Saturday, 16 February 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Part 5


you're (surely:)) wondering - why I'm writing about my last part of the MBFW 2013 so late? 'Cause I've had a problem with my laptop the last days (lots of dust in the ventilation & above the keyboard - I don't know really:)) but know I'm back and as I'm having some free days (no school, etc.:)) I just get really REALLY a great time to post about some news:). But let me just start with my last "Long" post - about the MBFW 2013 - the last part (guys I know this post is LONG:)):

Katya Leonovich:

(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

You see the colorful and high-designed brand new Maybelline N.Y. makeup treats? Oh I wish I could get them all at once:)

Her look is really dramatical but also high-pigmented - a great evening/date look!

Wes Gordon:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

His designs are really (oh I'm using this word "really" often today:)) lovely and stylish - he's look is maybe one of my fav' at the MBFW 2013! The red lips and nude/smoky eye look is a perfect way how to get more luxurious/elegance touch on yourself!:)
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

And here is the Maybelline Jade N.Y. look of Wes Gordon:
The Maybelline Jade video of this awesome look:
Bibhu Mohapatra:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

He's one of the fashion designers who let us girls look more mystic but also sparklin' too:)

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

You see on the collage above - one of the lovely Maybelline Jade N.Y. guest Makeup Artists: Charlotte Tilbury (she's one of the latest Makeup Artists, I've been recently watching her makeup videos on her youtube channel and on her website!:))

Bibhu Mohapatra's MBFW 2013 designs (like these two dresses above:)) are really magical and wonderful too!

Here you'll see a step-by-step Maybelline N.Y. makeup tutorial - created by Charlotte Tilbury for Bibhu Mohapatra MBFW 2013 models:
And the vid' too:):

Michael Bastian:

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

Rachel Zoe:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

She's a wonderful designer with a great "mixed" taste of style and her collection at the MBFW 2013 was overwhelming too!

Rachel Zoe - Maybelline N.Y. Look (also created by one of the best Maybelline N.Y. Guest Makeup Artists Charlotte Tilbury!):

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

A classic and fresh girl style with a huge portion of "vamp":)

Here you can see the vid' of this makeup tutorial and some informations about Rachel Zoe &  Maybelline N.Y.:

(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

It's the second of my fav' MBFW 2013 makeup inspiration powered by Maybelline N.Y.:) Oh at the collage above you'll see Sofia Sizzi (Guilietta designer)

The makeup look for the MBFW 2013 Guilietta show was created by GATO (Maybelline N.Y. Official Makeup Artist Spain):

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

The look was created by GATO, who says, that it was created from the inspiration of a woman, which is working in the countryside - fresh but cool too:)

Here you can see the whole tutorial - HERE.

Oh guys - I've done it - I've shown you (I think so:)) the most IMPORTANT and INSPIRATION pic's of the last MBFW 2013 and wish to be there next year too (to make more pic's and make my own opinion of the whole thing AND of course to get more inspirations and lovely memories:))

BUT before I'll end up this really long post - here the latest commercial of the new Maybelline N.Y. Whisper lipsticks:

Oh guys, I wish I could try them out soon! They look soooo smooth and moisturizing and they are sooo lovely packaged!

Wish you a lovely weekend and see you soon!



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