Saturday, 16 February 2013

YANKEE CANDLE SPRING 2013 - Review part 1

Hi guys:),

one and half week ago I've got the new Yankee Candle collection for this spring (2013:)):

From left to right:

WAIKIKI MELON (small classic jar - up to 25-40 hours)

"Aloha! Wake up to the sunny, sweet glow of exotic, juicy melons with a touch of sweet orange oil."

A Child's Wish (sampler - up to 15 hours)

"A warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields captures the sweet innocence of childhood days playing in the backyard."

Turquoise Sky (medium classic jar - up to 65-90 hours)

"Calm, salty air with hints of sea grass and musk, float gently on ocean waves... off on an adventure beneath a bright blue sky."

Black Coconut (sampler - up to 15 hours)

"Sunset in paradise .... rich coconut, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility."

Paradise Spice (tumbler regular/up to 35-45hours  - but as my was broken - I've put the candle into my old candle holder from IKEA:))

"An exotic island treasure .... perfectly ripe banana and creamy vanilla, unexpectedly spiced with prized cinnamon and cloves."

I've burnt already almost of the Paradise Spice (just 1/4 of my candle is now there:)) - it's just the perfect fruity, creamy and cozy scent for your bedroom or livingroom - if you're a friend of fresh fruit with a light creamy and spicy scent:) It doesn't smell only like bananas, it's like fresh cut oranges with a banana and some spices covered with a light hint of vanilla - that's a perfect combination I think:)

A Child's Wish is also not too strong and not too fresh, but it's not really a warm breeze of soft flowers - it's definitely more like fresh green fields and a fresh spring/cold breeze, which will bring you memories of your childhood days during the spring/easter holidays - where you've played with your friends outside your house:) - I would recommend it for your livingroom or bathroom too - if you don't like too fresh scents!

Hope you've enjoyed the first part of my Y.C. Spring 2013 collection review and see you soon.


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