Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lashes of London - Create your wishlist and WIN £200!


today I would like to inform you about my latest news - as I'm since yesterday an e-tail pr blogger (where you've awesome chances to get new/the latest products and review them or you can also attend such competitions like this one:)) I'll mention in this post yet - that you could win a £200 Lashes of London coupon AND ONLY with your own creative soul - where you've to create a collage mentioned all fav' Lashes of London fashion pieces you would like to own by yourself!

Here's my Lashes of London wishlist:

(Photo Credit: Lashes of London)

My wishlist would include:

Pilosa Oversized Sequin Dress for £95.00
Candy Cane Sequin Skater Dress for £37.50 (reduced  - original price: £75.00)
California Floral Dress for £13.50 (reduced -  original price: £45.00)
Elwick Silky Butterfly Blouse for  £14.40 (reduced - original price: £48.00
Vegas High Collar Playsuit for £14.70 (reduced - original price: £49.00)

Here above you can read - which rules you should know as a etai-pr blogger to attend to this competition:

The collage can include as many items as you want, they don't have to come to a total of £ 200. Just show what you're loving:) On Monday 18th February, Lashes of London will upload their favourite 8 collages to their Facebook page and then announce the final winner on Tuesday 19th February!

Hope you've enjoyed this post about the Lashes of London win competition:) And see you soon!