Friday, 22 February 2013

Whitney Port/Lauren Conrad/New Cal' Blonde Look


the last months I'm passioned about the Californian Blonde Makeup Look - as I'm quiet a light skin toned girl with blue/grey eyes and natural blonde hair (they aren't light blonde but in the summer they extremly are lighter than in the autumn and winter time:)) it's a simple result of makeup searching:)

And as I'm since 2011/2012 a highly Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad fan (collection of their both books - W.P. has made/written one book and L.C. more, but they are super lovely designed and highly informative! - for a girl as me:)) and also watched the whole episodes of "The Hills" - where I liked L.C., W.P. but also Audrina Patridge:) - I've thought to show you my personal "Star Makeup" Idea- Collages with different products (which I've been searching in the internet:)):

The first star makeup is the one inspired by Whitney Port (she has a typical cal' bronzed skin tone and light/natural blonde hair color) - I would call this look "Whitney's LA Treasure Look" as the sparkle around her eyes and cheeks and the coral/peach pearl shades are looking so bright in the LA sun:)

(Photo Credit: Urban Decay, Benefit, Chanel, Smashbox, They don't belong to me!)

For this look I would use the "Eye-Makeup Bible" - the awesome NAKED palette, for the ultimative eye finish - cake/gel eyeliner from SMASHBOX, perfect peachy shimmery cheeks you'll get with the georgia blush by Benefit Cosmetics and for the ultimative LA sun shining kissing mouth you'll need one lipstick in coral shade - I prefer the one from CHANEL (41 Canotier)

The second makeup is the one inspired by Lauren Conrad (she has blue/grey eyes also natural blonde hair with some light touches/shades in it - she's the typical natural cal' girl from the next door:)) Her look is a mixture between natural shades and finishes and classic/lady style - which will suit you perfectly if you're light or medium or even dark skin tones - as this look is really timeless and chic for an evening dinner with your love, best friend or an event too! - I would call this look "Lauren's Coral Peach Mix" as she has also a bronze cal' skin as Whitney Port but a bit lighter sometimes:)

(Photo Credits: Bobbi Brown, MAC - They don't belong to me!)

This look is super easy to do and you won't need too much things to make it true:) You should get one of the lovely and high pigmented Shimmer Bricks by Bobbi Brown (for this look I would use the shade: Nectar) but I'm sure that there are other similar Shimmer Bricks, which aren't too much "pricy" for your money bag, if you're a student or someone who hasn't enough money for such luxurious things:) - I know that and understand!:) At the end of this post I'll show you some "dupes" or just an alternative product to all of this products:) After you've got the brick just use it instead of eyeshadows! - the different shades are perfect to create a lovely and natural color explosion:) (don't worry the Nectar palette isn't too dark and too light - just a perfect mixture) that's quiet an advice if you're on a trip to somewhere - maybe LA:) 

and you don't wanna to keep all your lovely makeup products in your handbag:) After you've applied it on your eyes use an eyeliner in black - I would use the one by MAC Fluidline in the shade Blacktrack and create a nice cat eyeline - be careful to make it thin on the end and dark inside!:) For your cheek - use the Pot Rouge by Bobbi Brown in the shade Calypso Coral - which is a bright coral tone and put three or two small finger tips on your cheeks and rub it into - create a smooth fine line DON'T make dots like a "Horror Doll":) after you've used the Pot Rouge I would apply one light coat of the whole shades of the Shimmer Brick also on your cheek. Now you've finished your look and just need to make your lips:) - That's pretty easy too grab a Lip Color in the shade: Carnation by Bobbi Brown (a peachy light pink shade:)) and finish the complete look with a High Shimmer Lip Gloss by Bobbi Brown (in the shade: Bare Sparkle OR Citrus).

Huh - this makeup look instruction was longer as the first one - AND it's the most simple thing ever:) - I don't know why I'm writing such long sentences. That's my illness since I was in the primary school - I WRITE TOOOO LONG TEXTS!:)

So I've promised you to show you some "dupes" or just alternatives to the above mentioned high-end products - which doesn't means, that they are lower in quality because of the price! - Mistake number 1: To buy only high-end and expensive products to show your friends or to think by yourself that you've got something better - NO many makeup artists use different brands - highend and non known or non-brand products - 'cause they are looking after quality and not after the name!:)

Shimmer Brick Bobbi Brown -Milani Illuminating Face Powder 01 Amber Nectar, Shimmer Strips Physicians Formula

MAC Fluidline - Maybelline N.Y. Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner 24H in Blackest Black 950

NAKED Palette -  MUA Underdressed Palette

Georgia Benefit Cosmetics Blush -  Milani Mineral Baked Blush shade: Luminoso or Coralina

Hope you've enjoyed this post and hope to see you soon here again:)

Bye and have all a nice afternoon!:)

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