the other lovely designs? Have you already try them all out?

I've bought myself yesterday a new polish by MAVALA in the shade: 180-Candy Floss a lovely and perfect barbie/pastell/cotton pink (with blue/silver shimmer inside). I love and buy really often MAVALA nail polishes, as the quality is really good, the pigmentation is definitely awesome and it last about 4 days! You won't find this brand everywhere but if you're from the US or european countries you could find different online stores, or also in good-stocked up drugstores and high-end perfumeries (like Douglas in Austria, Germany or Czech, Spain)
For more information please click on your countrie: UK, FR, USA, IT, DE, ESP, CH, RU

3. Sport-Fashion in pastell colors (I'm NOT really a sport-guru/freak/lover:) as I feel always boring but I love to swim in the sea/pool (pool length 25m I swim about 375m (15 rounds - 7 left and 8 right) in 30 min. - that's not pretty much but it's enough for myself:)) and I also like Cardio (but it doesn't often happen in my life:)) So I've find some pretty sport clothes and shoes (by Reebok - as I've bought until now always a pair of good Reebok shoes - the quality and price is pretty good!):

(Photo Credits: Reebok - I don't own each of them!)

I fell in love with this Reebok style shoes designed by Alicia Keys - as you can see the New Yorker Skyline and a keyboard - perfect for all of you, who likes her music or if you're a musician, singer or someone who pretty lives with music all day long!:) 

The peach/coral pastell textile sneakers by Reebok (Classic Funkify) are also great for a casual street look or just for a walk through your nearest park with your doggy:) I also like the other pair of Reebok shoes (Fitnisflare Mid) with the pink sole and great design!

You maybe recognized too that I've choosen for the sports clothes inspiration above pretty much in pastell coral/peach color - yeah it's a fresh color, which will suit each skin tone (no matter if you've a dark skin tone - it will light up or if you've such a light skin tone as I've - you'll get a fresher and a bit darker color with it!)

Oh and the brand FREDDY make perfect sport outfits for : yoga, ballet, cardio etc.:

(Photo Credits: Freddy - I don't own each of them!)

4. I've got this week the latest LE (limited edition) "Caribbean Spirit" makeup collection by LAVERA

(Photo Credits: LAVERA - I don't own each of them!)

 I was sooo surprised about the whole collection, which contains:

Beautiful Lips Lipstick in "Coral Divine"
Trend Sensitiv Soft Eyeliner (light brown/bronze color)
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in "Laguna Blue"
Beautiful Mineral Eyeshadow in "Golden Bay"
Trend Sensitiv Mineral Sun Glow Powder

I've also got:

Trend Sensitiv Double Black Mascara

I've already tried out one makeup style-look for summer 2013 called "Laguna Summer Beach":

I'll show you the next days (hopefully:)) my next creations with this lovely natural makeup products (Just a notice:  I've used each of the limited Lavera Caribbean Spirit makeup products without the Voluminizing mascara and double black mascara - as I'm not really a friend with mascaras - it's the only one makeup product I don't really use, as my own lashes aren't too thin and they are long enough!:)) 

What did you've made this week?

Love that you visit my blog so often:) and wish you all a nice Easter time! Oh and thank's for your comments - I always try to answer them soon as I can!:)


Saturday, 23 March 2013

My 20's birthday Wishlist

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you, what I've note on my "Birthday-Wish-List" (hope, that I'll get some of these lovely treasures:)) As I'll turn on 16th April 2013 (25 days from today:)) - 20!!!! The time runs sooo fast, I was a teenie and NOW I'm turn more and more into a lady! I just can say: "Whom!"

So here is my Birthday-Wishlist:
(Photo Credits: Pinterest/Instagram/Amazon - I don't own any of them!)

From left to right:

Andre de Dienes. Marilyn - TASCHEN 29.99€, Covet Pure Bloom by Sarah Jessica Parker for women, Maybe Baby by Benefit Cosmetics £19.50, The Eau De Parfum by Lolita Lempicka (that's my fav' scent since I was 14 - It's just MY TYPICAL SCENT how I smell usually:))

 ITunes Card, City Of Style Book,  New Classic Beauty Book by Joey Mills (review), ELLE's Style: The 1980s Hardcover - Amazon 

L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook (oh I CAN'T cook REALLY!:) but I CAN BAKE AWESOME:) so I hope that I'll visit one day the fam' L.A. Farmers Market and try out some of the lovely recipes in this book before:))

Soap & Glory Clean on Me, Glow Lotion, The Righteous Butter and Benefit's "feeling Dandy"- Kit

But I'll let surprise myself, what I'll get exactly:) And hope you've enjoyed to see what I'm looking for this birthday:)

Oh and my birthday-cake idea would be for this year:

A PINK B'-CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!:)

See you soon!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

London vs. Isles of Wight

Hi guys:),

today I'll show you my second blogger-post-serie's-part "Where I would like to return or travel/discover new things" - London vs. Isles of Wight.

Since I was in London - I'm in love with this amazing, classic chic but cultural european city and it's one of my fav's until now!:)

 (Photo Credits: Pinterest  - I don't own any of them!)

I get always new inspirations and great ideas, if I'm searching through Camden's shops, there are soooo many ultimative treasures for your tooth like: Cybercandy, Chin Chin Labs, Yumchaa, Cafe Chula etc. And for fashion I've been searching through stores like Braintree

Portobello Road Market is my second tipp/idea for each of you, who weren't until yet in London, there you can buy REALLY treasures - it's a kind of art/fashion/mixture market but you can also find there books etc.

My fav' areas in London are: Notting Hill, Kensington, Greenwich and Victoria (district within central London).

Oh the Plattform, which you maybe know from the H.P. movies - where Harry droves to Hogwarts is located at the London King's Cross Railway Station (at the western departures concourse, close to platforms 9 and 10)

For all cultural souls - visit one of the large and highly interesting museums in the lovely City of London:

Oh take a view on this awesome flashmob - which was in front of the Buckingham Palace!:):

After a long walking/traveling day through this impulsive city or if you just want to buy your lunch some where - here are some supermarkets and pub's/cafes or tea houses - where you won't be hungry after visiting:

Lunch Cafe: Coco Momo
Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream: SnogFrae, Yu-Foria, Yog, Scoop, Creams, Gelupo, baskin robbins

For Beauty- & Makeup I used to look after:

The Beauty Supply Outlet, LUSH, Liberty, Boots, Victoria Secret, Poundland

For fashion:

Zara, Topshop, Rokit Vintage Fashion, Bang Bang, Barbour

 (Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own any of them!)

In the future they'll be surely more skyscrapers in London City than on the pic's below, but I'm of the opinion that London's mixture of vintage-classic-colonial houses/buildings and modern buildings like the skyscrapers are the real atmosphere and life of this ultimative and impulsive old traditional and classic but young soul city!

(Photo Credits: Waitrose, Whole Foods - I don't own any of them!)

Above you can see my London & Isles of Wight grocery list (yeah lots of tea, juice and sweets but also healthy dried fruits and other low fat treats:) - I love british shortbread - and there's NO way to leave them just in the supermarket/grocery shelf!:))

Isles of Wight:

I've not been there until yet but want to visit this magical and romantic place soon too:) - As Zoella has mentioned in on of her latest posts about her trip to Isles of Wight (where she earned a lot of childhood memorie too:)) - I was inspirated to show you a bit more about Isles of Wight too.

There are soooo many places where to go: to the beach, on the next Isles of Wight Festival 2013, etc. For more information like: where to stay, eat, get an event etc. please visit their website!:)

I've choosen three lovely accommodations - where to stay alone, with your friend/love, family:

  (Photo Credits: One Holyrood B&B - I don't own each of them!)

One Holyrood B&B is a lovely and cozy place and perfect for your first stay in Isles of Weight:) - On their website you can find the needed informations (booking, prices etc.)

  (Photo Credits: Oakhill B&B - I don't own each of them!)

Oak Hill B&B has an incredible view on the sea, a perfect designed and lovely treated garden and a lovely furniture taste!:) - A great place too.
 (Photo Credits: The Royal Hotel- I don't own each of them!)

The Royal Hotel has an middle-sized but lovely pool, and it's just like a dream for your perfect Isles of Wight weekend or holiday - A real treasure of this area and place!

Last but not least, let me tell/show you, which are my fav' songs/tracks for the plane/city walk through London/beach walk through Isles of Wight:

1. Olly Murs Album - "Right Place Right Time":

(My fav's are: Army of Two, Loud & Clear, Dear Darlin', Right Place Right Time, Hand On Heart, Hey You Beautiful, Head To Toe, Personal, What a Buzz - hey just the whole album:) It's a REAL BUZZ:)!)

2. Ellie Goulding Album - "HALCYON":

(My fav's are: 02. "My Blood', 03. "Anything Could Happen", 05. "Halcyon", 07. "Joy", 09. "Explosions", 10. "I Know You Care", 11. "Atlantis", 13. "I Need Your Love" (with Calvin Harris), 14. "Ritual", 16. "Without Your Love") 

Pet Shop Boys (Memory Of The Future & Winner):
I hope you guys have enjoyed this REALLY big and long post - BUT if it's London and such a lovely island like Isles of Wight I can't make it short:)

Hope you've got a lovely first spring day and wish you all the best for today and the rest of this week!


Monday, 18 March 2013



I would show you also my fav' places - where I earn inspirations and they are great treasures for all gift ideas!:) And I'll show you above in each collage - which would be my fav' wish list:)

Karen Millen (Womens Designer Clothes UK)

(Photo Credits: Karen Millen)
From left to right:

Shoshanna (Swimwear, dresses and summer clothes):

(Photo Credits: Shoshanna)

From left to right:

Jane Dress - $330.00,Freyja Dress -$395.00, Tillie Dress - $330.00, Rayna Dress - $375.00, Thalie Dress - $330.00, Cascade Ikat Lettuce Triangle Top and Brief - Top $81.00 and Brief $92.00, Cascade Ikat Beaded Medallion Tunic - $275.00, Garden Cove Bow Halter and Brief - Halter $134.00 and Brief $66.00, Casco Bay Twist Bandeau and Loop Brief - Bandeau $132.00 and Brief $79.00

Jaymie (Jewellery By Jaymie - Blog):
(Photo Credits: Jaymie)
From left to right:

Palm IPhone 4 & 5 case - £18.00/£19.00, Unicorn IPhone 4 & 5 case - £18.00/£19.00, Palm Tree Notebook - £8.50, Lipstick IPhone 4 & 5 case - £17.00/£18.00, 60s dream babes IPhone 4 & 5 case - £17.00/£18.00, Pink Cadillac Necklace - £15.00 without writing/£15.50 with writing

The Kooples (designer classic touched but style clothestoo:)):

(Photo Credits: The Kooples)

From left to right:

Veste en crepe - 265 €, Veste de smocking - 325 €, Jupe superposee - 145 €, Short en soie - 135 €, ,Chemise imprimee navy - 130€, Chemise rayee - 135€, Low Cut Booths with Buckles - 142.50€, Chapeau en paille - 65€

Tamaris (shoes, bags, fashion accessoires):

(Photo Credits: Tamaris)

Sneaker Stein - 29.95€, Slipper Kiwi - 59.95€, Pumps Carradi - 39.95€ , Pumps Favaro - 35.95€

Tommy Hilfiger (sport designer fashion for each age, gender):
(Photo Credits: Tommy Hilfiger)

From left to right:

So these are my inspirations and some wishes for this summer:) Oh some are soooo expensive! - I will have to search for some alternatives:) - But I like to make such lists:)

Wish you a great afternoon and a great start into this week!


Beta Carotin/Carotene - the power prepare for summer tan!


I've been recently on a huge/massive beta carotin hunt!:) I've eaten almost 4 or 5 carrots-bags(1kg!) like this one  this and the last month! - Oh I know there are some organic and non-organic beta caroten capsules in every drugstore or at your local chemist BUT I won't ingest such vitamin-/natural capsulses into my body!

And as my skin tone is REALLY light (during the wintertime also a light porcelain skin tone!) - which is normal if you've natural blonde hair, blue eyes...:) And I also got to bad (REALLY bad!) sunburn. One when I was 5 or 6 years old (I've got the sunburn in Tunis) and one during a summer school-week when I was maybe 13 - I DON'T won't to burnt more:)

I'm a person who apply sunscreen more than three times per day! The lowest SPF is always 25 and the highest 75! - I don't wanna risk anything, 'cause my grandpa lives more than 50 years in Arizona/US and he got after decades skin cancer, so I won't to get such bad illness too! But he don't used a sunscreen - which is bad, what he had known after all, but I've used a sunprotection since I was a little girl - it's IMPORTANT guys!:)

So again to my main topic of this post:) - Beta Carotin, which will help you to get a fast and health skin tan during the summer season and a longer tan! Oh and if you've a poor eyesight it will makes your eyes stronger and you'll see better!:) I'm not wearing glasses/having poor eyesight BUT I've recognized that you really see better:)

And if you've currently or permanent skin problems like acne or also hair growing it will regenerate and heal your skin and will activate your hair growth!

(Photo Credits: Pinterest - I don't own each of these pictures!)

So as you can see on the pic'-collage above the most Beta Carotene you'll find in: 

carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin (BUT butter squashes!) and also spinach!

I'm really satisfied and LOVE to eat carrots fresh washed or steamed with a hint salt (not too much - would be unhealthy:)) and I'm feeling really health and more energized (oh yeah I've eaten it during breakfast, evening meal or as a snack substitute too:))

I'll eat it also sometimes during the whole march and at the end I'll cut down the carrot amount:) - That would be enough Beta Carotene for this summer as a tan "protector":)!

Did you ever tried out such "Vitamine-/Beta Carotene Booster Month" out:)? How your skin, tan turn out and did your eyesight was better?

Would be really interested in your answers/comments and read and reply to you back:)

Bye and a great afternoon!:)


Bold vs. Natural


I've tried out yesterday my two fav' makeup looks: Bold with red lips and an eyeliner and natural with just a gloss and powder makeup:):

(DON'T forget, that one these pic's above I've just blow a bit my wet hair - they are freshly washed and so my natural curls aren't really definite on the upper head!:))

 Bold vs. Natural
 (here you can see the two makeup looks - one Bold and one Natural - twice:))

Oh yeah:) That's my current spring look - BUT I'll show my other fav' looks soon too:)


Thursday, 14 March 2013



I've washed my hair, put on some makeup (from essence and Smashbox - if you'd like to know:)) And read on many other blogs, that Goggle reader may be no more as of July! - that's seems to be the enf of GFC too!:(

So I would just let you know, that if you're one of my lovely readers and want to read or visit me again the next 100 years:) (no just for the next time:)) or just found me/my blog and would like to become my next follower.You can continue reading or follow me further via Bloglovin and Pinterest! Otherwise via Twitter or you can be my next subscriber at Youtube!:)

Would be REALLY nice, if you would follow me further  - my lovely/new (blogger-)friend via those platforms here:

I promise, that I'll continue making such posts as in the past, answer to your comments (I loooove to answer you back:) and to get some:)) oh and would be great to create soon also maybe another Youtube-Channel, which will be a further part of this blog!:) 

But my current and main Youtube Channel is the place where I'm singing my own songs or (mostly) covers! - So don't be shy, to post me there comments too - maybe which song you would like to hear and subscribe if you like - how I sing!:)

So hope you've got a nice day and wish you all a great evening!

Hope to see you soon again - here at the place where a bit crazy but highly creative girl share all her dreams, hopes and goals with you!


My haircare routine - Update March 2013

Hi guys:),

today I would like to show you some products, which I've been using the last month (February and also the last days in January:)) and would really recommend it to you - if you would like to treat and pamper your hair for the next (hopefully) hot months! - Let's go and get LONG, HEALTHY, CURLY hair as I have too:)!

Let me just begin with a simply natural and organic hair care/cosmetic product - which is also used in the international cuisine to make things tasty:) - KULAU Organic Gourmet Virgin Coconut Oil or the german word would be: Kokosöl!:

You won't see a wonder after only one use BUT after your second hair care routine with this natural "magic hair oil" as I always use to say:) - You WILL see that your hair are healthier (especially for your hair frizz-/splitt etc.) and if you've natural wavy-/curly hair - the amount and natural "curlying" will be more massive as normally!:)

And don't forget the ultimative fresh and natural summer coconut scent of this oil! - It always let me think to be on a lonely island somewhere in the tropics:) Love the texture, after you've put a small amount on your hands and rub it - it will turn liquid! This natural coconut oil will find a longtime place in my haircare routine and definitely I'll use it and rebuy it after I'll finish the whole jar (which will takes me maybe 3 months - as you REALLY needn't a huge amount to make a hair massage or to put it on your hair ends!:))

Definitely recommend it! - Have you already try this KULAU Virgin Coconut Oil out or another one? - Are you satisfied with the hair result after some weeks/months?

What KULAU say about the cosmetical-/ hair care use of their Virgin Coconut Oil:

“Apply to your skin only what you are also happy to eat” (Asian saying):
In Ayurvedic medicine, coconut oil, for centuries, has also been used as a highly effective skin and hair-care-product and is also used for body massages. KULAU Organic Coconut Oil, due its high quality and purity, is also suitable for these purposes."

And about  the kitchen use:
"But it also suits perfectly for baking, cooking and frying - well as for desserts/parfait! This oil will gives your dishes a fine coconut note and thus serves as a special delight for the taste-buds without being intrusive. It's more heat resistant than ALL other cold-pressed vegetable fats like: sunflower oil or virgin olive oil!"

For more informations please check out the KULAU website!

Now let me turn to my other new tested out highquality hair (stylist-) care  products from GLYNT:

From left to right:

05 Nutri Oil Shampoo:

A lipid enriched shampoo (with an light/peach transparent orange color!) which will suit perfectly for dry-/thick-/slightly damaged- or care-needed hair. It's also a great all-day shampoo for natural curly hair! 

How to apply?
Put and massage a  small amount into your wet hair and leave it there for a short time (maybe 1-2 minutes!) Let it emulsify there a bit and after you've to wash it completely out. It doesnt' foams a lot!

My opinion/result:
It's my fav' product from this three GLYNT products for curly and long hair! It also has a lovely scent (I don't know really after what it should smell like - just a fresh lovely scent!) and I appreciated that there isn't really a foam - 'cause I'm really sensitive to get foam in my eye:) My hair smells so lovely after using it and also my natural waves and curls where more defined and cared! Recommend YES/NO:  Definitely YES!

05 Nutri Oil Mask:

This extra nutritioned and enriched with lipid emulsion Nutri Oil Mask will care dry-/damaged-/colored or dry hair ends (split)! It gives your hair a bigger elasticity and smooth touch feeling!

How to apply?
After you've washed your hair  - give an hazelnut-portion into the wet hair (hair length and hair ends NOT too much on your upper head - as your hair would become faster oily!) Leave it for 5-10 minutes on your hair and after you've to wash it completely out.

My opinion/result:
It's a lovely hair mask - not too fluent and not to hard to apply. It also not makes my hair oily/greasy (and I've a normal hairtype with a sensitive head skin!) It really helps to fight agains hair split at the ends and leave a lovely shine - definitely great for hot months to regenerated and nutrise your hair!
Recommend YES/NO: Yes

Elastic Curl Spray:

it's a fluid transparent gel texture, which will creates dynamic and rich waves! This Curl Spray will gives your wavy hair more "life", which will stands all day long! An optimal result you'll get with an curling-iron before you go to work/school or just out of home:)

How to apply?
Use the Elastic Curl Spray on your moist/light wet - not WET! hair (the "spray-pumps" will depends on - how long and rich your hair) After you've applied it you can let them air-dry, curl with an curling-iron or with a hair-blower!

My opinion/result:
I think it's not a bad or simple Curl spray - but definitely not the best I've ever tried out! - So if you're looking for a Curl treatment or Spray - you've to try out more before you'll be sure, which one will suit you and which one will be the best for you! - Recommend YES/NO: Maybe

For more informations - please check out the GLYNT website!

Hope, that I've shown you some products, which you'll maybe also try out and wish you a lovely evening!


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MOTEL ROCKS - Drawing Time:)


today I would like to show you my fav' Motel Rocks pieces - exactly my own draw pictures of them:

1. Collage:

From left to right:

Motel Petro Box Crop Top in Horizontal Stripe (£30.00)
Motel Zatchels White Leather Saddle Bag (£55.00
Motel Penny Babydoll Dress in Black And White Stripe (£45.00)

 2. Collage:

From left to right:

Motel Snow Bunny Cropped Jumper In Black And White (£40.00)
Motel Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Platform In Black Suede (£130.00)

I think that my drawings aren't too bad - what did you think or have you ever tried out to draw your fav' fashion items?

Wish you all a lovely evening and hope to see you here soon again!


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My 7 things of Happiness!

Hi guys,

more and more blogger (maybe I just think so:)) make such posts like "5 fav' things, ..." and I would do the same JUST with 7 things - as I'm thinking, that 7 is better than 5 - uhhhh strange:)

A great sea view, nice location and the afternoon sun - let grow my heart bigger!:)

A middle-size slice of the "MOST AWWWWWWWESOME and DELICIOUS N.Y. CHEESECAKE" - Junior's Cheesecake is a great gift & friend in hard times:) (But you SHOULD NOT grab a slice or piece of such sweet treats always if you're in a negative/bad mood or after breaking your friendship, love with someone - would be better to grab an apple or just somethin' healthier, BUT SOMETIMES you should just fall into this fluffy undiscribing delicious sweet tooth:)!

Movies like: The Flintstones, Rip Girl, Hot Persuit, Zärtliche Chaoten 2 or Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: Miami Supercops, Super Fuzz and Go For It! Can really climb up my highest "Happiness mood/point" after a rainy day, bad time or just to climb up my biggest "Happiness points":)

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Time runs to fast! To be always negative and in a bad mood - just do it like our little friends (children, our best friends including our pets!:)) Do it - SMILE!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Mr Kid President is one of my fav' youtube faces this season:) This small (BUT wise) "little man":) is such an huge (comedian) talent BUT also a really huge portion of positiveness! I always feel a bit better after watching his latest vid's!

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Microphones - in each forms/prizes (BUT the quality must be here!:)) has always impressed me - I've got my first one, when I was maybe 3 years old (such one like the pink plastic toy micro on the pic above:)) and my passion for singing bloom up almost at the same age as the "micro-passion" - It's my life and my TRUE "I":)

(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

A bottle of FIJI's (still) water is like a "Paradise" for me:) - NO, REALLY! I've tried out so many waters includes the (highprized) VOSS water (which tastes for me like normal cheap water - I'm sorry guys:)) BUT the FIJI Water really has a magical taste (yes it takes like still water - but you feel more energized, in stressful situations more relaxed and regenerated! - Maybe it's just m y opinion - but it's my Nr. 1 bought still water & I'll buy it again and again if I'm on a trip to somewhere!:)) 

Oh I don't know, whether you like it as I do. But I really like the "Plump or Ping" sound inside of a plane, if you get the information, that you can now open your seatbelts - it's strange or not, but it gives me a "Relax" mood too:) And to have a view like above on a magical sea/beach - climb my "Happiness"-scala too:)

This are "My  7 things of Happiness!"

Hope, that you've enjoyed reading it and would be glad, if you would leave me a comment - which things makes you very happy?


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Company - StyleBlogger Awards 2013


It's amazing my blog "Nika's Inspirations 80s Life & Beauty" is now 1 year old! I've started on 3th march 2012 and today I've read again my first (EVER!:)) post, which shows me, that I've (hopefully:)) don't really changed my blog-goals. I've written since the beginning about my fav' bands, music, inspirations (80s, travel, living) and also I've done a lot beauty-tutorials and makeup ideas.  

I would like to say THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU! to all of you, who are my daily readers and also to all who likes to enjoy/visit my blog from time to time:) - I'm happy, that I'm not the only person, who reads my posts - 'cause it's seems to be easier than it is in fact, to make the pic's, write (sense and sometimes non-sense) sentences requires a LOT of energy and POSITIVE thoughs:)

So "THANK YOU AGAIN!" and I wish that I'll grow more in the future and that I'll produce more interesting and awesome posts, write about some news in my life and also some Youtube vid's about beauty-&lifestyle (Sorry, I've not found out until yet how to create such vid's like Sammi from Beautycrush or Rhiannon from FashionRocksMySocks - maybe someone could tell me which cutting-/video maker programms and cam's I should use?:)) And I'll be so glad  if some of you would also visit my (main-)youtube channel - NIKA80sLife - where I've been putting monthly new covers and own music (acoustic - as I've not playing any instruments:() - it means a lot for me since I've been a small child (maybe 4 years old!) and I've done soooo much for my music life since than - so PLLLLEASE subscribe if you find that I'm singing quiet well!:) - Music/SINGING is NUMBER1 in my life! (and after that comes my whole blog -  lifestyle+beauty+80s ideas, and than the rest:)) 

 (Photo Credit: Company UK)

And as I've been also a huge COMPANY  - yeah I really enjoy their mag' design and the streetstyles and lovely written stories + blogger opportunities!:) I've though to try it after 1 year blogging life and experience too:) Company mag' has teamed up to crown the best bloggers (fashion,personal style, crafty, new face, best designed, best photography and and and:))  

So if you're a reader of my blog or like what you see, I would be so glad if you would/could nominate me in the category which you feel my blog best suits!:)

You can vote as many times as you want! It will just takes you a couple of time to click here - and nominate me for one of your prefered category:) and I'll love and remind you in my heart FOREVER! It's such a great opportunity as I said, for us new/or young bloggers to get more views and to attend more interesting things in the "Real-life":)

It's awesome if you would support me BUT you don't need to! - If you don't thing, that I'll suit:) Just wanted to inform you - that I would be overwhelmed to get these chance and as I've birthday in  39 day (I just wanted to say that - and YES I was born at the eastern time a kind of "Bunny":)) it would be nice birthday present!:)

So if you would help/support/be my blogging friend/reader/visiter - here you can nominated me:)!

For some comments - I wouldn't say "NO!":) - I'll nominated also some of you guys:) So I wish "Good Luck!" to all of you!:)