Thursday, 28 February 2013

XS Beauty Haul - Prague

Hi guys:),

my mom was last weekend in Prague and bought me some beauty stuff (which I immediately tried out:)) I call it "XS Beauty Haul - Prague" 'cause it's not really a big Haul (2 Lipsticks, 1 powder and one Sudocrem:)) but hey it's lovely to get such treasures sometimes:) - "Oh thank's Mummy:)!"

O.K let me start with the well known Sudocrem - it's a treatment for acne, redness and some kinds of eczema (but it's not really for that guys:)) - I'll use it for some big pimples (as they could break out like acne and that's not really fancy:)) and for some dry (red) parts - which are from time to time at my skin.

I've got also a Rimmel Moisture Renew in the shade 200 Latino (a great mixture between coral and pink/rose tone) - this lipstick is amazing, I've applied it on my lips maybe 3-5 times since I've got it - it contains 3 moisturizers (which makes the consistency like lipbalm - lipbutter) your lips are really smoother/softer and it also includes SPF 20, Vitamins A,C and E.

The other lipstick is from Dermacol. You'll maybe don't know this classic and highquality makeup/body care brand from Czech Republic - but as I'm a czech grown up in Austria but my whole family is also czech - I really know well their products and also used them for ages now but these two products I've got last week at first - and I just fall in love with the packaging of the Dermacol Lip Seducation Lipstick it's a kind of luxury and individual. You can't open it like other usual lipsticks, you must to push the bottom and it will open:) Oh I've the shade 09 and it has the scent of juicy lychee. I just like the packaging:)!

Last but not least I've also got the Compact Powder with Lace Relief it's in the shade 01 so it's the lightest one they have. As I've mentioned already here on my blogpage - that I've a really light/porcelain skin tone (and during the winter time it's extremely - summer I've a golden undertone:)) It stays long on your face - but I can only guarantee, if you're using it like I do - after applying my primer, foundation - otherwise I don't can say whether it will stays also if you only apply the powder.

I've been really overwhelmed after I've got that lovely beauty haul from mom and also other things like: tea, cookies (most of them from M&S/Marks & Spencer and also Mila - that's the only one sweet czech wafer I like to eat - other wafers I don't like, yeah I love different czech cookies and sweet treats BUT waffers not - ONLY Mila!:))

Oh I hope you've a great week and also will have a great and awesome weekend! - Thank's for reading:)


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