Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kate Moss - The New Face of Kérastase


today I've received this ultimative news from Loreal Austria - Kérastase has got a new face: Kate Moss.

(Photo Credit: Kérastase)

Finally announced in Paris, 15.February 2013, that the british top model Kate Moss will be the "Face" of the international, luxury/high-end hair care brand Kérastase.

The worldwide popular model Kate Moss is well known for her style and glamour and she's also a style and fashion icon for many young people But also very important for the whole fashion and highend product industry. 

And it's also really exciting to work with her at this new campaign as it's her first (ever!:)) haircare "incentive"/product-representative job as a representation person for such a highend and highquality brand like Kérastase.

The austrian Kérastase Brand Director Christian Baumgartner is highly excited about the engagement and says: 

"We are all thankful, that we could win Kate Moss as the New Face of Kérastase!" - "That will allow us at the international highquality hair specialist brand grow forward to an international high-end /luxury brand!"

The new Kérastase Kate Moss campaign will allows to give the main topic - "Hairperfection" a new dimension and perspective. And that was also the final choice for the campagne shooting -  international hair-stylist Luigi Murenu. He knows well - how to show and bring out the personal and individual style of a woman and to bare/show her individual beauty!

The new Kérastase collection was carried out by the star-photographer Sølve Sundsbø and will be seen in Austria from June 2013.

For more information about the New Face of Kérastase: Kate Moss - please visit:

Kérastase: USA, UK, AT, DE, IT, FR, ESP

Here you can watch the new Kate Moss and Kérastase vid':

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