Friday, 22 February 2013


Hi guys:),

I would like to show you the second part of my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection and some impressions about the new candles and different exciting new scents:)

(Photo Credits: Yankee Candle)

Oh how cute are these two Limited Edition Easter Yankee Candles in the scents - "Easter Bunny Cake " and "Chocolate Bunnies":) As I was born during the easter time (yes I'm an easter bunny - the doctor called me so, when I was born:)) it would be a great birthday gift or easter gift for myself!:

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

These new "Pure Radiance" by Yankee Candle are now available in 6 new fragrances! - They comes in a clean, contemporary design that reflects her sense of style, captivating fragrances and you've both fragrancing options: candle and non-candle home fragrance!

It fits in any home decor, the ribbon wick provides a wide flame for a warm, inviting glow (candles), the flameless reed diffuser can be used anywhere and they are available in 6 scents:

White Sugar Flower, Stargaze, Seagrass, Guava, Mandarin and Promise

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

But how they smell like?:

White Sugar Flower
An irresistibly rich and artful combination of powdered sugar, pink cream and vanilla.

Warm cedar, amber and musk create a fragrant glow against a clear night sky.

Treasure the calming notes of white tea and sandalwood misted with cool salt air.

A refreshing burst of sunny tropical guava with hints of citrus zest.

Sweet orange is spiced with a touch of cayenne for a uniquely stimulating experience.

Soft, dewy petals of white tuberose and gardenia offer a hopeful promise of things to come.

But back to my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection review (I've tried out the third scent "Turquoise Sky" yesterday in my bathroom, while I was takin' a bubble bath with my new bought NIVEA happy time (that's one my fav' showergels from NIVEA - and this one I really bought by myself - otherwise if it would be a PR-Sample I would mentioned it as I do by the other PR-Products/Freebies and Goodies!:))

(Photo Credit: NIKA - It's owned by myself!)

And I must say after I came back to the bathroom (even my bath was already:)) the bath smells after a beachwalk (and that wasn't the NIVEA showergel - as I've given it in after I "jumped" into the bathtub and filled some water again:)) "Turquoise Sky" isn't a really cold scent but it's definitively a fresh bath scent - it reminds me on my holiday in Spain and a bit of Coney Island - you maybe know how it smells like if you're going in the early morning or late afternoon through the sand and breath in the fresh air - if nobody is there and you're alone with the ocean?:) It makes me happy, that it's not a breezy/freezy/cold scent - as I REALLY HATE such scents and wouldn't buy it! 'Cause I'm a person, who needs rather warm/spicy/fruity/sweet scents and I really become fast cold (I mean I really sometimes freeze - and it's not important if you've turned the heath on 25degrees or not:))

So yeah, I would buy this scent again (but it will take me a long time after I'll finish this candle - as I'm using it ONLY in the bathroom during my Spa-hours:))

The last two scents that I've got were "A Child's Wish" and "Black Coconut":

(Photo Credit: Yankee Candle)

I know that I've given my opinion about this candle in my first part of Y.C. Spring 2013 collection but I must say, that both candles really NOT "Freaken" me out in a positive way:) "A Child's Wish is really a cold, fresh and clean scent! It reminds me on a fabric softener from the 90's (which isn't bad - a great childhood memorie:)) but to fresh for my scent-taste. So I would recommend this candle only to persons, who like fresh and clean scents.

The last "Black Coconut" - before I've put it out of the plastic packaging there was a lovely "Coco"scent like on tropical holidays - I love coconut:) but after I've turn on the candle the coconut scent was really soft (if you're like me , that if you're at home - you're most of your time in your room - you wouldn't smell it after a while (maybe 1 hour) only if you're in an other room and you'll change it you'll smell a soft scent - so I would change the ingrediences and put more coco-flavour in it!

The last one "Waikiki Melon" - has just a beautiful fruity melone scent - like if you were on an Hawaiian beach and eating some fresh cut honey melons:) I really enjoy smell this scent. And it definitely brings you in a better and positive mood!:) - Highly Recommended!

If you've not read the first part of my Yankee Candle Spring 2013 collection click HERE.

Would really like to know - whether you buy sometimes Yankee Candles or which scent is your most used/bought and which scent did you hate the most?

Hope to see you soon again:)



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  5. Nice!I love Yankee candles, they're so delicious. And those Chocolate bunnies sound lush! Reminds me of my childhood when I would bite their heads off and eat all the chocolate in one go hahaa x

  6. I'm desperate to try the yankee candle easter range! My favourite yankee at the moment is loves me loves me not :) xo

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