Friday, 8 February 2013

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Part 2


I'm soooo happy to show you the next part of my (makeup:)) impressions on the Maybelline Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (no I'm not there really - but I've got the chance to get all these lovely pic's and made collages - like it's my style and an inspiration for each of us:)):

(All photo credits: Maybelline Jade)

On these two collages you can see Lincoln Center Exterior and Interior of the Maybelline N.Y. Fashion Week makeup stand/information:) It's relatively modern designed and I'm sure, that it was an enormous creative atmosphere there:)!

(Photo credits: Maybelline Jade)

Foundations, mascaras, BB creams, lipsticks, lipglosses etc. - Makeup everywhere you look:), a real girly dream or not?:)

There were also many VIP's  like:


(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

A natural nude look style (my opinion:)) - these were the Mercedes Benz Fashion week (Maybelline N.Y. makeup)  fall/winter 2013 trends by Richard Chai.

(Photo credit: Maybelline Jade)

Richard Chai's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Maybelline N.Y. fall/winter 2013 makeup sketch.

And here's the DIY of this absolute natural/nude/military look by Richard Chai:
(Photo Credits: Maybelline Jade)

For all of you - who would like to watch this makeup "real" - here's how to do:

And don't forget to watch the latest Fashion Show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2013 live streaming via their own website! Or just check the latest Maybellline Jade makeup products!:)

Hope that you've liked this post and wish you a wonderful start into this weekend!:)


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