Monday, 11 February 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Part 4


another part of impressions/makeup inspirations at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013. This post will include a complete DIY Maybelline makeup tutorial and some impressions from the Fashion Week - from: DKNY, Mara Hoffman and Custo Barcelona.

1. DKNY:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

Here you see Donna Karan :
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)
Her DKNY designs are orientated on the beginning of DKNY - her slogan was mentioned in the Maybelline DKNY Makeup Vid' (which is above the DKNY makeup DIY-tutorial!) : " We always look back before we look forward!" - It a sporty but also high-modern and trendy design! - I would like it to wear in my freetime too:)!

(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)
Here is the fresh and natural DKNY Maybelline N.Y. Jade look (which was made also by Maybeline N.Y. Makeup Artist Charlotte Willer):

(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)
And here's the video from the nude/natural DKNY Look - click HERE.

The second impression from M.B.F.W. 2013 is from Mara Hoffman:
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

It's really ethnical (I would say:)) and colorful & individual - a great choice of fashion treasures are there too for the next summer and until the first autumn day:)

Here Makeup style is more natural ONLY the ultimative and strong cateye look is always there:):
 (Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

And Mara Hoffman's Maybelline Jade N.Y. ultimative Cateye DIY Look:

The third and last designer & Maybelline Jade N.Y. Mercedes Benz F.W. 2013 Makeup DIY tutorial for this post will be Custo Barcelona:
(Photo credit: Maybelline Jade)

His style is young/fresh and also individual and a bit urban I wouls say:) - His models are natural and not too much under makeup:)! Which suit perfectly with his fashion treasures!:):
(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

And here's the makeup look result (+ which products you'll need):
(Photo Credit: Maybelline Jade)

For all of you - who like to watch a DIY makeup vid' of Custo Barcelona's makeup look click HERE.

Hope, that the fourth part of Mercedes Benz & Maybelline Jade Fashion Week 2013 was an inspiration and impression for you too:) and wish you all a nice afternoon!


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  1. Love!! Need to pick up some of the Maybelline products :)

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