Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Hi guys:),

today I've received another newsletter from essence cosmetics - where I've been informed about this huge awesome chance to meet as a Justin Bieber fan (No, I'm not the biggest fan of him - but this competition and chance to win such an amazing concert in one of the tour countries - Just rocks my socks:)!):

(Photo Credits: essence)

And here's why I'm "OUT OF SOCKS:)" - essence cosmetics will go together with the whole Justin Bieber Believe Tour 2013 team on his world tour! That means, that essence is the official Believe Tour 2013 partner and will attend the 18-years old teen-pop mega star from 26. 1. 2013 around the whole USA and Europe!

No matter whether N.Y, Barcelona or Berlin - everywhere is a magical and awesome atmosphere, if the "American Artist of the Year" arrive. 

And as essence cosmetics is his Believe Tour partner - you'll find on special Believe Tour 2013 tour stops, the cool essence makeup stands (to create an awesome makeup for your special J.B. concert day!) but you'll also get the chance to win tickets to one of his concerts inclusive Meet  & Greet (with arrival & accommodation, a limited trend edition essence make up and you'll get the chance on common charity-engagements from Justin Bieber and essence too !!!!)  So don't waste your time and come to one of his concerts and/or try to win one of these ultimative win chances!!!!

As I said I'm not the greatest fan of him, but I must agree that he is one of the most important artists for the teen-age girls and boys and also for other people -  he is really talented and yeah it would be great to be by one of his concerts and meet him too (to talk about music etc.)- to see the atmosphere of the whole big thing:)! 

What says essence:
"With 15 mio. sold albums, 48 mio. Facebook fans and 3 mio. Youtube-Views (or more:)) is J.B. one of the most influence, announced and young music artist of the 21th century. The young canadian has seven American Music Awards also five European Music Awards, he won the price of the best Pop artists, and he is the most "googled" person on earth!"

"That's a great combination with essence cosmetics: we are a young cosmetic/makeup brand - which suit perfectly with the young audience and target group of J.B.. We are market leader in 11 countries and are the most selled low-price makeup/cosmetic brand on earth!"

(I've got these information from essence cosmetics - which are from Euromonitor International Limited 2011)

If you would like to know more about his tour - please check out his site or read it on the essence site here.

Hope that someone has a joy/pleasure with this post - I've post it for all of you - who are a (big) fan, not really for myself:) - But hey, I really enjoy to share with you my latest event/beauty/competition/etc. news - so don't criticize me - just say, if I should leave such posts or if you're interested in more such news-posts???? - Comments are always appreciated and I trust you, that I'll try to answer them all back!


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