Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My weekend body spa treatments & secrets

Hi guys:),

I promise - it's the last post for today! (but my head has more inspiration as you maybe though:)) - where I'll show you my (wish & true) weekend body spa treatments & product secrets:

1. Let me start with my nail growth routine - here you'll see all products, some of them I'm using now and some I'll buy to try the whole thing out:):

(Photo Credits: Johnson baby oil with aloe vera and vitamine E, E-Oil/Vitamine E Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, some nail strenghtners and cuticle oils, coconut oil and sally hansen nail care products - which I would really recommend!)

2. Now turn to my facial care routine (I've already tried out the Clinique moisturizing cream and it's worth to try it out too - if you've normal or sensitive skin tone not too dry and not to oily - then it will suit perfectly, but the origins facial care products I will try the next time - but they are soooo expensive:( I would really like to know, whether you've already tried them out or  not and what did you think oh and what did you think about the Estee Lauder Serum?) :
(Photo Credits: MAC, Clinique, Clarins, Biotherm, Origins, DIOR, Declare, Bobbi Brown, Estee Lauder)

3. Here are some new LUSH bath bubble and Co. products, which are specially designed for the valentines day time (and perfect for a bubble bath for your next weekend too:)):
(Photo Credits: LUSH)

4.To drink all day long the enough emount could be quiet difficult and if you're on the way to somewhere - in a hurry and don't wanna drink something unhealthy or boring like water - just try out some Kombucha drinks like these one from Organic Raw Kombucha:

(Photo Credits: Synergy Drinks)

So now you should also try to find the perfect album to fall into a cozy mood and just let your whole mind fly into a new creativity, inspirational and new-born mood:) - To get new energy could be soooo good as to get a new impression of yourself!

Here's a great relaxing mood music:

Or something more if you've some school work and need to calm down:

Wish you all a good evening and hope to see you soon again!



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