Monday, 18 February 2013


Hi guys:),

last week I've got from LUSH this individual styled and awesome designed:) perfume by Gorilla Parfumes, which you can buy in each LUSH store:):

 (Photo Credit: NIKA - me:)!)

There are almost 12 different scents/parfumes on the market now:

Lord Of Goathorn
Lavender Hill Mob
Sikkim Girls
Jasmine Revolution
Flowers Barrow

Voice of Reason
Devil's Nightcap
The Sun
The Bug

I've got the last one - "FURZE", which is a lovely sweet (BUT not too sweet - so just perfect for my scent choice:)) and a great spring/summer scent!

(Photo Credit: LUSH)

What Gorilla Parfumes/LUSH says about this non-typical scent:

"FURZE is a very british plant, and the prickly bush is also known as gorse. It even flowers in the winter."

"A furze bush near your homestead will protect from curses and hexes. A friendly looking shrub, its yellow flowers smile at you like little suns. Walking across windy moors where they grow in gleeful abundance, they seem to nod their golden heads in greeting, shining brightly even on the greyest of days."


"A bit like falling into a barrel of buttery, warm goodness and feeling quite content bobbing around in there ‘til someone arrives to fish you out smelling divine…Ah! Warm Vanilla like a honeyed Caramel snuggle and Coconut cuddles and kisses leaving you smelling mouthwatering and delicious…swoon!"

It's an handmade scent with the finest essential oils.

The Ingredients are:

DRF Alcohol, parfume, citrus aurantium amara flower oil/neroli oil, acacia decurrens extract, hydroxcitronellal, geraniol, farnesol, limonene, linalool


9 ml - 12,95€, 46 ml - 35,95€, 43 ml - 32,95€, 92 ml - 50,95€, 27 ml - 24,95€

What's my opinion about this special handmade organic parfume:

After I've got the packet from LUSH I was super excited about the packaging of the parfume - the  "paper roll-box" could be used after you've put out the lovely scent as a storage for your travel makeup-brushes or as a box for other treasures you've:)

FURZE is now one of my fav' during the next days, if the weather/temperature will climb - it would also suit perfectly during the summer time, as I smell a high amount of cocos/coconut scent, and it reminds me a bit of the LUSH "Curly Wurly" Shampoo - a fruity note with a bit of flower touch in it. So it's not too flowery, fresh or fruity - a great combination I think:)

I will try out "The Sun", "Voice of Reason" and "Flowers Barrow" - 'cause I just fell in love with the packaging and as it's handmade from essential oils - I just like it:)

Hope you've enjoyed this perfume news - post:)

Wish you all a nice, fresh and positive start into a new great and awesome week!


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